How to test the network main broadcast? Do you have to pay a certificate now?

In a broad sense, online broadcasting and continuing the advantages of the Internet, using video-in-way online live broadcast, you can release product display, related conference, background introduction, program evaluation, online investigation, dialogue interview, online training, etc. On the Internet, use the Internet’s intuitive, fast, expressive form, rich in content, strong interaction, regional unrestricted, audience can be divided, and can strengthen the promotion effect of the event site.

After the live broadcast is completed, you can continue to replay, on-demand, and effectively extend the live broadcast of time and space, and play the greatest value of live content. From a narrow angle, the webcast is an emerging high interactive video entertainment. This live broadcast is usually an anchor through the video recording tool, on the Internet live broadcast platform, live you sing, play games, etc., and the audience can interact with the anchor can also be rewarded through a virtual prop.

With the continuous improvement of smartphone hardware, mobile devices such as mobile phones have gradually become the most frequently used hardware in everyday use. The user experience is also getting better and better makes netizens have a more obvious improvement. The number of severe users is also increased. In 2016, a large number of PC-side users basically have changed their original mobile capital network video. manner.

Frequent exposure is a hot spot for capital chasing .. Online broadcast gave a colored egg in foreign broadcast industries, one side is the global mobile live nasal ancestor Meerkai closed live broadcast business, one party faces domestic live startup companies

Higher finance. With the support of the capital market, the online video live broadcast market has also begun to burn the market and has reached the purpose of rapid occupation of the market. Among them, the investment in the content is more invested by each house, especially the high-quality anchor with the amount of fans will be the focus of the game live industry in the next two years.

Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

The electric vehicle’s battery affects the safety of the battery and affects the car. Although the current battery safety technology has been very good, it will still have an accident such as electric vehicle, and the user of the pure electric vehicle should usually do it. Tell the danger to the lowest?

The accident is most often on charging, so it is necessary to pay special attention.. We have said that the electric vehicle fast charge is said in the previous article, and the positive extremely lithium compound in the lithium battery is negative for graphite. Charging is under electric field, lithium ions are embedded to the pores of the negative electrode, thereby storing energy. The principle of fast charge is to force lithium ions to quickly ejection and embed the negative electrode. In this way, the half-permeable film of the negative graphite carbon layer may be damaged, the electrode material is destroyed, and the charging is The heat charge will result in an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, but also adding this type of heat, although the BMS system controls the fast charge current and heat dissipation system, but if the long-term fast charge is easy to occur "Analysis of lithium effect", simply, there is a critical point in thermal out-of control of the battery, and frequent fast charge will reduce this critical point, so it is unfavorable for security and battery itself, and often fast charge The capacity of the battery also produces a certain amount of attenuation, and in such damage, it is irreversible.

So if it is not an emergency, try to use the fast charge or don’t have a fast charge, manage your own time, slow charity, both for security, and is also relatively friendly for the attenuation of the battery.

Don’t go over, don’t overcharge, try to use it.. The heat generated when the battery is over-charging, and it is believed that consumers also have this feeling when using the mobile phone. When the left left, the charge is more than 60%, but it is actually a truth, but if these heat If you can’t distribute it in time, it will cause the battery temperature to rise, and the internal structure is easily destroyed after a certain degree, causing a short circuit to produce a large amount of heat and gas. When the pressure relief valve of the battery can not withstand the pressure, the combustible gas will be ejected, which is prone to fire and explosion. It is also a sentence, although the electric vehicle has a BMS battery management system, but it is not wrong with a layer of insurance.

These are all security skills, of course, can not be guaranteed to the user, so the user is necessary to read the car instructions after buying a car. And if you really have happened, you can escape the alarm in time is the primary task. Of course, these don’t say that electric vehicles can not be bought, as long as reasonable compliance is used, the safety factor is also guaranteed.

Seeing, please go, this British radio antenna is a little fool, don’t be active.

Recently, I have been looking for a look. What? I want to find a wide frequency receiving antenna for my own maque receiver / radio. The diamond and the eagle’s cone the antenna, but I feel that two shapes and volume are too large, the height is one meter seven, the perimeter is 85 cm, I don’t have outdoor, but put in the indoor study is too obses. NS. This can be broken, but I have to search for a more than one thing.

Suddenly, in front of you, I saw a cool appearance antenna, but a small size of a small size, a lot of a circle than the drill and the eagle, I looked at the foreigners to use it directly on the window sill. I seem to catch a life-saving straw, follow the understanding of the situation, see what antenna is.

It turned out that it is a desktop scanner antenna of the British "Space City" brand. It is said that it is a broadband desktop scanner receiving antenna. The applicable frequency range is 25-2000MHz, which is equipped with a magnetic base having a diameter of 12.5 cm. Place the antenna in a stationary car. 70 cm in the audience, standard with a 4-meter-long RG58 cable. What is the actual use effect of this antenna? Please take a look at the experience of the British player.

In the past many years, I have started "Space City" amateur band and CB band antenna, and their performance performance is very good, but this scanner antenna is almost useless. I live on a mountain at an altitude of 820 feet high. The antenna is installed on the attic, I am looking forward to the reception effect of this antenna. The reception effect of the civil aviation band is OK, but it is not expected, the UHF band horse tiger, and the VHF band (including 2m band) is very bad. I use a low-cost hand-held radio manufactured by China to receive a single rubber antenna to receive a signal of 2 meters of bands, but this scanner antenna is not received. I checked it with antenna analyzer, confirming my guess, this antenna cannot generate resonance in VHF frequencies, and in the air band and UHF band. I really don’t recommend this antenna.

Let me talk about the advantages of the "Space City" antenna. This is an indoor antenna, but with a magnetic base, it can be used outdoors. Gain is good, you can receive the signal that I have received by my other antennas; the connection cable is very long; it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The disadvantage of this antenna: The magnetic base is only placed on a very smooth car to be stabilized. If you put it outside when driving, you will definitely make it bad, and you will damage your car, because Its suction is not so big. This is really not a shortcoming, because people don’t say this is an antenna that can be used. In addition, there is no shortcomings.

I bought this antenna a long time. The performance performance is too bad, so I will throw it, and I don’t know why the effect is so bad. I have just started a NANO VNA antenna analyzer and check its resonance. All the questions are clear at once. In addition to a narrower frequency point of 369 MHz, there is no standing wave ratio below 2 below 500 MHz, and 1.1GHz is OK. The specification of the label is available for 25-2000MHz, it’s really joking! Let’s get a nano VNA antenna analyzer, it is very cheap. This time we can also test the antenna as a profession.

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Sixth Hospital Information 丨 Electrical and Information Engineering College launched Huawei preaching meeting

In order to promote students to learn more about Huawei companies, they also achieve the interaction between school and quality enterprises. The School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, held Huawei, 205, 205, at 14:30 on November 25, 2021, held Huawei business preaching.

This presentation will preach by Mr. Li Hongwei, a manager of Huayi, Yunnan, and the public, preaching the theme: the exploration and practice of Huawei talents under intelligent era.

First of all, Mr. Li Hongwei conducted a brief introduction to Huawei Yunnan, and he mentioned that Huawei as one of the 500th top 500 companies in a well-known world, has always been a lot of excellent graduates. Huawei is in the field of ICT, deep cultivation for many years, mastering and actively building key technology and infrastructure including broadband, 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence six ICT industries, and latter solids in realizing the future. The basics.

Second, Huawei is a domestic excellent enterprise, based on social responsibility, based on ICT technology, focusing on reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy use, promoting circular economy, science and technology protects natural. Conducting China is a key breakthrough in the field of product energy saving, renewable energy, etc. I have made important contributions to China’s green sustainable development.

At the same time, he also pointed out that as a leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, Huawei has always made the world more beautiful, and the past more than 30 years of Rihua provided high-quality connection and service for more than 300 million people worldwide. .

At present, Huawei is committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, each family, each organization, building thousands of intelligent worlds, to create greater value for customers, build a better platform for our employees, providing more Opportunity, promote the harmonious development of the community, strive to make technological innovation, and each family, every organization.

Subsequently, he proposed sustainable development and needs more excellent high-end talents. Therefore, in order to change the "last kilometer" to the "Baiyi Plan", the "Hundreds of Plan" is set up, and the talent culture closed loop is required to make the cultivation of talent culture. At the same time, for the last kilometer of talent construction, Huawei online open talent double selection platform, and the ICT talent alliance is double selection meeting.

Finally, Li Manager pointed out that Huawei’s stage is enough. It is a place that can provide a large-scale talented visit to job seekers. It can provide strong growth resources for job seekers. At the same time, the students should do their own professional plan as soon as possible. Your future is always long-term goals. This preaching will end successfully.

This presentation will make students have a deeper understanding and understanding of Huawei, while making students have more clear understanding of future goals.

Finally, I hope that the students can have their own goals and put into action for their goals, take wind and waves!

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The National Competition won the prize, how does this project be a productivity?

The intersection of 5G projects play smart manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance "two-hand good card", which is largely lowered, also harvested production capacity, and the operation and maintenance efficiency "double improvement".Not long ago, this project named "Based on 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Wicked Zhiwei Association", the top 4 "Bloom Cup" 5G application collection competition is paid to the bronze medal.Recently, Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter approaches this project, from the production workshop, the photovoltaic power station, how to feel the 5G technology of "large bandwidth, low time delay, wide connection" is productivity.

The project is jointly created by China and Energy Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Branch, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ideal Information Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., currently built industrial Internet, energy Internet two platforms, Planning and design 5G + smart park, 5G + smart operation and maintenance, 5G + wisdom production, 5G + logo analysis, etc. 4 large sections, 33 5G application scenarios. Among them, 5G + data acquisition, 5G + AI machine vision, 5G + product traceability, 5G + AR remote guidance, 5G + smart inspection, 5G + smart cleaning robot, etc. 20 scenes have landed, manufactured by photovoltaic products, photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance Variety.

In China and Energy Saving Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., the reporter walked into a component workshop and saw a piece of backplane from the "welding" process to the "laminated" process, whenever there is a backplane "transit", one industry on the production line The scanning code is scaled immediately, automatically passes the production data into the MES (production management system). The technical person in charge of the project, Li Ning, Minister of Information Department of China and Energy Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., "Scanning Code" reduces the computer in the workshop by 2/3. It turned out that in addition to the computer comes with the computer, dozens of computers must be set up in the workshop, and the workers entered MES on the computer. Since there may be missing, misunderstand, late report, etc., workers must also manually account, and compare "hand-to-hand" and "computer accounts" every day to correct errors and improve data. Now, industrial scanner installed on the production line interacts with each system, automatic reading, automatic payment, automatic fastening, automatic warning and integration with equipment data, and the success rate of 99.97%. Data collection is fast and accurate, which is both beneficial to optimize production management, but also guaranteed product duel.

As an important step in which the battery is made into a component, "lamination" must be firmly bonded with high temperatures. Even if air conditioning is opened, the temperature around the laminate can reach 450 degrees Celsius. After the laminating machine has an automatic scan code, the workers are liberated from the high temperature environment.

In the workshop, the quality inspectors have basically disappeared due to the "5G + AI machine vision" application. In the past, in more than 100 square meters of region, dozens of quality programs opened their eyes to check the quality of battery packs and detected 700,000 / day. Today, from silicon wafers, battery packs to components, implement a full process of artificial intelligence quality inspection. After training, artificial intelligence here has visual capabilities that found 50 problems. The factory is only in the battery workshop and the assembly workshop exit is arranged by the workers.

Li Ning introduced that the company has investing nearly 670 million yuan in 2019. Comprehensive and technical transformation of the components and battery workshops put into production in 2011, 5G full coverage in the factory, and synchronized "Based on 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Wicked Association Innovation Cloud Platform "project. Among them, the industrial Internet platform is enabled in the second half of last year, and 3,897 (sets) have been accessed, 60 industrial scanners, 12 industrial APs (edge ??computing applications). From more than a year, the platform collection key indicator is 89,000, the networked data is 410 million, and the ID volume reaches 53 million, which enhances the production capacity of the workshop by 51%, and the personnel decreased by 33%, and the production information will be traceable.

In addition to carrying out intelligent manufacturing, the project also builds an energy-friendly Internet platform, and the intelligent maintenance of "centralized monitoring, big data analysis, remote diagnosis, real-time maintenance" in photovoltaic power plants. With an energy-Internet platform, the headquarters can remotely understand the power generation of the power station, and replace the traditional practice of the statistics table through the QQ group layer.

Security work such as anti-invasion, fire, etc., is very important to the photovoltaic power station. The photovoltaic power station often covers an area of ??large area, and it is difficult to discover the fault point in time. "Ai + Security" system composed of AGV inspection robots, with powerful environmental perception, 24 hours in post, can capture safety threats such as small animal invasion to ensure stable operation of equipment.

Full smart photovoltaic cleaning robot, can be applied to the ground, roof and other photovoltaic power plants, can power generation, automatic walking, timing cleaning, and accept remote remote control, monitoring of power station operations.

When the power station fails, "5G + AR remote guidance" can make the field engineer with the distance from the experts voice, video exchange, improve communication quality and efficiency.

Intelligent operation and maintenance solves the long patrol cycle in the operation and maintenance of the power station, and the "pain point" of the fault response is slow. Maintenance personnel only need to sit in the control center to carry out inspection work efficiently. Li Yue Yue, director of Science and Technology, China Energy Solar Co., Ltd., said that this project has been used in 28 power stations in East China this project. Since this year, the power generation of these power stations has reached 1408 billion, equivalent to saving standard coal 429,300 tons, carbon dioxide emission reduction of 11.715 million tons, and 2.33 million trees. According to estimates, the operation and maintenance efficiency of these power plants increased by 50%, and the annual power generation increased by 2% to 6%.

"Based on the 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Zhiwei Association Tongchuang New Cloud Platform" Copper award. This year, "Blooming Cup" settled the benchmark game, from the previous "Bloom Cup" National Day awards project, the pokes were selected, the project’s practicality, commercial and social benefits, and transferred attention with 5G project landing and reproduction promotion effects.

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Rizhao Open Area: Doing a big high-tech enterprise "reservoir"

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Live Sunshine November 30, persistence, adhere to the cultivation and service, and the Rizhao Economic Development Zone will establish a high-tech enterprise reserve famous book, and optimize tracking services to enterprise classification, and implement the number of high-tech enterprises’ declaration, continue to do high-tech. Technical Enterprise "Reservoir".

In Rizhao Longyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., 10 3D printing equipment open horsepower production, the company mainly engaged in industrial 3D printing equipment technology development and services.

Wang Jian, Officer of Rizhao Longyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., currently, their 3DP (3D printing) equipment speed is about 11.5 seconds, which has reached the international leading position. In China, it is also a number of two in the peers.

Not only is the 3D printing speed ranks first in the country, but also the level of mold intensity to achieve the level of casting parts. Since this year, the company’s main business income has doubled from the same period last year, and successfully filed a new R & D institution in Rizhao City.

Wang Jian told reporters that every step of the development of enterprises has a tracking service of the Japanese-opening area service commissioner, and has given personalization assistance in high-tech enterprise training, corporate economic development.

Today, a group of high-tech enterprises with strong innovative genes and competitiveness like Longyuan Intelligence Technology have been continuously agglomerated in Rizhao. In recent years, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, the number of high-tech enterprises have maintained more than 30%, covering biomedicine, advanced manufacturing and automation, new energy and energy saving.

The Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Economic Development Bureau of the Rizhao Department, Director (and) Mao Xin introduced that in the process of organizing the declaration, they found that many companies had insufficient experience, so they set up a high-tech enterprise to promote special working groups, Corporate conduct a one-to-one service, guiding support enterprises to actively cooperate with colleges and scientific research institutes, and jointly develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

With the full launch of school-enterprise cooperation, Rizhao Economic Development Zone Enterprises have jointly cooperated with more than 20 hospitals in the process of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and cooperation in collaboration to promote more than 30 scientific and technological achievements. In the first three quarters of this year, there were 48 high-tech enterprises in Rizhao Economic Development Zone, and the number of declarations increased by 92% from last year. (Rizhao Radio, TV station

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36 首 发 | "Xinmai Medical" completed nearly billion US dollars E-round financing, high blood pressure, asthma intervention new therapy again

36 learned that the radiofrequency ablation technology platform "Xin Mai Medical" completed the total number of e-wheel financing, this financing was jointly invested by Dingxu Group, Chunhua Capital, and the existing shareholders Siki Capital, and the return investment in China. Yikai Capital is the exclusive financial adviser of this transaction.

This financing will be used to promote the global clinical registration test of the innovative medical equipment of Xinmai Medical, develop a new generation of RDN (renal-renal-induced sympathetic ablation) and respiratory products, acquire overseas innovation technology and product lines.

At this stage, there are two products in Xinmai Medical, are being launched in clinical registration tests, and have entered the NMPA innovative medical device special review process (ie "green channel"), namely: indications for high blood pressure renal neuronometer / selectivity The ablation system, the adaptation is a bronchial radiofrequency ablation system for severe asthma.

The study of the treatment of malignant hypertension is traced back to the 1945s, but the method of surgical surgery will be treated to huge wounds at the time of surgery, and postoperative complications were serious. Professor Xin Tai Medical Co-founder Wang Jie is one of the earliest leaders of RDN (renal sympathetic neuromomism), and then started with minimally invasive transcotraned radiofrequency ablation methods, kidney artery standard / selectivity Ablation to remove kidney nerves.

Xin Maikin artery standard / selective radio frequency ablation instrument and guide wire, company for map

The first generation of RDN technology, catheter enters in vivo, through radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve, but the problem is unable to judge whether it hits the target. The renal artery / selective ablation of Xin Mai is understandable: in the process of removing the renal nerve, the blood pressure and heart rate synchronously is synchronized to standardize the kidney nerve function, and the blood pressure and heart rate increases to ablation. Thereby, renal sympathetic nerves can be selectively removed, reserved renaliencies (or "sympathetic inhibitory nerves") and other neurons to improve the effectiveness and safety of RDN to treat high blood pressure. The clinical registration trial of Xin Mai RDN system was carried out by the professor of Huo Yong, the academician of Ge Gaoo, and the cardiovascular experts of Sun Ningling.

The "bronchial radiofrequency ablation system" in the field of respiratory diseases, Xinmai Medical Treatment of severe asthma, also walks in the forefront. Bronchial thermoforming surgery (BT) is an interventional surgery of bronchoscopy in anesthesia or sedative. The surgical use of radio frequency energy controlled by temperature, removing a smooth muscle of pathological proliferative hyperplasia on the airway wall, thereby alleviating the stenosis of the airway shrinkage and improves the ventilation function.

The bronchial radiofrequency abundance conductor of Xin Mai designed temperature detection, impedance detection function, can detect the adapted electrode and the bronchial wall of the bronchial wall to avoid unable discharge of the ablation system cannot perceive the electrode wall condition. In addition, the diameter of the ablation electrode front end of Mai is reduced by 0.05 mm, and it is designed to be more suitable for anatomical structure of the fourth bronchial bronchi in the Chinese.

In terms of entrepreneurial team, Xin Mai medical joint founder, Chairman / CEO Wang Jie once served as the president of Nanjing University Medical College, the executive vice president of Jiangsu Clinical Medical College Research Institute; another joint founder Jinke Graduated from the University of Rockefeller (Molecular Cell Biology) / Columbia University (Finance), Zeng Yifei Pharmaceutical Factory Asia Pacific China Business Director, many successful entrepreneurs.

At present, the Mete, the Metron, Philips, and Datsuka also has sustained layout in the RDN field, and large clinical trials at home and abroad have accumulated rich data. In April this year, in the Hainan Boao, the Medcal Symplicity Spyral catheter system was first applied in China, and the first case of renal artery intensive neurofrequency ablation surgery was completed. Domestic Kang Yu Biology, Charming Lee is also in the field of layout of renal artery, and enters the clinical trial stage. For patients with hypertension trapped in drug treatment, minimally invasive RDN technology provides new bucks.

How to choose a household water purifier? How to pick so much?


Most of the tap water will have some suspended or metal ions, even by rolling water, long-term drinking is no longer good. In recent years, more and more people recognize this, so many people have changed their own water quality by choosing to install home water purifiers from their own. However, if you have anything to be across the mountain, look at the water purifier brands of the five flowers, most people are a bit of not going to start, how to choose the household water purifier. In this case, it is especially important to understand the cleaner category, clear pre-filter, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis. This can be targeted to a household water purifier suitable for their own situation.

Tools / raw materials:

Bend 600G large flow intelligent water purifier; Belt’s VIR series;

Method / Steps:

Step1: front water purifier

The front water purifier is mainly a crude filtration in the whole house, intercepts the crude particulate impurities, sediments and rust in the water, and preaches the downstream pipeline and other home appliances. The front water purifier can be installed in front of the household water meter, and can be installed under the kitchen at home. In considering how the front household water purifier is selected, the flushing method, material, filter accuracy, flow, pressure resistance, and sewage mode are needed.

Step2: Microfiltration water purifier

The filtration accuracy of the microfiltration is generally 0.1-50 microns, which is mainly used to make simple crude filtration. The PP filter, the activated carbon filter, the ceramic filter, basically all belong to the microofiltration. Specifically, the PP filter is used for crude filtering; activated carbon can eliminate the transformation and odor in the water, but the bacteria in the water cannot be removed; the ceramic filter flow is small and it is not easy to clean.

Ultrafiltration water purifiers include single-stage ultrafiltration and multi-stage ultrafiltration, taking into account how to choose home water purifiers, here only multi-stage ultrafiltration. Multi-level filtered ultrafiltration water purifiers pore size at 0.001-0.02 microns, which can remove harmful substances such as sediment, rust, bacterial, colloid, macromolecular organic matter, and retain minerals and trace elements for human body. Because the ultrafiltration water purifier can remove bacteria and algae, the water filtered by the ultrafiltration water purifier can be carried out in a lower metal ion content, and it is recommended to drink directly. However, the ultrafiltration water purifier cannot filter off the calcium magnesium ions, and the scale is still scale. However, the family with maternal and child can choose high-precision ultrafiltration water purifier, like the VIR series of Belt, high-precision ultrafiltration is more careful than ordinary ultrafiltration, can intercept large particle impurities, adsorb volatile organics, ordinary super Filtering cannot filter heavy metals and bacterial VIR series can be filtered, and filtered water can reach the standard of CJ94 straight drink.

Step4: reverse osmosis water purifier

The core of the reverse osmosis water purifier is the RO film, the aperture is 0.1 nm (0.0001 microns), the water is directly drinking, the desalination rate is 96% -98%, and the macrology is as high as 99.99%. Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to water, allowing water molecules and ionic mineral elements to dissolve the inorganic salts of the inorganic salts, and heavy metals and pathogens, etc. Water and harmful water are separated. The reverse osmosis water purifier can remove various harmful impurities in water, and the taste of the water is better, and the hardness of the water can be effectively reduced, nor does not produce scale. Moreover, many well-known brands are quite intelligent, such as Bintel, a large-purpose 600G large flow, support the water purifier and mobile phone interconnection, water quality, and filter (there are many hearts). Also used is the RO film, filtration can reach the pure water level. The purification level is high, but the high demand for water quality does not know how to choose the home water purifier, it can achieve the conditions of direct drink. Although it is a single water design, it is also easy to deal with daily demand for medium-sized or slightly larger, which is mainly due to the high processing capacity of the Beltel water purifier, fast water, about 8 seconds. The clock can be filled with a 200ml water. Also equipped with the filter progress bar, which can provide intimate reminder, and the subsequent finishing process is also very simple and convenient, and even if you need to go, you can easily change the core.