The single season lost 10 billion, after the anti-monopoly, the US Group ushered in "to the dark moment"

November 26th,MissionReleased the 20th quarter of 2021 showed that the company achieved revenue of 48.83 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9% year-on-year;The net loss was 9.99 billion yuan, and the single quarter loss was high in three years.

After the bleak performance was released, the US group stock price fell 7% on November 29.

If the US group stock price has fallen by 45% in the year, the market value is 1.3 trillion Hong Kong dollars.

Why is the US Mission continue to lose, after the anti-monopoly investigation landing, what will the takeaway giant will go?


From the perspective of financial report, the cause of the US group loss is mainly fromThe growth rate of the main business such as takeaway slows down, and the new business is losing.

The company’s growth rate is amazing. It is only a group purchase website for 10 years. After 10 years, it is already a trillion giant, a bus, cars, fresh, wine, webmark, bicycle, etc.

As a three-pole, the core of China’s Internet is still takeaway.

The third quarterly report shows that the revenue of the catering takeaway is 26.48 billion yuan, and the total collection is more than 50%.The total year-on-year increase of this takeaway business increased by 28% year-on-year. This growth rate is 116.8% in the first quarter of this year. It can be said that it is a cliff falling.

In addition, a net profit of 880 million yuan was achieved in the third quarter, an increase of 14% year-on-year, 64.1% smaller than the second quarter.

Contributing 26.48 billion yuan, only 880 million yuan, the net profit is only 3.3%, overall, the US Troupled takeaway business is quite equalAnd still the first performance of the market share.

Before and after 2015, the US Mission and Hungry, the market share basically five-five, and later the US group share all the way, and the 2019 Q1 its takeaway market has been as high as 64.6%, far exceeding all peers.

Wang Xing was explained at the US Group Performance Conference. And may continue until the first few quarters next year. "

Simple understanding, the core takeaway business in the next few quarters is still a micro-profit state, and supports a higher valuation.

In addition to takeaway, the US Mission has two major businesses – the US group is preferred, the US group buys the new business, and the new business in the Meng Shi purchase, and to the store, the hotel and the tourist sector, the two responsible for burning money, one responsible Size profit.

The third quarter shows that the hotel has exceeded 8.62 billion yuan, net profit was 3.8 billion yuan, and the maximum profit was contributed at least revenue.

In contrast, the new business loss is huge. The third quarterly report shows that the new business sector revenue is 13.72 billion yuan, an increase of 66.7% year-on-year, and has become the second largest revenue from the US group. However, the loss of loss is significantly expanded, and the net loss of plates reaches 10.91 billion yuan, an expanded 437.5% year-on-year.

In the new business loss, the "US Mission" of the community group purchase is also the big head, among which infrastructure such as warehousing and logistics is important.

It can be seen that after the community group purchase station, the Internet giants, including the US group, Jingdong, and drops, and the losses of this investment may not be returned.

In mid-November, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a document, and the major Internet platform companies have entered the community group purchase market, the rules are not perfect, the order is unreasonable, and the operation is not legal, including the undermation of the current supply chain industry, low Price dumping disrupted the market price order, and squeezed the employment space of small duty owners, small traders and other groups, affecting social stability.

From the perspective of regulatory wording, the probabilities of this matter of community group purchase should be suppressed. After all, I influence the rice bowl of small traders, just like live goods to grab the solid store goods.

Under the principle of common prosperity, these so-called wind ports must be cooled, so the new business sector of the US group will continue.


Throughout 2021, the most influencing of the US group or the anti-monopoly investigation.

In April this year, the Market Supervision State Administration’s investigation of the US Mission implemented the "two choices" and other suspected monopoly behavior.

On October 8, the investigation boots landed. The State Market Supervision Administration is a fine of 3,442 billion yuan in its $ 3442 billion, a penalty for a penalty, a penalty.

In addition to huge fines, the State Market Supervision Administration also filed 15 rectification opinions to the US group, including canceling "two choices", "protecting consumer personal information and privacy" according to law, "guaranteeing labor income for takeaway delivery, perfect takeaway delivery Social Security, etc.

The US Mission takeaway single quarter operating profit rate is only 3.3%, which is the profit of the merchant, the rider sides extruded.

For example, the merchants have risen to 22% from the most beginning of 5%, and finally forced the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association, a paper red head document "shouting" US group, who has a maximum of 26% of its commissions, forcing the exclusive cooperation of commercial households.

The rider is also very severe, August 8, 2020, a "take-away rider, sleepy in the system" article brush screen, the article pointed out that the turtlefaction is strive for the delivery time, the rider has to compete for the second and risks, causing Safety hidden dangers such as speeding, violations.

The takeaway rider described his career: send a takeaway is running with the dead god, and the traffic police are more energetic, and the red light is friends …

According to the rectification opinions of the US Mission, the future can neither force the "two choices", but also guarantee the rider income and social security.If these two are implemented, the US Town Takeaway Segment is estimated to dry back to the loss era.

That’s right, the US Trojan takes for the essence or labor-intensive industries, but only shaped the Internet coat, and the anti-monopoly is slightly restricted.

In the common prosperity, the country should prevent capital disorderly expansion, the Internet anti-monopoly will become a normal state, and the excess profit will not be, the unreasonable distribution will also correct, the future is no longer flow, it is inevitable to be technological innovation.

Therefore, the US Group has increased by 60% year-on-year in the third quarter, reaching 4.7 billion yuan, an increase in the increase of 38% of the revenue.Focus on supply chain logistics, super brain dispatching system, drone delivery.

Takeaway growth, new business is deeply lost, coupled with anti-monopoly high pressure, future US group research and development can land, promote performance into new growth, we will wait and see!

3D Print Giant Hinge Dragon

The hinge structure is a very common connection device that makes it possible to active component structure, and there is a use in many places. For example, in the toy industry, you can use animal models such as a active dragon, fish.

Recently, the Corporate McGybeer has produced a giant active model dragon by 3D printing. This dragon uses a hinge structure, which can be flexible to move the body, as if the true dragon is general.

Compared to traditional processes, 3D printing this hinge structure has a very obvious advantage, which is to be printed, no need to assemble. Traditional processes need to be subsequently produced, and they are assembled.

In order to print a large size model dragon, McGybeer also uses a conveyor 3D printer, theoretically, this printer can print an infinite item. Of course, this is just theory, but 3D printing a few meters long items is still no problem.

This time, the length of this dragon model made by McGybeer reached 1.3 meters and used a full 750 gram of PLA wire. For 3D printing this giant dragon model, McGybeer has made a lot of work in advance. The first is to dry the PLA wire, because the PLA wire is exposed to air, which is easily tidal, affecting the printing effect. Under normal circumstances, take the PLA wire to print, almost one day. However, this dragon is relatively large, it needs to be printed for 5 days, and the PLA wire will have been exposed to the air, and the McGybeer has died in order to avoid accidents in the next few days. In addition, he also applied to the transmission belt, a large 3D print is very easy to warp, and the water can prevent this situation.

Since the preparation is fully, spent 5 days, McGybeer successfully prints the dragon model.

"The monthly salary is as high as 80K, which has this operation skills to eat this?"

As of March 2021, the Internet users reached1162 millionOnly in September of Low Valley in 2020Increased 8.22 million.

Operate people, do you know what this does this represent?

In recent years, the Internet industry has enteredIndividual stockWith the disappearance of the population dividend, the cost of flow is getting higher and higher.

Almost all products, the platform is looking forHigh value pay usersLet them become a paid member of their own platform. Because this type of user is often capable, it is also more willing to get better service, and loyalty is also much higher than that of non-paying members.

Therefore, the operation of the pay member begins with most enterprises, brands, and platform development, major companies are even thirsty. Even up to up to25-50k, 50-80KMonthly salary, just to findEncourage the operators set by the member system!

From this, you can see the operator who knows the logic of the member system, it is really very fragrant!

But there are few less courses in the market, it is difficult to let everyone really understand the operational growth logic behind the member mechanism!

Today, Xiaobian brings benefits to everyone, only 1 penny, you can learn the operation growth logic behind the pay member system.

Course content summary:

  1. Why is the current members so prevalent?

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Through an hour of live broadcast, give you the key factors behind the members, bring you in-depth interpretation of the typical member model, and uncover the logic of the operation behind the members.

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Traffic dividends disappear, how can operations grow low cost users? What is the reason why the prevalence?

On the live broadcast class, Yang Junan will analyze from the three aspects of commercial environment, traffic, and users, and take you in-depth understanding of the members in the market today.

Teacher Yang Junan, who has experienced Internet actual combat experience, will be a member of the successful members of the students in the live class – depth dismantling Jingdong Plus + member operation, so that you know how a successful member mode is created.

Teacher will explain in detail in the live courses, and how to obtain user data, establish a clear user portrait, and perform digital marketing;

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Official! Well-known virtual UP main Thai Become a small K live Ji "3D upgrade official"

On December 1st, the well-known virtual UP main Thaiser Channel was invited to become a small K live Ji’s "3D upgrade official", and the promotion and popularization of 3D virtual live broadcast to domestic and foreign virtual UPs. It is also the second "3D upgrade official" that is the second "3D upgrade official" announced after the first Chinese UP primary Xiaoxi Xiaoxue, the second "3D upgrade official" announced.

Taya Channel is a big fox from Salsa, who can often dream in a place called "Earth", so he left his mother, and drove his own spaceship to find "Earth" ". However, after several times of time and space, it was completely lost. After experiencing a time and space in the recent encounter, the opportunity is coincidental, and the spacecraft is connected to the earth, and since then, it is determined as a virtual UP lead, I hope to be handed over. More friends, the number of subscribers in the B station has reached 526,000.

Small K live Ji is the world’s first free 3D virtual live product, users use built-in high degree of density pinch system or import model to create a 3D virtual image, through ordinary camera, finger, facial high precision 3D moving, will virtual live content Push to live platforms, and the first model will have high precision without wearing 3D video animation technology from the paper, Demo pushed to consumer-class commercial products.

From the first Chinese virtual UP Xiao Xia Xiaoxiao, to Tamas Channel, Xiao K live Ji adhere to "free use, free merchants, free import, free custom customized" accompanying growth, help more virtual anchors through small K live Ji From 2D surface capture 3D, the future, small K will continue to enrich the UGC virtual interactive content to help virtual idols fully open the gate of the universe.

Wipe window robot evaluation: the difference in cleaning ability is obvious and unity and prices

According to Jiangsu Public · News Channel "News 360": The high-rise residential glass is dirty, it is difficult to scrub, especially the outer layer of the glass, it is also very dangerous. In recent years, there is a rubber artifact, rubbed Window robot, then, is this product useful? On the morning of November 30, the Nanjing Consumers Association issued the evaluation and analysis of the erase window robot.

[The difference in cleaning ability is significantly and disadvantageous and the price is not proportional]

The comparative trial has a total of 10 samples. The price ranges from 830 yuan to 3280 yuan, involving 9 domestic and foreign brands of the market, mainly testing the cleaning coverage rate, cleaning efficiency, safety performance, noise, battery life. The evaluation found that 10 sample cleaning coverages have reached more than 95%, but the cleaning efficiency difference is obvious. 348 seconds like 2 can be wiped to complete a glass, while the sample is only 115 seconds to complete the same work. In addition, the evaluation found that the performance of product performance is not necessarily proportional to the price.

Yu Qi, a senior engineer of the National Intelligent Grid Quality Inspection Center of Nanjing Quality Inspection Institute, said that the sample is the most expensive price in this batch, but in the actual test, it found that its tension is very small, people are in use Make a little more than 30 bulls, it may fall. The second aspect is its noise or relatively large, nearly 70dB (decibels), and long-term use will have a certain impact on the eardrum. There is also its cleaning coverage, and the edge angular corners should not be wiped, and it is necessary to wipe it again after wiping.

[Safety performance difference is universal]

The evaluation finds that the overall noise is large when the window robot is working, and the 10 samples reached 60 decibels, and the lowest noise has a sample of 58 decibels. The adsorption capacity and battery life reflect the safety performance of the product. After testing, 10 sample life gaps are obvious, the battery life is up to 70 minutes after power failure, minimum 25 minutes. The adsorption capacity has a large disorder, and the tension of 80n, like 4 samples will fall from the glass, and samples, only 32N pull, will fall from the glass.

Yu Qi said that if you don’t have a safety rope during use, or the safety rope falls off, there will be a risk of high-altitude falling.

After evaluation, the overall performance of the 4th, 5 and 9 samples is better, and the comprehensive evaluation is five stars. Nanjing Consumers Association recommends that consumers can purchase a window robot on demand, purchase brand products through regular channels, and before purchasing, it is best to test the product test machine, detect product noise size and cleaning performance. In addition, it is necessary to train the safety rope to prevent falling at high altitude.

Jiangsu Tailor / Dong Wen Zhang Zhongxuan Editor / Hu Chao

Rise of the edge – analysis and calculation at any time, anytime, anywhere

The rise in data importance can be said to be one of the most important side effects of the Internet revolution. Through advertising sales and return on investment, traditional sponsorship and advertising model have been abandoned, and it is replaced by taking a cool number and data that can take action, such as personal data, activity, email address, and phone number.
Even if you do not sell products to a particular audience, the data generated by the daily interaction of the Internet of Things and the server can also produce insights, thereby changing the process of the enterprise.
These data are cultured in these Internet of Things devices, placed on the edge of the network, providing the information they need in the cloud analysis platform. For example, in the manufacturing industry, the machine in the assembly can detect problems or even future issues by reading sensor data to feed back them to the analysis platform for enterprises to take action.
According to the research released in September, in 2026, the value of the global edge computing market will exceed $ 17 billion. This provides huge opportunities for the innovation that the company uses this market growth, and is a bigger opportunity for people who can provide solutions at the edge.
Edge analysis
Obviously you can find a lot of insights on the edge, but feed back this information to the cloud platform and analyze it may be a slow and intensive process.
The insights that can be obtained from the edge information allow real-time reactions, and provide analysis engines, allowing decisions to predict future data, reducing spending, looking for new opportunities or changing business models, and raises several examples.
Therefore, fully forming information before arriving, then many of the edge points from the cloud may be the difference between the market and defeat the competitor, or must fight for each customer. This information is not necessarily related to the products, processes, or services provided, which actually analyzes employee’s working methods, the busiest time, and how they manage time. We take manufacturing as an example.
The industry’s company hopes to analyze and detect changes in the production line before the failure. The edge calculation helps to close the processing and storage of the data. This allows the Internet of Things sensors to perform analysis in real time in low delay monitoring of machine health.
IBM said that by 2025, people in each network in the world will be interacting at least once every 18 seconds, and there will be more device-driven interactions. A large amount of data that needs to be processed needs to be analyzed on the source and only need to be subtly selected to synchronize to the cloud. By analyzing data from the edge of the network, the smart networking device can use artificial intelligence to detect the best data set, ignore useless numbers, and feedback the operational insights that companies can use.
This is also a trend that is happening. In the same study, IBM learned that 91% of their surveyed organizations were planned to implement some form of edge calculations within 5 years. No longer sitting ingredient – a large number of copies of the network, has now proven to have applications in multiple industries, including manufacturing, sports, fitness, and agriculture, but not always connected to the cloud.
For companies, the network edge hugs may seem little mediocre. However, you also need to monitor such insights to increase productivity. In the current "amplification fatigue" has become a common obstacle to organize to overcome, it is possible to discuss when they work, how to arrange a day of work and 12 meetings will be the best way to make contributions.
Enterprises can also utilize integration of intelligent edges in its latter infrastructure, which is a key growth area since the popular popularity. In the local data center, calculations and gateways, facing the growing demand and continuous decreased budget in IT teams, edge devices have become a necessity.
For example, the local data center manager is looking for a solution that allows them to monitor and manage the stacks they can quickly install. Similarly, the gateway edge solution that the company wants to use is a one-run solution that allows IT professionals to securely grant access to people who should have access to access rights, while still allowing a certain degree of remote management.
Like many innovations in the technology industry, it may be killed because I don’t know where to start. However, the starting point of the corporate edge may be a smaller solution, which uses artificial intelligence to make IT teams easier. Since then, companies can launch a solution in different departments to ensure an efficient staff team.
Over the years, the artificial intelligence and the marginal market is full of complex use cases of manufacturing and small equipment with sensors, which must be places where it can be used. However, after a bulky machinery and complex language, ordinary companies can use an advantage, operation and deployment, and establish a simple manner in a way that is not daunting but actually manually. It doesn’t take a long time.
This is because, in the final analysis, the edge calculation is to utilize data, understand data and make decisions that can improve efficiency. By adopting artificial intelligence in the edge, companies can save money, find new opportunities, win more customers and improve customer loyalty, because they can convert this information and deliver information in the form of USP, guarantee, or simple suggestions to make their products and services better.

New York Chief Prosecutor accuses Amazon warehouse to respond to new crown and retaliate against protesters

According to the Verge website, on December 1,Amazon is facing new problems, under the supervision of Letitia James, the Chief Prosecutor of New York, has failed. After more than a year of workers’ protests and legislators, James is now seeking court orders, requiring Amazon to appoint a supervisor to supervise their health and safety measures in Staung Island warehouses. As part of the same motion, James requested Amazon to restore the dismissed worker Christian Samos’s position, Samos led the public protest against Amazon last year, accusing the company failed to prevent employees from infecting viruses during work.

Image from: Google

According to James, Amazon has revoked many health and safety measures in the warehouse, which are called JFK8. Standon’s warehouse, hired about 5,000 employees, has always been a fierce competition between Amazon and its employees.

James said in a statement: "Amazon and its leadership have deposited billions of dollars during the 2019 coronavirus disease epidemic, with the continuous fermentation of the crisis, and the health and concerns of workers continue to be ignored." Amazon must guarantee The safety, transparency of the working environment, and respect for the employees of hard work, rather than further endangering them.

In February of this year, Amazon prosecuted the New York Co., Ltd., saying that the office lacks legal authorization and does not have the right to take legal remedies in JKF8 warehouse to handle 2019 coronavirus disease. Four days later, James’s office filed a lawsuit, accused Amazon’s early early days without protecting its warehouse employees, and retaliating those who concerned with insufficient safety measures.

In March 2020, the Workers in Amazon JKF8 warehouse said that they did not have enough protective equipment, nor did they be told whether their colleagues were positive in the coronavirus.