More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star has repeatedly fined, 3 years have not disclosed financing, the city accounting is extruded

Day eye check information showing, recently, more US App Series Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Perfect Creative") Add a number of legal dispute cases, including Lin Yun, Che Dynasty, Yang Ying is in many artists. .

More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star borrowed marketing has been punished, and this incident is repeated? Relevant lawyers said, more beautiful or hugged the right to defend the right to maintain rights, and the privileged persons, so that the position of the star portrait is infringed.

In recent years, more beautiful days are not good. In addition to the three years of not announced financing news, its negative news is constantly, "more beautiful app" has been punished by 10,000 yuan due to false propaganda, and the perfect creative has been listed as an executor. Information, the execution target exceeds 55 million yuan.

With the increase in medical beauty demand, the medical beauty market has been eaten from multiple integrated e-commerce platforms and vertical e-commerce platforms. The competition is extremely fierce. Under the supervision, how much growing space?

Hundreds of stars were prosecuted, "thased porcelain" marketing has not changed

Public information shows that perfect creativity is established in 2013, the United States is more beautiful APP to provide plastic surgery, micro-plastic, dental, ophthalmology, anti-aging, etc. Consumer medical services.

The sky-eyed check information shows that the perfect creativity involved in the judicial risks of 526, and only more than 200 were added in 2021. The case consisting of portrait disputes, network infringement disputes, reputation disputes, etc. The artists involved in the artists included Taxi, Fei Xia (Lin Yun), Zhang Yishan, Li Bingbing, Wu Hao, Yang Ying, Zhao Liying, Yan Liya, Qi Dong et al.

Many young people said that some medical American Internet institutions read the curious psychology of people’s gossip, and they would appear in the new media platform to use the star information to achieve the seemingly popular medical beauty. Technical or product purposes.

In October this year, after the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, Yang Yang and Beijing more beautiful interactive information technology Co., Ltd. network infringement is the civil judgment, and more beautiful has responded to the media that the public number undergoing the content transformation, decreased Entertainment content, increase fashion content. However, its related legal disputes remain continuously increased.

Li Wei, senior partner, Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, said that the reporter said that since the star belongs to the public, the media exposure rate and the public are high, there must be a certain social influence; so the commercial main body is promoting the process of promoting the promotion of products. The social popularity and influence of the star conduct brand propaganda, which in turn has more economic benefits.

The case concerning the infringement star has appeared since 2016, and the reporter noted that in these cases, more beautiful and many times were sentenced, the amount was 340 yuan to 1.312 million yuan. Which is more beautiful, "Touching the Porcelain" star takes advantage of marketing and does not change it?

In this regard, Li Wei analyzed that some bad merchants intend to obtain more economic interests through the above way without a star himself, and more than the star idle, the right to maintain the right rights, and the luck of the punishment Therefore, the case where the stars portrait rights are infringed frequently.

3 years has not disclosed financing information, negative news is entangled in damage

In the past few years, as the needs of users have soared, the Internet medical beauty has developed rapidly, and the sky-eyed information shows that more than 5 rounds of financing were completed, including the frequency of a round of financing every year in 2013-2016.

In 2018, more beautiful is to get investment in Meitu, which also releases the deep signal of more beautiful layout Ai. Subsequently, more beautiful successively introduced AI face intelligent diagnostic analysis, AI face intelligent deformation simulation, China’s face and other functions. At the same time, more beautiful App can perform AI-skinned, AI color value, simulation plastic surgery, etc.

However, a non-named doctor doctor said that the preliminary test of the medical beauty platform for skin problems is still in the purpose of entertainment, and AI is still in a relatively primary stage. For example, if the user is a dry skin or an oily skin, a spotted or intramid, wrinkles, and a degree of determination of the decree, "and whether there is sensitive and lesions for the skin, it is not possible to judge the AI ??detection function of the medical platform. "

After completing D round financing in 2018, the United States has not disclosed financing information in 3 years.

In addition, more beautiful negative messages comes one after another. In July of this year, according to the Tianji appraisal, the perfect creative added an executive information, the implementation target is 55.242,300 yuan, and the Executive court is the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court.

After a month, the perfect creative and reproduction shares freeze information, and the freezing equity is the Suzhou Perfect Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd., the amount of equity is 1 million yuan, and the freeze period is up to three years.

Not only that, recently, the national corporate credit information publicity system shows that the "medical mask" promotion of many medical beauty agencies in "more beautiful app" is "medical cold application", "medical dressing", the product performance, function is false The business propaganda violates the provisions of Article 8 of the People’s Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law, causing misleading for consumers. Perfect creativity is therefore a penalty of 100,000 yuan.

Under the multi-negative news, the more beautiful word of mouth is bound to be seriously affected.

How many growth spaces are therefore squeezed and industrial supervision?

FROST & SULLIVAN and Shanxi Securities Research Institute show that 2014-2020, my country’s medical beauty market increased from 48 billion yuan to 17.95 billion yuan, and the annual complex growth rate reached 25%. During the period, the industry has developed, and the large number of institutions are influenced, and consumer demand is affected by promotional media such as KOL.

More beautiful App released, "2020 Medical Beauty Industry White Paper" showed that 5,150 new medical beauty institutions in China in 2020, China’s pure medical beauty market is 19.5 billion yuan, accounting for 17% of the world.

More beautiful, I have been claim that I am "the world’s largest medical beauty platform", but the current Ali, Jingdong, US Mission, and the public comment rely on traditional e-commerce models that have occupied most of the medical beauty market share. In contrast, the more beautiful equipment is not dominant.

On the other hand, in the vertical medical beauty platform, there is currently a platform for new oxygen, beauty, Yuemei and other platforms, and the competition is extremely fierce.

In addition, the medical beauty industry still has problems with black medical beauty, black institutions, black doctors, black places, black needles and other issues. Many young people say that medical beauty is unable to eliminate, and online judgment is more difficult, which undoubtedly enhances the audit pressure of more beautiful and beautiful platforms, and puts higher requirements for their content and products.

Recently, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration pointed out that "acid" used by "Acid therapy" is not a cosmetics, and it is necessary to operate in a hospital or clinic with medical qualifications. This is also seen as a joint action of cross-sectors, rectifying the medical beauty industry.

It is reported that the deputy, and the Shenzhen Exchange has requisitioned the basic assets of the ABS products listed in the previous flag. Since the fund is reorganized, the US industry chain stock price is weak.

At the same time, all localities are also carrying out special rectification actions for illegal medical beauty, which clearly releases signals that are strict in medical beauty industry supervision. In this case, can the more beautiful Internet medical platform still have new growth space? Maybe only time test.

Hei, iPhone13promax! Fruit powder is proud of you

With the development of technology, the memory capacity of mobile phones has also become bigger and bigger, and there is a trend of catching over computer memory. In terms of mobile phone memory capacity, the capacity growth trend of Android phones is the largest, especially in memory, has grown to 12GB specifications. And the original memory capacity upgrade has been slower iPhone, on the iPhone13Promax’s memory capacity, it is upgraded to 6GB, but the Android mobile phone camera, iPhone13promax’s 6GB memory only has half of the 12GB memory of Android phones.

So how much difference between the 6GB of 6GB of Iphone13Promax is compared to the 12GB of Android phones, how much is the number of running speed and background software, the greater the capacity of memory, the more software numbers in the background of the background?

There are 5 mobile phones that participate in the test. In addition to the iPhone13Promax’s memory is 6GB, the other four phones are Android phones, which are Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9pro, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA, these four Android phones are equipped 12GB of memory is also a hot flagship mobile phone. So, 6GB memory and 12GB have the number of software running in the background, what is the difference?

The first is to make the Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA these five mobile phones, and does not clear the background program, so that the number of background programs of these 5 mobile phones reaches 35. When the number of backgrounds of the 5 mobile phones remains consistent, the software open operation is started, and the number of software in the background will be reduced.

As the software continues to open the operation, you can see Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA this 5 mobile phone’s background software open quantity change, except for the number of iphone13promax’s background software is still 35 , Google Pixel6Pro, a plus 9PRO, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software has decreased by 34.

With long-term software open operation, Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13Promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software number has also changed differently. The number of back-end software in iPhone13Promax is reduced to 33. The number of background software in Xiaomi 11ULTRA is reduced to 26. The number of daemons of 9PRO is reduced to 24, and the number of Samsung S21ULTRA is reduced to 23, and the number of software of Google Pixel6pro is reduced. 22.

Where iPhone13Promax has decreased in the number of background software, it is still the most.

From the final test result, although the iPhone13Promax is only 6GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, the number of background software is still very much, and it can guarantee about 33. Other Android phones reached 12GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, there is less than 30 procedures running in the background, and only 25 mil meters are 11ULTRA, reaching 26. This fully illustrates how much mobile phone background running procedures, and the memory size does not have a direct relationship, or that the memory capacity of 6GB or 8GB has been complete enough, and there is no excessive improvement in the 12GB of internal operation.

I have to congratulate iPhone13promax here again, this test makes the fruit powder again for iPhone13promax!

Is there a bug in ecological bad? Technician "code" has a new world

Editor’s press:

In 2016, Ali made a new retail concept for the first time, and the box horses undertake new retail landing tasks and scratched this track a boom. In October this year, the box horses publicly proposed two "14th Five-Year" development goals, and continued to strengthen the cooperative ecology of supply chain and brand.

Let more good farming into the city, let more big orders go to the countryside.

On October 24, the Ministry of Commerce’s "China Retail Circle Conference and 2021 Fresh Retail Development Forum" hosted by Nanjing, the box horses said, "145" period (as of the end of 2025), the box horse will build national construction 1000 boxed horse villages, and procured a total of 100 billion yuan in high-quality agricultural products in domestic agricultural origins. In the insiders, this is also the case of ordering agriculture, and truly ushered in the outbreak.

Shen Li, Vice President of the Box of the box, is a box horse startupAn Important Assembly in "Rural Infrastructure Construction Strategy".Strive to carry out orders agriculture, on the one hand, depending on the sales terminal, putMore market information and user demand bring to the field,Help farmers plan, how to species; on the other hand in agricultural productsAdvance the purchase amount and purchase quantity before planting, stabilize the price of agricultural products,Avoid "dishes and no hurt people" and "dish injured people". In the future, the box horse will also screen high-quality projects in the box Ma Village, surrounding the Boxer Village to build a production site, processing center, etc., and conduct an agricultural industrialization with local partners. "We hope to explore the replication model of changing traditional agriculture with ‘box Ma Village’ to contribute to the revitalization of rural villages."

Shanghai First Boxer Village

Boxer Village, refers to the village of the box, the village planting agricultural products, and the high-quality agricultural products species directly sell to the new retail platform on the box. Its difference is that the direction is planted to be produced. By consumer data, the box horse puts the market, the consumption trend is passed to the planting end.

Since 2019, the boxed horse village model starts testing water. Up to now, there are 136 boxes of horses villages in the country, all over 19 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government). According to Shen Li, the box horse has recently updated a set of boxed horse village brands.Use standards and management specificationsIn addition to the order of order agricultural model, it also has a hard demand for the whole area of ??the signing variety. "The new exploration of the box in agriculture, such as industrialization, branding, IP attempts, will be launched by the box of horse villages, so that the boxed horse village has become an agricultural innovation owner position."

Drug robot

At the beginning of the 2020, the epidemic eruption is a test. The national shops, catering venues, a lot of regions, one traffic closed, agricultural products, transportation encounters great difficulties, and many agricultural production are facing agricultural products. After verification, nearly a hundred boxes in Marambers in the country at the time. The boxing of horse insurance supplies and the actions of farmers, which solves more than 2,000 tons of unbalanced agricultural products in several days. Some slow-selling villages have solved the sales difficulties after accessing new retail and become a boxed horse village.

Expand the planting area, scientific management, reduce operating costs, and configure the supply chain resources in advance.While making farmers income, there is no price of agricultural products. Sichuan Danba Gold Pod, Chongqing, Gansu Suspend, Chongming Cui counter pear and other agricultural products have become hot products.

In order to let consumers eat high quality agricultural products, at this meeting, the box horses village also established an access mechanism."Have a modern agricultural application concept" "There is a special agricultural product" "capacity stability"It is "must option".The production environment is superior, and the technology of technology is the addition of bits into the village of the box.

Shen Li introduced, carrying out rural infrastructure construction, large-scale construction box horses, on the one hand, in response to the national revitalization of village calls, on the other hand, it is to truly realize the full-link digital new retail ecology of production, supply and sales.

This year, in addition to the originth, the box horses also began to supply chain reform and upgrades, and the new supply chain center is built in the country, of which the supply chain of Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu will be put into use next year.

Sales, box Major, box Major, box Ma X member shop and other multi-purpose joint procurement, richer consumption scenario and user demand, allows the supply chain more efficient.

Hou Yi, President of the box, believes that the path of new retail future health development is the high integration of industry Internet and consumer Internet. "Industrial Internet can deeply take root in rural areas, help farmers sell good agricultural goods, sell good prices. Consumer Internet connection billion consumers can provide consumers with cost-effective goods. The combination of the two can make agriculture from fundamental Implement the digital upgrade, driving the new level of farmers’ income. "

How about iQOO Z5? Look at the bought people regret it!

Snapdron 778g + full blood version LPDDR5 + full-blood version UFS3.1, the price is only 1899, this is iQOO Z5. In terms of color value, it continues the consistent design of the iQOO family, colorful body, full of rhythmic CD ripples, and the process of prism, the upper left corner is embedded in the upper left corner of three ultra HD camera, time to record you Splendom life.

Point open screen, 6.67 inch LCD screen, to high brightness can reach 650nits, support HDR10, full DC dimming, let the eyes that are full of glutinous eyes great care, while 395PPI actually displays pixels, let every detail I have got a demonstration.

Use it to watch movies, a fight scene, a wonderful scenery, like kiss. Use it to play games, a fierce battle, a fantasy adventure, like the experience. It is in your hands, the sky is dry, and the land is Kun, the second, two students, three thousand things, all things can be put into your bag.

Of course, such a complete set of configuration is never a fellow flower stand, iQOO has jointly optimized the mainstream game manufacturers in China, which is dedicated to the iQOO Z5 model, allowing it to be far superior to the game in the game. And it is equipped with a cold hot plate with up to 1551 mm2, regardless of charging, game, warm as jade, let you more freely imagine the ocean. And the super large battery of your entertainment communication is also the first year of your entertainment communication, and it has become the top of this year, and the charging power is more than 44W. The charging speed is faster to 26 minutes to charge 50% electricity, let you Another use all day.

And, it is still a non-affordable mobile phone, 193g weight, now in the era of mobile phone weight up to 230 minutes, it is undoubtedly a slim, full body plastic shell, for a long time, I can’t replace it, the price Also affordable. Most importantly, the machine itself also has ultra-high-cost price, and its same configuration model, millet CIVI, glory 50, Huawei Nova9, Realme really me GT Master Edition, Motorola EDGE Light luxury version, etc., The memory is also generally shrinking. It is really not to blame yourself too good.

Ok, this is the introduction of iQOO Z5. I hope everyone can read this article, you can understand the iQOO Z5, thank you, I have a good time!

Apple mobile phone experience is not as good as Android

Apple returns to the upper left corner, then return to our right hand to drag the entire phone, then move from the left hand from the bottom to the top to return to the top, especially the MAX model mobile phone, this It is even more inconvenient, it can be said that it is very uncomfortable, then look at the return button on the left lower corner of the screen, it is really convenient to use.

Apple text messages cannot be bracomated. When you have a long time to delete or completely delete it, you can only feel incomparable when you have a delete, but the Android can be batch or all deleted.

Apple phones always appear to automatically connect WiFi, you need to open the WLAN manual point from the settings, this problem unless you ignore this WiFi, then re-enter your password connection, or restore your phone’s network to resolve. And there will be this problem after a period of time, my Apple Android doubles, this problem has never appeared in Android.

The phone signal will never be more than Android. This is a well-known question. Apple mobile phone’s work not only does not progress, but in reverse, the iPhone13pm bought this year still has a significant gap. It took half a month to find gaps than just bought more. , 10,000 mobile phone workmanship has not yet I have 2000 in the first two years to do work (Xiaomi 9 transparent exploration version) Work-of-the-shelf seam, any angle you have not found a slit.

It can be said that these are the problems that Apple mobile phone itself is, and the netizen feels the most deeply touched. The netizen thinks that Apple mobile phone is stable, smooth and durable, and others are not as good as Android. To be honest, Apple’s return button is really anti-human in the upper left corner, but even if you hate it? We have no way again. After all, Apple system is a typical Westerner’s design logic. They don’t care, you can’t help him, anyway, no matter how it is designed, there is always a big man.

I don’t know which direction should be learned first, Python? Java? Go?

Seeing such a problem in a platform, the subject is college student, does not like to learn from our skimming time to learn computer majors.

In fact, if you study your computer, I suggest that it is C> C ++> Java … such order, because you have a lot of time you can learn. If you have already graduated, if you want to grasp the computer and then employment, this is a proposal to learn Java directly.

Many people outside the door feel that the programming language=work, actually a big mistake, Java engineer, is only a representative of the engineer of Java as the primary language, but Java actually works in: enterprise system Development, game direction development, front-end development … So the language is not the direction of the computer, to select the computer language through the direction.

The following directions are for reference only:

  • Front end: The front end is more care that the user experience and interaction, the technology update iteration, learn HTML + CSS + JS;

  • The backend: Mainly different backgrounds have different languages, mainly to develop languages ??(recommended C ++ / Java) + technology framework;

  • Database: Also known as DBA, mainly maintaining databases, deeply mastering mysql, oracle, sqleerver, etc .;

  • Embedded: More suitable for automated professional partners, mainly using C language and C ++;

  • Machine learning direction: undergraduate care, it is recommended that this major will be selected.

  • What is the program? – Computer composition principle.

  • How is the program translated? – Compilation principle.

  • How does the program do? – Category of operating systems

  • How to use others’s results to achieve better data organization? Database related

  • How to ensure that the program is easier to maintain and read? – This is a design pattern and code specification

Therefore, the computer composition principle, data structure and algorithm, operating system and computer network are very important!

In fact, the biggest self-study difference between the department and non-science class is the classmate of computer majors, and self-study students don’t know what to learn. It seems that there is an app called a super-course table that you can see the curriculum arrangement of other professional students. At this time, I will take a reference to our self-study.

Secondly, the computer related theoretical basic book recommendation:

"Computer Principle" -> Computer Operating System -> Compile Principle -> Computer Network.

If the partner of self-study feels that these content is very boring, then the University of the B station has the foundation for the foundation of many famous teachers. You can search for a teacher who likes it, listening to the teacher. But the shortcomings of this kind of teacher class are no information, so you still have to buy books.

The last side is very important to write the code, and many people will say that "the amount of change is caused" is the amount of code. Small practice + projects are important, to take an anticipation through practice questions. As for the study of the project, you must first learn to play Github.