Alipay online "small pouch" function: money can be classified

I believe that there is a lot of such friends around you, every day, I have worked hard, but when you ask her (he), she (he) will answer your "Moonlight". Said a lot of money to spend a plan every month, the month will check the bill to discover the breakdown; I want to have a money to travel, and the result is gone … for this problem, recently, Alipay online wallet Classification Function "Alipay Small Pack" on Alipay search "Small Pack" can experience.

It is reported that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has a separate bill, and users can put money into different "small packers", special funds, classified management. For example, "Dry Rice" "Special", "fitness special", etc. It is understood that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has independent bills, the same benefits, and the expenditure of the expenditure. In addition, users can invite others to join their own "small pouch", shared bills and benefits.

Alipay small purse supports manual transfer and automatic transfer, manual single transfer limit 5000, single transfer limit 20,000, no funds, maximum amount limit; automatic transfer can be set to 50,000 yuan. In terms of transfer, if the monthly consumption limit is not set, the remaining funds remaining in the small packet can be transferred.

In this regard, some netizens said that people are really necessary for my spending big hand, classification management is too necessary; Alipay small lotus bag listens to cute, this function is also a lever

Alipay small purse classification, the feeling is very good, it is the shortcomibility of money

And some netizens said it can also spend a lot of a lot of puces separately. The monthly consumption bill is clearer, and the money is more modified. Let’s try it!

Homemade Windows Practical Gadgets Explorer ++ 1.0

When we open multiple folders, our taskbar will turn this:

I want to display multiple folders as a tab like a browser:

In fact, the author has also used some small tool software, but there are too many advertisements, and some will be deleted by Windows. When you really want to delete, you often delete it:

So the author thinks, come to do onePure green, no pop-up windowFolder multi-open tool.

I have the idea that I started to act, after a worship Coding, with this gadget Explorer ++:

The performance of the final program is also satisfied with the author:

The size of the software is also controlled at 5m (approximately 4.2m):

Of course, the features of Explorer ++ are still more preliminary, and there are many incomplete places and bugs. I hope to have more people to make improvements, and test bugs.

At the end of the text, there will be a trial version download address, and the QQ group of feedback.

Explorer ++ features more than just folders, it also has the following features:

[Category Display]: You can list files with different rear jams under a path.

[Quick Preview]: When you click a file, it will have a fast preview if it is judged that its suffix is ??a text file or a video file or a video file or PDF file.

[Bookmark]: You can add a file path to the bookmark bar for quick access.

[Preview History]: The previewed file will be saved in history for re-view.

[Document Comparison]: Compares all folders and files in both directories, indicating a different portion.

[Code Statistics]: Counting the number of rows of all code files (eg, .c, .cs files) in an engineering directory.

Here, these features are described one by one:

You can add a tag page through the blue plus button on the upper left corner. Each tab can access files under different paths.

The author reverted some of Windows to bring some operations of Explorer. for example:

* Right-click menu

* Shortcuts Ctrl + C, X, V, and [Return]

* Up, back, advance (left upper corner button)

* Letters rapid positioning (pressing a letter on the keyboard, quickly positioning the first file or folder starting with this letter)

The following operations can be done by a row of red buttons in the upper right corner:

* Close the left tab

* Close other tabs

* Close the right tab

* Close the same name tab

* Close all tabs

* Close the current tab

Open a path to select "Category Display":

All files under this path are displayed separately according to the suffix name.

The number of files that can be easily seen on the tab page.

When the text file, image file, video file, and PDF file are selected, it will be quickly previewed in the right column:

Video files can also preview play:

If it is a text file such as txt, you can also modify it directly and save:

Explorer ++ currently supports the following subsequent files:

Text documentation:

.txt .dat .bat .inf

.php .cs .c .h .h

.cpp .html .log .lua



.jpg .png


.mp4 .m4v .mkv .avi



You can view the bookmark after switching the left column to the bookmark bar.

You can add the open path to the bookmark bar for easy opening.

Of course, you can also use the website collection (Explorer ++ can be used as a simple web browser).

The previewed file will join the preview history list. Click "Preview History" at the top of the top:

When you click on a history, you will automatically locate the location of the file, and the video file will automatically broadcast to the last preview, the PDF file automatically locates the page number of the last preview.

When you open 2 or more tabs, you can select two tabs to compare files (including subfiles) under their paths.

For example, I have a better two folders "Layaair" and "Layaair – Copy", which is that there is a new text document in the subdirectory of the copy.

At this time, we can right-click on one of the tabs and select and other tabs in the pop-up menu to make a file comparison:

If the number of files is large, it may take a long time.

The following is the result of the comparison:

Different files under the two paths will be identified with red fonts (where their folders are displayed).

Click the "Different Different" buttons to switch to display only different files:

Note: In the current version, the comparison of the two files is a comparison of the hash code. There will be very small probability misjudgment.

When we open a program’s engineering directory, you can click the "Code Statistics" button on the left side of the "Search] for code statistics:

(At present, only statistics on C, CS, H, Lua, HTML, Java)

(Yes, this is the author’s project file that makes Explorer ++.

If there is a different column code, you will be displayed like this tab:

You are welcome to enter the group to reflect the BUG, ??make a revised opinion, do some technical discussion.

It is forbidden to advertise in groups, discuss political sensitive topics or publish vulgar comments, and let go of it.

download link:

Extraction code: RDII

Scientists who left BAT, was snapped by VC

Observing the bodies of these scientists in BAT, almost clear, have a computer professional background and abroad experience, and the professor or researcher of the famous school is standard, academic attainments, or technically excellent skills. These scientists have the ability or potential to convert scientific research results into commercial kinetility, so the Internet’s large factory does not rush to compete for talents. For example, the vice president of Ants, AI chief scientist is in front of the ants, is the deputy professor of the University of Pudi University, Ali In order to dig, the paint is far from 5-10 times the original salary. In addition to the rich salary, the resources given by the Internet Factory are also a temptation that cannot be resistant: byte beating is specifically established in the AI ??laboratory and the artificial intelligence laboratory, Baidu Research Institute’s cognitive computing laboratory, Silicon Valley artificial intelligence A series of technical platforms such as laboratory, large data laboratory, robot and automatic driving laboratory, which gives the stage that "the world" scientists play. Alibaba Humper has begun to build a leading technology research center in all over the world, covering quantum computing, machine learning, and machinery intelligence,, financial technology and other industries. Tencent Ai Lab computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning also gives Make aieverywhere this vision is very imagined. It is not denying high salary and rich resources. These are the reasons for excavation of these scientists. More importantly, these scientists have high autonomy in the Internet, can accelerate their research results. For the Internet major factory, scientists’ joys can support the strength of the company and speed up the product iteration. Ma Weiti served as the vice president and the Director and the Director of the Organic Intelligence Laboratory, the AI ??strength of the Physical Intelligence Labs; the paint is returned to the country for the vice president of Alibaba, 2015 created and led the antiques of the artificial intelligence team; Wu Weida was Baidu in 2014 Appointment as a chief scientist, it is comprehensive responsible for Baidu Research Institute, especially Baidu Brain plans … The Internet is giving them a territory of their scientific research. These scientists are not expensive, and efforts have made technology to serve the industry more efficiently. Second, the BAT, was snapped by VC, although many "Internet players" regard BAT as the highest point of career, but for scientists in the top of many radiopes, BAT may be just a springboard in their lives, even a short-lived The experience, "get it, you can’t stay" becoming the normal state of BAT scientists. Children’s Day, six years ago, gain a master’s degree in physics in Chicago, and the Ph.D. in Standard’s Ph.D. leaving the California Mountain View, sitting on China’s flight. He has worked in IBM, Google, returned to China, waiting for him to be the position of "Alibaba Cloud’s Artificial Intelligent Scientist". After entering the job, Mili is responsible for incubation of various artificial intelligence applications, from there is no formal data incubator team, from the initial road signal light optimization system to the later ET city brain, ET industrial brain, ET agricultural brain, 闵 万 万 立"Khan Music". However, in four years, Yanyi has made a good relationship with Ali Cloud with a "mountain scene". Jia Jiaya has left Tencent, founded the application innovation of Science and Technology, focusing on deep learning and computer vision and other technology, and completed $ 200 million in B round finance in June this year. Another Ph.D., artificial intelligence expert, internationally renowned machine learning expert Yu Kai also waved sweat in Baidu, Yu Kai’s good at the field of speech recognition, computer vision, etc. The deputy dean of the hospital, served as senior director responsible for Baidu pictures search products, and the team he led three times won the "Baidu Most Award". After 3 years after Baidu, Yu Kai or the departure from Baidu. Not only that, Baidu Chief Scientist Wu Weida also left from Baidu, because the high-rise of the Baidu Research Institute is frequent, Baidu is also called "artificial intelligent Huangpu Military Academy". Tencent also can’t escape the destiny of "scientists." International well-known scholars in the field of machine learning and big data analysis, Zhang Jieguan, the State University of New Jersey, Joined Baidu Deep Studies Research Institute in 2013, and joined Tencent in March 2017, as AI LAB Director. But after Tencent two years later, Zhang Yun left again, and selected to return to the academic circle and continued academic research in the field of AI. Zhang Yong, Yu Wanli, Yu Kai, Zhu Sheng fire, Ren Xiaofeng … These BATs of the scientists digging back, but they have not been able to stay in the big factory. In BAT, due to the direction and demand of technology research and development at all phases of the company, the direction of the company’s talent retainer will be transferred, which is uncontrollability. At this time, there may be contradictory conflicts in the development direction of the scientist itself. When the conflict cannot be properly adjusted, the departure will become an inevitable choice. For scientists, whether it is the maximum value of their own value, or the maximization of wealth value, entrepreneurship is a best way. After all, their famous school graduated, adequate people, and it is not as good as a "advanced work". The fact is that most of the scientists from Bat have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Yu Kai has created a horizon robot after leaving Baidu. This company is an embedded artificial intelligent core technology and system-level solution provider. The main business is to install "brain" for terminal equipment such as automatic driving, smart cameras. As of 10 June 20, 2021, the skyline robot has experienced 13 rounds of financing, and in nearly half a year, the horizon robot has been investing 7 rounds, with a total of at least 1.2 billion US dollars, strong enhancement capacity. Wuanta, who is the same as Baidu "away", has also selected entrepreneurship. Wu Yida’s Woebot has announced $ 90 million B round in July this year. After the financing of this round, the total amount of Woebot Health Health reached 114 million US dollars. The financing party includes Jazz Venture Partners, Temasek, Belles, OWL Ventures, etc. After leaving Ali, Mi Wanli led a venture capital fund, focusing on the surrounding of traditional industries.With intelligent cloud technology and capital injection blessing "two in one" Combined energized. According to media reports, titanium, Min Wan founded the VC fund raising has been put in place, the first phase of about $ 800 million. BAT exodus of scientists from the creation of the company is highly favored capital "darling", the amount of financing is also very impressive. Third, the "wisdom of the brain," the next leg of the "Science and technology are primary productive forces" era, this group of cutting-edge technology to master the most high-profile scientists, they are these enterprises as "smart brain" sophisticated people go, it means resources, capital, talent will bring together where. Careful inventory of scientists who flow away from BAT, in addition to their own businesses bend into the Council, is to return to academia, with his years of academic heritage to return to academia, watering a new generation of scientific and technological personnel, one personally promote research change. After beating Ma Weiying, vice president resigned byte position, followed his leadership in the old Microsoft Research Asia, Ya-Qin Zhang, adding intelligent Industrial Research Institute of Tsinghua University, engaged in personnel training and scientific research related work; paint far away from Alibaba after the entry Fudan University, served as Fudan Dean of innovation and industrial Research Institute of artificial Intelligence University; former executive vice president of Microsoft’s global Shum also last year as a part-time professor of Tsinghua University joined the Institute for Advanced, and for computer vision, computer graphics recruit doctoral students. Moment, artificial intelligence has been to promote industrial upgrading, the overall productivity jumped drive force as early as 2017, Kai-fu Lee said Innovation Works CEO on the future of artificial intelligence will replace 50% of working people. The "2020 China Artificial Intelligence industry White Paper" also shows that China within five years of artificial intelligence market size is expected to more than 400 billion yuan. And "new consumer" different "cultural" industries, AI industry is a technology-driven industry, this industry is not an ordinary entrepreneur roots in 2035 is not getting started, but the fate of entrepreneurial scientists can play a leading role in the integration and now all applications AI industry will need technical talent, a great gap in the market. It can be said, it is now scientific entrepreneurship is the best time ever, do artificial intelligence, big data this group of people, are also eagerly longing come from technology to specific application scenarios. From the industry perspective, the, AI core business is the AI ??scientists. But the domestic business environment is still conservative think research needs quiet, and entrepreneurs need to move. Liu also said that "scientific ideas and the company’s operations are very different, some scientists are not good at managing." China recently Jingwei Zhang Ying, a founding managing partner of "research-based recommendations to the nine founders of" scraper, text middle the problems scientists face of entrepreneurship: scientific or technical background in the field of their professional authority, profound technology accumulation, but also often because out of business relatively late age compared to the mobile Internet entrepreneur, founder of relatively larger; also because of science, strong technology-oriented, character is relatively easy to cure, easy-line thinking, more difficult to accept new matter; scientists tend to be forward thinking, like to think from a technical line of products form, but the market needs is often reverse thinking, according to business needs to go retrogression technical match. BAT exodus from scientists frequently get the favor of capital, the fundamental reason is that this is related to a "cost" of multiple choice questions. VC decide whether to invest in a company, will predict the value of this start-up companies, in this dimension, the most important thing is whether a company has in line with future trends of technology and products, although AI technology landed long, but wins in the foreground wide . Scientists from the Internet giant exodus, not only the real deal of technology, knowledge and experience more commercial aspects of both science and technology talent at ease, but also entrepreneurs know how flexible mind, there is an unusual entrepreneur not available contacts resources, these are their most valuable point. In recent years, AI has long been as good as 2015 venture so hot, in the case freeze the market environment, each began to tighten the purse strings, also shot more cautious. In comparison, those who voted through the "money someone brains" of BAT scientists combat, obviously have a greater chance of winning, but also more cost-effective choice. Technology determines the length of life of the enterprise business, the Internet giant behind the competition for scientists, in fact, is fighting to build technical barriers weights, and these manufacturers are attracted to scientists in recent years frequently away from home, perhaps the business and personal career pursue not fit, maybe not well compatible with academic and commercial, but for whatever reason, can not deny the fact: they always stand in the forefront of the industry, it is a group of people who touch the future.

Hengli creating a new low in 13 months, and the Hong Kong stocks new shares have fallen into the tide. What happened?

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Seng Index will reappear to 2,4000 points. Since this year, Hengfeng has fallen by 13.79%, and the whole year has a trend of clouds. At the same time, the Hang Seng Technology Index is only one step away from this year’s low, from this year’s trend analysis, Hang Seng Technology Index has fallen 28.45%, and the investment experience of Hong Kong stocks since this year is not good.

In addition, since October this year, the Hong Kong stock market has shown a trend of new shares. Since October, there have been many Hong Kong stocks successfully issued listing, but except for micro-invasive robots – B, the next day, the remaining port stocks are basically a trend of slightly or falling. New stocks have been broken on the first day, for many investors, this thought can be cheap, but since the new shares listed, the overall trend is not optimistic. During this time, in addition to the minimally invasive robot-B has increased the increase of 38.89% of Beijing Jiaye, the remaining port stocks have shown a double-digit decline. This shows that the effectiveness of the Hong Kong stock market in the fourth quarter of this year is very poor.

On the one hand, it is a new low in the HSI, on the other hand, Hong Kong stocks have fallen into a broken tide, and the investment confidence in the Hong Kong stock market has also fallen into the trough. However, behind the Hong Kong stock market continues to be sluggish, it is actually related to several aspects.

First, Hong Kong stock technology stocks have been sold frequently, some well-known science and technology giants, from the high point in the year, the market has a substantial transformation of the investment logic and valuation system of technology stocks. In addition, with the significant slowdown in the profit growth of Hong Kong stocks, the corresponding valuation level does not fall, and the market’s valuation pricing of technology stocks has fallen into pessimistic situation.

Second, from August 1 this year, the Hong Kong stocks stamp duty is up to 30% and raised from 0.1% to a level of 0.13%. However, compared to the stamp-based stamps in the A-share market, the stamp tax in the Hong Kong stock market is in the form of two-way income, so the investment investment in Hong Kong stocks is significantly improved, and the investment in the Hong Kong stock market is naturally large. Discount.

Third, in these years, the Hong Kong stock market has basically fluctuated between 20,000 points to 30,000 points, and the overall investment experience is not good. If only the Hang Seng Index is used as a reference, it has not been able to successfully solve the set, and the overall value-added effect of the Hong Kong stock market has not been ideal in the past 14 years.

Fourth, similar to the A-share, the expansion of the Hong Kong stock market has been more obvious over the years, and many of the large enterprises have joined the IPO. With the continued speed of market expansion, it has also caused the relative distortion of the market index, and the rapid growth of the stock market market in these years is mainly contributed by IPO expansion.

Similar to the A-share market, the index reference in the Hong Kong stock market is not strong. If it is just an index fund, it may be more suitable for wide volatile investment strategies, but it is not suitable for long-term value investment.

In recent years, the Hong Kong stock market has undergone a clear differentiation, and the distortion of the market index is increasingly obvious. However, considering that the investment style of the Harbor stock market is unpredictable, combined with the factors in the Hong Kong stock market, it is actually the investment in the Hong Kong stock market.

In contrast, although the investment experience in the A-share market has not been very good for many years, the Money Money Effects of the A-share market will be higher than the Hong Kong stock market. Step by step, even if you encounter the market’s "Black Swan" incident, it is not possible to have a single day to fall more than 80% of the scene, which is less likely to have a problem of liquid traps.

In the A-share market and the Hong Kong stock market, we should not focus too much attention to the valuation level of listed companies, but more need to pay attention to the continuous growth capacity of enterprises and the liquidity of the market. If a listed company has sufficient liquidity and adequate earning effect, even if its valuation is not so cheap, its investment security is significantly higher than some lack of liquidity low valuation stocks. In other words, the main factors that determine the cost of the stock price are not the valuation itself, but the size of the market liquidity and the effectiveness of the money.

How to build HTML5 live broadcast?

Friends doing video live, knowing that the current web-lived video live video lived video livelios is the HLS protocol and RTMP protocol. The mobile terminal needs to be relatively high transmission requirements, so the HLS transmission is mainly, and the PC terminal is more focused on video real-time transmission. Therefore, it is mainly RTMP.

For HTML5 live broadcast, the live stream is generally divided into three parts:

  • Video Acquisition: This part is divided into PC terminals and mobile phones, including audio and video input devices on your computer, such as camera recording, mobile phone camera microphones, etc., due to mobile live teams, main collection or mobile terminal Mobile video is main.
  • Live stream video server: That is, the video streaming media server we speak, collect video streams (H264 / ACC encoding) transmitted by video recording, transcoding through streaming media, and outputs RTMP / HLS format video to video playback end.
  • Video broadcast: Generally in the computer, we TSINGSEE peel video is more VLC player, in addition to our own EasyPlayer player, mobile phone player includes Native player, and H5 video label, etc. And is currently based on the Native player of the mobile phone.

For H5 video recording, powerful WebRTC technology can be used. WebRTC we also introduced before, a technology that supports web browsers for real-time voice dialogue or video conversations, is that only on the PC’s Chrome is better, the mobile support is not ideal. At present, TSINGSEE Green Video World Video Service Platform supports webRTC video streaming, you can understand.

Recording video basic processes using WebRTC:

1 Call Window.navigator.WebkitgetUserMedia Get the user’s PC camera video data.

2 Convert the video stream data to Window.WebkitrtcpeerConnection (a video stream data format).

3 Transfer video stream data to the server using WebSCOKET.

H5 playing video also requires us to further break through, first of all, playing HLS video when playing HLS video, the Server side can do a sharper policy, put the TS file on the CDN, the front end can try to do DNS cache, in addition, for It can better implement real-time interaction, or use the RTMP protocol, play by video.js, such as Tsingsee Green Video EasyPlayer.js player.

Heavenly Medical Cloud Wisdom Medical Reproduction, Artificial Intelligence Accurate Embolic Medical Image

With the continued growth in medical market in my country, the artificial intelligence technology is continuously improved. The speed of medical industry has accelerated. In 2016-2020, China’s medical manual intelligence market scale increased by 43.4%, of which 2020 market size reached 40.8 billion yuan, year-on-year growth 47.3%, calculated according to the composite growth rate of 40.0%, and the size of China’s medical man-labor intelligence market will reach 219.43 billion yuan in 2025, the potential market space is huge. Future artificial intelligent medical track will still present a bright splendid scene. Today, we talk from the intelligent medical perspective to talk about the artificial intelligence of the image.



The AI ??image has become an important aid for the diagnosis of medical examinations. A medium-sized medical examination center, averages 300-400 people per day. DR chest radiography is of great significance for the screening of lung disease, and chest radiograph is almost inspected in a common medical examination project. A imaging doctor, one day, most of the 300-400 people is normal image, and it is conceivable that how big is the work intensity!



To this end, Tiandi Wisdom Medical has been developed – a full-chain AI chest image intelligent analysis system, and the video department can assist the doctor through the full chain AI service to use the cloud PACS to quickly screen, greatly enhance the doctor’s diagnostic efficiency. The full chain AI chest imaging intelligent analysis system includes acquisition control AI, image analysis AI, video diagnosis AI, department management AI, auxiliary doctor from shooting into diagnostic images.



Especially in the positive of the chest, the auxiliary diagnosis of AI auxiliary diagnosis is higher than the diagnosis and accuracy of the same industry. Tianzhi Yun full chain AI, for the four-character lung disease (including lung nodules, pulmonary edema, lung, pulmoniculture, etc.) and occupational diseases (tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.) The maximum performance of 92.6% of diagnostic accuracy (AUC), sensitivity is 96.2% and the specific performance of 85.1%, which can greatly improve the efficiency and diagnostic quality of the chest X-ray image inspection.



Whole chain AI chest imaging intelligent analysis system? Based on? Computer visual algorithm, large data training, deep learning of large data training, neural network, to integrate AI? Into the full process of radiological imaging, realize intelligent retrieval, massive screening, precise diagnosis, Provide higher quality ultra-clear images for clinical, and realize automated measurement, quantified data accurate screening and multi-type lesion intelligent prompt function, effectively improve the quality, efficiency and benefits of clinical diagnosis, and strengthen the medical examination center in the same scale The competitiveness of the medical examination center, reduce the tabular doctor? Work negative? Mercedently and optimize the patient’s experience.







In the future, artificial intelligence will gradually enplace the medical industry, not just? Images, will gradually develop in a deeper direction. The Tianxian Cloud R & D team will continue to keep up with the needs of the market and doctors, continue to study, and provide more convenient services for more and more doctors and patients.

Live room in the lowest price controversy: Li Jiaqi holds super pricing power, manufacturers transfer shop broadcast

The aquatic and brand-priced game, and it is the contest of the flow of both parties.

When live broadcast is increasingly sold, when traffic gives live betting, how is the price of branded brand products? Who master the product pricing power? How long does it have to have a business for business?

According to the person in charge of many brands, it is said that the broadcast (entering the live broadcast room) product will be re-priced according to its own market positioning, the change of the broadcast specification, and the consumer’s mental price, etc. The sales profit of brand-only single-piece products will not be higher than the market. The leader of product pricing is mainly in the brand, but both the brand and the rough team will be tilted according to the traffic of cooperation objects and the intensity of brand effect. The small brands are more likely to become a "victim" of live broadcast promotions. .

In addition, the waist anchor tells the news reporter, different commercial products, will give different bargaining space according to the aquatic traffic – in the categories of the profitable space such as beauty, apparel, and the biggest space is larger, and In some of some vertical areas, the brand will more "clearly price", give different channels to the same supply price.

Brand bargaining is spelling traffic

Live sales, who has traffic who has the right to speak.

"For the business you want to open the new sales road, or if you want to increase the exposure of the small-scale brand, the pricing voice is more in the hands of the live broadcast team, the aquary will make more killing, or ask for a combination discount." Yingfeng Group’s Mosimomimi Children’s Wearing the head of the trendy live broadcast can be senior people in the live industry, and she accepts the above-mentioned expression when they accept news reporters.

One Danish International Food Brand Online Business Heaven, Wang Tian, ??Wang Tian, ??said that "business understands the cost and market positioning, estimating the basic pricing of the profit bottom line, the anchor team will be based on the live broadcast of the same products according to the same products. The price reduction suggestion, the two sides will go to negotiate. The head anchor is large, and we will be more powerful, so we will be more biased to him, mainly in the welfare, but if the price negotiation is completely alive, ‘ Licening ‘must not do it. "

It can be indicated that due to the selection standards of the supernar predicted, it can be selected, which is equivalent to give the brand a special certification. Therefore, some small brands will rather lose money to enter the super-headed live broadcast. Once the brand is played, the money will be made back in the live broadcast of the waist.

Through the current circulation cost of the live broadcast, the brand will give the live team to the live broadcast team with the form of sales commission commission and the "pit fees" form. Usually, the higher the maid, the higher the pit level fee. Therefore, for small brands, either wear a risk "gambling", or it is "Ladies and Folders".

Senior people from the live industry, Huang Jia, said that some small brands gave the pit fees for the anchor, there was no an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an anchor to the commission admission of the big brand sales, and the small brand belt is more than the live broadcast. Big risk. Therefore, in order to be able to broadcast between the head live broadcast, the small brand will increase the aquaculture fee, reduce the commission, and even kill the price below cost.

"In the past, the market was shattered to cooperate with the super-headed anchor. The rate did not reach sales expectations, the super-deposited goods required by the live team will be tight, and there is basically no extra funds to turn to the operation. In addition, the live broadcast is created to consumers to create a "no purchase", and the brake powder will be placed, and the live broadcast will gradually be woken up with the consumer. .

"For small and medium-sized anchors, the bargaining power is a brutal problem. Different physical volume is indeed different." Xiao Hong Book Announcement Chen Yihui told the news reporter. "After all, Li Jiaqi has a threshold, it is impossible Things can be bought inside. "In Chen Yizhi, it is not as good as head anchor, but also thinks about how to enhance its number and influence in fans, and provide better benefits for fans.

Little Red Book Anchor Chen Yizhi Live Photo

Strong to join hands to become a live industry preference

The traffic of the super head anchor is naturally the best "knocking brick" of the sale.

"As far as the industry is more friendly, the big brand is more friendly. After all, it has the quality advantage of the product and the brand effect, you don’t need to deliberately put the body to please the anchor team." A overseas dairy product Wu Tao, head of brand shake operation, said that the pricing phase will share the market pricing data and sales data in other belts, and will reflect the quality of after-sales service during the previous cooperation, to verify the price advantage of the product, sell well And service guarantees.

"Although big brands can get rid of reliance on the anchor by self-broadcasting, the traffic competition is too fierce, even if it is a big brand, it is not easy to make a certain influence in the live industry, need to rely on the professional band of the anchor The capacity of the goods. "The" small parallel "is said.

The anchor traffic is the key to selecting cooperation. Wu Tao said that most big brands choose live belts, mainly in order to sell, and brand publicity. In terms of shake ecology, 10% of sales in sales have almost 90% of GMV (total commodity transaction). So as a big brand, but also like to cooperate with the head anchor to expand new sales channels.

The descendant of the fruit brand is said to the 新 记 报者, Jindu has cooperated with multiple anchors, according to the fans of different anchors, usually have a good response, even if it occasionally does not reach the expected situation. An anchor will also negotiate some of the renewal opportunities. Among them, there are some head star anchors, with a huge fan matrix, bring more considerable sales, and the long-tail effects of the generated long-tail effect also have a positive impact on the overall pattern exploration.

In addition to big brands more is willing to cooperate with big anchors, the anchor team seems to be more willing to put the "explosive" product.

Viya live photo Source: Oriental IC

Wu Tao said that the head anchor has a high "tube fee" in the market, but in the face of some traffic brands or explosive products, the anchor will also give up the pit level, reduce the commission, and even on the bargain There is loose. "Some single prices of some beauty skulls are usually high, can pull the entire GMV in the live broadcast. In addition, you can grab the net red explosion in the market in the market, and the fans ‘welfare’ is also the head at low prices. Symbol of the active position. "

"The pricing of the broadcast product is inseparable from the preference of the preference for the product. In addition to existing explosions, if the size of the new brand will be sought after by the new brand, it will loose the lowest price requirements, and In the form of a high-pitty fee, the high-ranking fee is promoted. "It can be expressed that some of the live broadcasts of the live broadcast of the live broadcast of the product, and the platform will arrange the live stream based on the high and low of the product. Therefore, Net red products will also give priority to the strength combination with head anchors.

Business is coming to self-broadcast: higher flexibility

"The traffic share of the head anchor is too heavy, especially the double 11 full-year large shopping carnival, usually Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya came out, shake users, Taobao users’ traffic share will be taken away, everyone is quite I am afraid, I don’t want my own store to lose the customer in the big anchor. "Can be expressed.

Double 11 During Li Jiaqi Live Metropolitan stock photo Source: Visual China

More and more brands are not ideal for large-scale goods, and they are not ideal for live broadcast data.

Many branded persons and senior live-educational industry, as a platform, shake is through the weighted drainage of the store, actively support the brand (store himself live). In addition, brand self-broadcast is a relatively low threshold operation, and it is more simple and simpler. But at the same time, the price of live scenes, the details of team discharge, and the visual flow acquisition are generally self-broadcast.

Compared to limited restricted, large-risk live broadcast, brand self-broadcast has greater flexibility and precision, and can form a supplement with the supplied goods. The person in charge said that in the brand Tmall live broadcast, I invited internal employees to do an anchor. They will more understand the characteristics of the product and the story of product cultivation, and can better understand the consumer demand and accurately recommend products.

都 乐 员 自播 自播 照片 photos

"At present, our brand store can also have a sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this year during selling cars, a sales can reach millions of yuan." Li Lei, a live-e-commerce live broadcast operation The news reporter said that the store self-broadcast can help the store promotion and stabilize the fan of the fans of the store. In addition, directional culture, the an expert can be set by the content setting to become an expert in the brand industry. Therefore, for small brands, cultivation and investment of their own anchor is a good choice.

Typroa charge! What else can be replaced, 10 MARKDOWN editors [recommended collection]

Hello everyone, I am Yi, pay attention to I don’t regularly share free use software. The full text has accumulated 2800 words, 21 maps, it is recommended to read it slowly

I didn’t work overtime on the weekend, and I opened my computer to write something. As usual, when I opened Typroa, I played a stroke, I saw the NEWER VERSION at the end of my English level 4, and I suddenly understood it.

Then update, then jump to Typroa’s official website,$ 14.99The charging suggests that I stab my heart at the time. [It is said that Typroa’s Hanhua is completed by the community, and now it is actually charged]

Typroa has been used for more than a year, with a simple interface, instant rendering characteristics becomes my only editing software. After the introduction of the habit, I suddenly started charging. I can’t help but remember the NOTABILITY charging operation encountered for some time.

So in the face of this situation, the wallet dry, I started a software search. Search and use, I really found a lot of alternative software, share with you any free MarkDown software.

Since the author is a Windows user, it can only be shared according to the platform used, cross-platform capabilities are only simple introduced.

Let the sudden charge, so this time it is recommended to open source software, the source code can be found on GitHub, you can respect.

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: MacwindowsLinux

VS Code is a programming software from Microsoft. After years, iterative development, functionality and performance have become increasingly stable. As a programmer, starting from the birth of VS Code.

The power of VS Code is that you can support a lot of dedicated features by installing extensions. For example, C code, Java code, flowchart. Of course, MarkDown is also supported.

After installing the MarkDown plugin, you can edit the text, render the style of viewing the document on the right.

Comment: The programmer will like VS Code, it is not possible after installing the plugin.

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Joplin is a cross-platform open source and completely free MarkDown note software. After the initial use, the discovery function is far more than Typroa, which is more suitable for me.

Joplin’s interface is equally simple, I believe soon, I can start, and the lack of beauty is that some menus are not completely Chinese, but some simple words do not affect the use.

In addition to the normal editing capabilities with Typroa, Joplin supports multiple cloud disk synchronization. Typroa does not support cloud synchronization, each time you need manual synchronization, this time is replacing the editor because of the disaster.

Joplin also supports end-to-end encryption, TO-DO-to-do items, note history version, full Chinese search, external editor open, web clip plugin, etc.

Comment: It is better than Typroa … currently replaced with Joplin

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: WindowsMaclinux

Mark Text is a simple and elegant open source MARKDOWN editor that supports Linux, MacOS, and Windows platforms.

The function of Mark Text is basically consistent with TyproA, supports real-time rendering of MarkDown, and imports the original Typroa editable documents into Mark Text, smooth excessive obstacles.

A good feature than Typroa is to support SM.MS and Github Tu bed. For those who often write blogs, it will reduce the trouble of uploading pictures.

The lack of beauty is not supported, and some people may not be friendly.

Comment: Can be compared with Typroa, replace Typroa

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform

NOTABLE is an open source MarkDown editor that supports Linux, MacOS, Windows and other operating systems.

NOTABLE uses a classic triple structure, and the left column also supports the "All Notes" also supports the label. The middle bar shows the list of notes contained in all notes or corresponding tags, and the right column is the main editing and preview area.

NOTABLE does not support MarkDown real-time rendering, and some people who like focus words will like this "focus" input mode.

In addition, NOTABLE supports full-text search, but does not support Chinese menus.

Comment: Do not support Chinese menus, a little regret

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: MacwindowsDebianFedoraarm64

Zettlr is a MarkDown editor that is ideal for writing professional texts, whether college students, researchers, reporters or writers.

Zettlr’s unique literature reference, focus mode, thermogram search, code highlight, and organizational structures can make MarkDown transform into productivity tools from the editor.

Comment: Does not support the Chinese menu, a bit regret! Professional

  • Github

  • Cross-platform: WindowsLinuxMac

Trilium is an open source MARKDOWN note software that uses a directory hierarchy notes. The notes can be arranged to be arbitrary deep trees. Rich desired, incoming note editing, including, for example, form, image, and mathematics and MARKDOWN automatic set format; support using source code editing notes, including syntax highlighting; quick and easy navigation between notes, full-text search and notes upgrade; seamless Note Version Control; Comment Properties can be used for annotation organizations, queries, and advanced scripts; synchronize with self-host synchronization servers;

In addition to these features, Trilium supports the relationship diagram and link diagrams between notes. The relationship diagram of visualization allows knowledge to form a correlation, convenient to memory.

Comment: I can use the relationship diagram between Typroa, the relationship between the notes is suitable as a knowledge base.

Many document editing is now completed through multiplayer online collaboration, or using different device editing, this time uses an online editor is more appropriate.

There are many tabular software, but NOTION is a "redefined digital note" all-around knowledge management software. Give users a very rich feature to meet more than 90% of users’ notes.

The basic unit in the NOTION is [Block], a paragraph, a picture, a video, a table is a block. Multiple Block makes up a Page page that can be understood as a note.

This flexible operation can be applied to more scenes, multiple templates, can be personal notes, calendars, knowledge bases, can also be team libraries, boards and project management tools.

Comment: The powerful function, the Chinese interface is developed, there is a certain study cost. Data stocks are stored in the cloud, and the security documents need themselves.

TIP: If you consider Chinese, you can look at the software of "wolai", phenomenon, localized NOTITION software.

These three online editing software but more, and also support MarkDown, I believe many people are also using. Some time ago, the graphite document was chaired by the law, and the picture size was limited, and the article was limited to the public sharing, so it was not a moth now.

Quietly tell everyone: If you want to charge the stone, you can go to a treasure to see, there is a surprise …

Typroa retreats to previous test versions, you can also use it for free. However, I have found the replacement software is too lazy to try.

If you just replace Typroa,Offline MARKDOWN Software Recommended JOPLIN. Excessive learning costs from TyproA to Joplin, and Joplin has more features.

If there is a need for online synchronization sharing, you can also view the online document editor of the graphite document, Tencent document, etc., and the function is also very powerful.

Without the best editor, only the best is best for yourself! Some people like an editor to cover all the features, and some people like the editor of the editing function. Before choosing the software that suits you, fully considering your needs, such as secure (whether you can back up), retrieve, free, synchronize, etc.

You can also use multiple software at the same time, like I use Joplin, graphite documentation, have a cloud note, Tencent document multiple software, I believe that everyone can find the editor that suits you in these software.

What is worth buying app all net shop shopping prices

How is the solar border optimized?

The cost of photovoltaic power generation has always been a more difficult solution. Through the continuous efforts of these years, it has been greatly reduced from each link, and the cost of photovoltaic components has declined significantly. We also witnessed the optimization process of the photovoltaic component border as a solar border manufacturer.

1, reduce the weight of the border

The weight loss is mainly from two aspects, on the one hand, decrease the cross-sectional size of the side solar frame profile, and thinning the thickness of the border profile. Ten years ago, the solar border is big and thick, and now the border is light and thin. Even put the short-s-side C side, leaving only the long side C face mounting hole.

2, increase the size of the border

In fact, the size of the frame is based on the size of the component panel. The size of the battery board is increased to reduce the cost of the unit area power generation.

3, change the material of the solar border

The frame size is increased, the wall thickness is thinned, and the original 6063 material is not satisfied. So replace the 6005 material with a higher intensity. 6005 Border strength can be increased by 50%, other properties such as moldability, corrosion resistance is not much change.

Today, even more than 2 meters more than 1 m, the sun is not more than 2 kilograms, which greatly reduces the cost of component, and optimization is still continuing.