How to test the network main broadcast? Do you have to pay a certificate now?

In a broad sense, online broadcasting and continuing the advantages of the Internet, using video-in-way online live broadcast, you can release product display, related conference, background introduction, program evaluation, online investigation, dialogue interview, online training, etc. On the Internet, use the Internet’s intuitive, fast, expressive form, rich in content, strong interaction, regional unrestricted, audience can be divided, and can strengthen the promotion effect of the event site.

After the live broadcast is completed, you can continue to replay, on-demand, and effectively extend the live broadcast of time and space, and play the greatest value of live content. From a narrow angle, the webcast is an emerging high interactive video entertainment. This live broadcast is usually an anchor through the video recording tool, on the Internet live broadcast platform, live you sing, play games, etc., and the audience can interact with the anchor can also be rewarded through a virtual prop.

With the continuous improvement of smartphone hardware, mobile devices such as mobile phones have gradually become the most frequently used hardware in everyday use. The user experience is also getting better and better makes netizens have a more obvious improvement. The number of severe users is also increased. In 2016, a large number of PC-side users basically have changed their original mobile capital network video. manner.

Frequent exposure is a hot spot for capital chasing .. Online broadcast gave a colored egg in foreign broadcast industries, one side is the global mobile live nasal ancestor Meerkai closed live broadcast business, one party faces domestic live startup companies

Higher finance. With the support of the capital market, the online video live broadcast market has also begun to burn the market and has reached the purpose of rapid occupation of the market. Among them, the investment in the content is more invested by each house, especially the high-quality anchor with the amount of fans will be the focus of the game live industry in the next two years.

Alipay online "small pouch" function: money can be classified

I believe that there is a lot of such friends around you, every day, I have worked hard, but when you ask her (he), she (he) will answer your "Moonlight". Said a lot of money to spend a plan every month, the month will check the bill to discover the breakdown; I want to have a money to travel, and the result is gone … for this problem, recently, Alipay online wallet Classification Function "Alipay Small Pack" on Alipay search "Small Pack" can experience.

It is reported that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has a separate bill, and users can put money into different "small packers", special funds, classified management. For example, "Dry Rice" "Special", "fitness special", etc. It is understood that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has independent bills, the same benefits, and the expenditure of the expenditure. In addition, users can invite others to join their own "small pouch", shared bills and benefits.

Alipay small purse supports manual transfer and automatic transfer, manual single transfer limit 5000, single transfer limit 20,000, no funds, maximum amount limit; automatic transfer can be set to 50,000 yuan. In terms of transfer, if the monthly consumption limit is not set, the remaining funds remaining in the small packet can be transferred.

In this regard, some netizens said that people are really necessary for my spending big hand, classification management is too necessary; Alipay small lotus bag listens to cute, this function is also a lever

Alipay small purse classification, the feeling is very good, it is the shortcomibility of money

And some netizens said it can also spend a lot of a lot of puces separately. The monthly consumption bill is clearer, and the money is more modified. Let’s try it!

More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star has repeatedly fined, 3 years have not disclosed financing, the city accounting is extruded

Day eye check information showing, recently, more US App Series Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Perfect Creative") Add a number of legal dispute cases, including Lin Yun, Che Dynasty, Yang Ying is in many artists. .

More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star borrowed marketing has been punished, and this incident is repeated? Relevant lawyers said, more beautiful or hugged the right to defend the right to maintain rights, and the privileged persons, so that the position of the star portrait is infringed.

In recent years, more beautiful days are not good. In addition to the three years of not announced financing news, its negative news is constantly, "more beautiful app" has been punished by 10,000 yuan due to false propaganda, and the perfect creative has been listed as an executor. Information, the execution target exceeds 55 million yuan.

With the increase in medical beauty demand, the medical beauty market has been eaten from multiple integrated e-commerce platforms and vertical e-commerce platforms. The competition is extremely fierce. Under the supervision, how much growing space?

Hundreds of stars were prosecuted, "thased porcelain" marketing has not changed

Public information shows that perfect creativity is established in 2013, the United States is more beautiful APP to provide plastic surgery, micro-plastic, dental, ophthalmology, anti-aging, etc. Consumer medical services.

The sky-eyed check information shows that the perfect creativity involved in the judicial risks of 526, and only more than 200 were added in 2021. The case consisting of portrait disputes, network infringement disputes, reputation disputes, etc. The artists involved in the artists included Taxi, Fei Xia (Lin Yun), Zhang Yishan, Li Bingbing, Wu Hao, Yang Ying, Zhao Liying, Yan Liya, Qi Dong et al.

Many young people said that some medical American Internet institutions read the curious psychology of people’s gossip, and they would appear in the new media platform to use the star information to achieve the seemingly popular medical beauty. Technical or product purposes.

In October this year, after the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, Yang Yang and Beijing more beautiful interactive information technology Co., Ltd. network infringement is the civil judgment, and more beautiful has responded to the media that the public number undergoing the content transformation, decreased Entertainment content, increase fashion content. However, its related legal disputes remain continuously increased.

Li Wei, senior partner, Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, said that the reporter said that since the star belongs to the public, the media exposure rate and the public are high, there must be a certain social influence; so the commercial main body is promoting the process of promoting the promotion of products. The social popularity and influence of the star conduct brand propaganda, which in turn has more economic benefits.

The case concerning the infringement star has appeared since 2016, and the reporter noted that in these cases, more beautiful and many times were sentenced, the amount was 340 yuan to 1.312 million yuan. Which is more beautiful, "Touching the Porcelain" star takes advantage of marketing and does not change it?

In this regard, Li Wei analyzed that some bad merchants intend to obtain more economic interests through the above way without a star himself, and more than the star idle, the right to maintain the right rights, and the luck of the punishment Therefore, the case where the stars portrait rights are infringed frequently.

3 years has not disclosed financing information, negative news is entangled in damage

In the past few years, as the needs of users have soared, the Internet medical beauty has developed rapidly, and the sky-eyed information shows that more than 5 rounds of financing were completed, including the frequency of a round of financing every year in 2013-2016.

In 2018, more beautiful is to get investment in Meitu, which also releases the deep signal of more beautiful layout Ai. Subsequently, more beautiful successively introduced AI face intelligent diagnostic analysis, AI face intelligent deformation simulation, China’s face and other functions. At the same time, more beautiful App can perform AI-skinned, AI color value, simulation plastic surgery, etc.

However, a non-named doctor doctor said that the preliminary test of the medical beauty platform for skin problems is still in the purpose of entertainment, and AI is still in a relatively primary stage. For example, if the user is a dry skin or an oily skin, a spotted or intramid, wrinkles, and a degree of determination of the decree, "and whether there is sensitive and lesions for the skin, it is not possible to judge the AI ??detection function of the medical platform. "

After completing D round financing in 2018, the United States has not disclosed financing information in 3 years.

In addition, more beautiful negative messages comes one after another. In July of this year, according to the Tianji appraisal, the perfect creative added an executive information, the implementation target is 55.242,300 yuan, and the Executive court is the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court.

After a month, the perfect creative and reproduction shares freeze information, and the freezing equity is the Suzhou Perfect Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd., the amount of equity is 1 million yuan, and the freeze period is up to three years.

Not only that, recently, the national corporate credit information publicity system shows that the "medical mask" promotion of many medical beauty agencies in "more beautiful app" is "medical cold application", "medical dressing", the product performance, function is false The business propaganda violates the provisions of Article 8 of the People’s Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law, causing misleading for consumers. Perfect creativity is therefore a penalty of 100,000 yuan.

Under the multi-negative news, the more beautiful word of mouth is bound to be seriously affected.

How many growth spaces are therefore squeezed and industrial supervision?

FROST & SULLIVAN and Shanxi Securities Research Institute show that 2014-2020, my country’s medical beauty market increased from 48 billion yuan to 17.95 billion yuan, and the annual complex growth rate reached 25%. During the period, the industry has developed, and the large number of institutions are influenced, and consumer demand is affected by promotional media such as KOL.

More beautiful App released, "2020 Medical Beauty Industry White Paper" showed that 5,150 new medical beauty institutions in China in 2020, China’s pure medical beauty market is 19.5 billion yuan, accounting for 17% of the world.

More beautiful, I have been claim that I am "the world’s largest medical beauty platform", but the current Ali, Jingdong, US Mission, and the public comment rely on traditional e-commerce models that have occupied most of the medical beauty market share. In contrast, the more beautiful equipment is not dominant.

On the other hand, in the vertical medical beauty platform, there is currently a platform for new oxygen, beauty, Yuemei and other platforms, and the competition is extremely fierce.

In addition, the medical beauty industry still has problems with black medical beauty, black institutions, black doctors, black places, black needles and other issues. Many young people say that medical beauty is unable to eliminate, and online judgment is more difficult, which undoubtedly enhances the audit pressure of more beautiful and beautiful platforms, and puts higher requirements for their content and products.

Recently, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration pointed out that "acid" used by "Acid therapy" is not a cosmetics, and it is necessary to operate in a hospital or clinic with medical qualifications. This is also seen as a joint action of cross-sectors, rectifying the medical beauty industry.

It is reported that the deputy, and the Shenzhen Exchange has requisitioned the basic assets of the ABS products listed in the previous flag. Since the fund is reorganized, the US industry chain stock price is weak.

At the same time, all localities are also carrying out special rectification actions for illegal medical beauty, which clearly releases signals that are strict in medical beauty industry supervision. In this case, can the more beautiful Internet medical platform still have new growth space? Maybe only time test.

The single season lost 10 billion, after the anti-monopoly, the US Group ushered in "to the dark moment"

November 26th,MissionReleased the 20th quarter of 2021 showed that the company achieved revenue of 48.83 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9% year-on-year;The net loss was 9.99 billion yuan, and the single quarter loss was high in three years.

After the bleak performance was released, the US group stock price fell 7% on November 29.

If the US group stock price has fallen by 45% in the year, the market value is 1.3 trillion Hong Kong dollars.

Why is the US Mission continue to lose, after the anti-monopoly investigation landing, what will the takeaway giant will go?


From the perspective of financial report, the cause of the US group loss is mainly fromThe growth rate of the main business such as takeaway slows down, and the new business is losing.

The company’s growth rate is amazing. It is only a group purchase website for 10 years. After 10 years, it is already a trillion giant, a bus, cars, fresh, wine, webmark, bicycle, etc.

As a three-pole, the core of China’s Internet is still takeaway.

The third quarterly report shows that the revenue of the catering takeaway is 26.48 billion yuan, and the total collection is more than 50%.The total year-on-year increase of this takeaway business increased by 28% year-on-year. This growth rate is 116.8% in the first quarter of this year. It can be said that it is a cliff falling.

In addition, a net profit of 880 million yuan was achieved in the third quarter, an increase of 14% year-on-year, 64.1% smaller than the second quarter.

Contributing 26.48 billion yuan, only 880 million yuan, the net profit is only 3.3%, overall, the US Troupled takeaway business is quite equalAnd still the first performance of the market share.

Before and after 2015, the US Mission and Hungry, the market share basically five-five, and later the US group share all the way, and the 2019 Q1 its takeaway market has been as high as 64.6%, far exceeding all peers.

Wang Xing was explained at the US Group Performance Conference. And may continue until the first few quarters next year. "

Simple understanding, the core takeaway business in the next few quarters is still a micro-profit state, and supports a higher valuation.

In addition to takeaway, the US Mission has two major businesses – the US group is preferred, the US group buys the new business, and the new business in the Meng Shi purchase, and to the store, the hotel and the tourist sector, the two responsible for burning money, one responsible Size profit.

The third quarter shows that the hotel has exceeded 8.62 billion yuan, net profit was 3.8 billion yuan, and the maximum profit was contributed at least revenue.

In contrast, the new business loss is huge. The third quarterly report shows that the new business sector revenue is 13.72 billion yuan, an increase of 66.7% year-on-year, and has become the second largest revenue from the US group. However, the loss of loss is significantly expanded, and the net loss of plates reaches 10.91 billion yuan, an expanded 437.5% year-on-year.

In the new business loss, the "US Mission" of the community group purchase is also the big head, among which infrastructure such as warehousing and logistics is important.

It can be seen that after the community group purchase station, the Internet giants, including the US group, Jingdong, and drops, and the losses of this investment may not be returned.

In mid-November, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a document, and the major Internet platform companies have entered the community group purchase market, the rules are not perfect, the order is unreasonable, and the operation is not legal, including the undermation of the current supply chain industry, low Price dumping disrupted the market price order, and squeezed the employment space of small duty owners, small traders and other groups, affecting social stability.

From the perspective of regulatory wording, the probabilities of this matter of community group purchase should be suppressed. After all, I influence the rice bowl of small traders, just like live goods to grab the solid store goods.

Under the principle of common prosperity, these so-called wind ports must be cooled, so the new business sector of the US group will continue.


Throughout 2021, the most influencing of the US group or the anti-monopoly investigation.

In April this year, the Market Supervision State Administration’s investigation of the US Mission implemented the "two choices" and other suspected monopoly behavior.

On October 8, the investigation boots landed. The State Market Supervision Administration is a fine of 3,442 billion yuan in its $ 3442 billion, a penalty for a penalty, a penalty.

In addition to huge fines, the State Market Supervision Administration also filed 15 rectification opinions to the US group, including canceling "two choices", "protecting consumer personal information and privacy" according to law, "guaranteeing labor income for takeaway delivery, perfect takeaway delivery Social Security, etc.

The US Mission takeaway single quarter operating profit rate is only 3.3%, which is the profit of the merchant, the rider sides extruded.

For example, the merchants have risen to 22% from the most beginning of 5%, and finally forced the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association, a paper red head document "shouting" US group, who has a maximum of 26% of its commissions, forcing the exclusive cooperation of commercial households.

The rider is also very severe, August 8, 2020, a "take-away rider, sleepy in the system" article brush screen, the article pointed out that the turtlefaction is strive for the delivery time, the rider has to compete for the second and risks, causing Safety hidden dangers such as speeding, violations.

The takeaway rider described his career: send a takeaway is running with the dead god, and the traffic police are more energetic, and the red light is friends …

According to the rectification opinions of the US Mission, the future can neither force the "two choices", but also guarantee the rider income and social security.If these two are implemented, the US Town Takeaway Segment is estimated to dry back to the loss era.

That’s right, the US Trojan takes for the essence or labor-intensive industries, but only shaped the Internet coat, and the anti-monopoly is slightly restricted.

In the common prosperity, the country should prevent capital disorderly expansion, the Internet anti-monopoly will become a normal state, and the excess profit will not be, the unreasonable distribution will also correct, the future is no longer flow, it is inevitable to be technological innovation.

Therefore, the US Group has increased by 60% year-on-year in the third quarter, reaching 4.7 billion yuan, an increase in the increase of 38% of the revenue.Focus on supply chain logistics, super brain dispatching system, drone delivery.

Takeaway growth, new business is deeply lost, coupled with anti-monopoly high pressure, future US group research and development can land, promote performance into new growth, we will wait and see!

Dual function molecular additive, power 3D perovskite low attenuation high stable electroluminescence

The three-dimensional calcium-titanite has been proven to be an effective strategy for achieving high brightness efficient light emitting diode (LED). However, most of the three-dimensional calcium-titanium mine-emitting diodes still have serious efficiency attenuation.

Here, the author uses FAPBI3 as the model system, and the main cause of 3D perovskite-type LED-type LED efficiency and degradation is the ion migration of defects and electrical stress. By introducing a dual-function molecule 3-chlorobenzymamine additive in a perovskite precursor solution, the deleterious effect can be significantly inhibited by the growth and defect passivation of high jaws. This method produces a bright near-infraredcium-type LED having a peak external quantum efficiency of 16.6%, maintaining 80% of its peak at a high current density of 460 mA cm? 2, corresponding to 300 W SR? 1 m 2 The high brightness. In addition, at a constant current density of 100 mA-cm? 2,The device displays a half-life record of 49 h. Related papers are published in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the Nano Letters Journal.

Paper link:


Metal halide calcium-type light-emitting diode (LED) is widely concerned in lighting and display field due to its processability, flexibility, high brightness, good color purity and potential low cost. The diversity of perovskite provides huge opportunities for improving device performance. For example, three dimensional (3D), quasi-quantum dotted titanium ore increased the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of the LED to 20%. However, although huge progress has been made in terms of device performance, the stability of devices is the main obstacle to the practical application of calcium titanium mine type LED. It is generally believed that ion migration of the perovskite layer is one of the main challenges of stabilizing calcium titanium-producing diodes. By adding large organic cation, quadriterous calcium-titanium-titanite having multiple quartz wells can inhibit ion migration and improve the stability of the device under electric field. In principle, the Russian compound in 3D perovskite is not as serious as low-dimensional calcium-titanium, which can cause LEDs with high efficiency and high brightness. However, in many perovskite devices, effective energy transfer cannot be observed due to Joule heating.

In this work, it is considered that the effective launch of FAPBI3 perovskite LEDs is mainly due to defects and ion migration, which disrupts the stability of the device. We further show that the addition of double-functional molecular 3-chlorobenzylamine (3Cl-BA) in the precursor solution can significantly inhibit harmful effects. This method can make the peak EQE of the perovskite LED of 16.6%, the electroluminescence (EL) peak is 803 nm, and the half maximum width is 42 nm, and the current density J80 can be defined as EQE to drop 80% of the peak value. The current density increases to increase a quantitative stage and T50 (half-life) ratio of three orders of magnitude higher than that control the perovskite LED. (文: Love Xinhua Luo Xing)

Figure 1.3Cl-BA group FAPBI3 light emitting diode of photoelectric characteristics.

figure 2. The efficiency of the LED based on FAPBI3 is reduced.

Figure 3. Characterization of FAPBI3 film in Figure 3.3Cl-BA group.

Whether the edge calculation becomes a cut-in point for long-tailed development of the internet access

The edge is the core of the competition in the Internet of Things?

In the past two years, under the promotion of cloud service providers, telecom operators, system service providers, many Internet of Things operating systems have been born, which means that the fire development of the Internet of Things, also showing the network development technology route. Differentiation is still in a collective exploration period. Although the Internet of Things is generally optimistic, the development speed has been lower than the development expectation of the previous year. Some vendors turned their attention to the edges of the edges, and the edges were calculated as a heat word. When the edge calculation encounters an item network, can it become the "key" of the development of the internet network?

Edge calculation is newly possible to break the Internet of Things

McKinsey predicted in the "Internet of Things: Sealed Acceleration Opportunity" report in November 2021, in 2030, the Internet of Things will create 5.5 trillion to 12.6 trillion US dollars in the world, China will account for the global networking economy. 26% of the value. However, the development of the Internet of Things is still facing many "anti-wind factors", including "interoperability", "safe security", "cost high" and "user’s data and privacy face threat".

The appearance of edge calculations seem to bring to these developments. When calculating the computing power to the edge side, you can processes the data in recent analysis, this will bring multiple benefits:

1. Edge calculation has a faster response time, data storage and computing power are dispersed locally, and the data does not need to go to and from the local and clouds, so it can reduce delay and speed the response speed.

2. Edge calculation can reduce the cost of the company. Compared with the cloud center equipment, the cost of data storage and processing by the local device is lower, on the one hand, the edge calculation reduces the occupation of the bandwidth resources and cloud center computing resources, on the other hand, the edge calculation can improve the operation of the application Efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

3. Edge computing devices can collect, store and use data, effectively avoid data security issues caused by sensitive data such as user personal privacy to be uploaded to the cloud center.

4, the edge is calculated dependence low cloud can effectively reduce the rate of single point of failure. In case off network, it makes it work.

5, more critical, the edge devices may enable existing devices and new equipment interconnection IoT, the communication protocol converting existing equipment can efficiently interact with new equipment IoT. In this way, enterprises need to update existing equipment design, can access IoT platform at a lower cost to achieve significant productivity gains.

Some manufacturers have seen a huge trend edge computing, giving developers computing operating system through the development of edge, to create an open platform ecosystem, providing complete application development tool, gradually push things to the edge computing closer, prompting edge computing to promote networking applications the arrival of the era of the long tail.

Things force calculated from the cloud, to the end edge

Things in the operating system research and development, most of the vendors from building infrastructure at all levels of Things "end – cloud edge – – pipe." Things are considered the Internet era to a stretch of interconnected things, will fully inherit computing storage and communication capabilities of the Internet era, people turned to the Internet from everyone and everything interconnected, which is why artificial intelligence technology will be in the era of rapid Things develop. Therefore, the definition of IoT increasingly being replaced by AIoT this concept.

In the real world, things end equipment storage and computing capacity is often very limited. With the development of things that matter, in the end should make more intelligent end devices, operators have the necessary power and communications capabilities, and the resulting information and data such as 5G or NBIoT way back to the cloud data center directly, or things end the device does not require much calculation power storage, narrow-band communications capability can meet the vast majority of scenarios should be considered force to provide broadband communications and storage capacity of these devices by the end edge?

Wing Fai information to representatives of some operating system vendors believe that the future should be "strong side weak side" of development. Internet computing node is an edge node of an upstream end of the various types of equipment, shall be considered an edge to provide a force storage and communication capabilities for these broadband remote device, via short-range communication protocol, to maintain a high concurrency between the end device and the terminal device, low latency, low power consumption characteristics of the work, it simply is to make the Internet the Internet to do good work, good things do things work, both to compute nodes connected by edges, so that the two networks play their respective advantages, connectivity cooperation.

Wing Fai launched this intelligent edge computing operating system – the operating system of loving wisdom EdgerOS, the operator side edge dynamic shared power, distribution, real-time calculation, mainly referred to the deployment of intelligent edge-side edge of the computer to handle, you can better meet things in real-time, safety, cost reduction and other needs. Intelligent Edge is equivalent to a small computer server, not only the peripheral devices and heterogeneous network interconnection, but also bear a large amount of calculation work force, mainly in force when the count edge processing, terminal equipment no longer need to have a strong force considered , but also for the user to reduce the corresponding burden.

Many things such as light bulbs and other node itself is nothing calculate power, love of knowledge through intelligent edge computing device can maintain a long connection with node count and the strong force, including AI’s share count to force these weak nodes, then there the calculation power and resources, these nodes will be full of imagination, while significantly reducing development costs of smart devices, intelligent applications based on real scenarios.

Wing Fai has over ten years of experience in embedded systems design, business success in the embedded field, understanding peer device application scenarios, prompting more firmly believe in the importance edge computing, edge count for the end device should provide power storage and broadband communication capability, and end edges should form an organism, their duties, the cost of redundancy is not passed to the user level.

Developers have set their sights on the edge computing

Edge computing operating system developed networking applications are attracting the attention of domestic developers. In the "love of wisdom pioneer 2021" writing activities are being carried out, developers have used the technology community in carrying the EdgerOS intelligent edge computer wizard One (Spirit 1), carried out a variety of smart home DIY research and development, such as human face recognition access, smart light sensor, intelligent infrared temperature sensor, intelligent light gesture control, intelligent monitoring equipment, smart formaldehyde detector, intelligent frequency electric blankets, a few days using a low code to develop a networking applications.

Love of knowledge to create a high-performance JavaScript runtime engine can be simple and efficient to use, easy to learn and TypeScript JavaScript and other Internet technology stack for developing networking applications. In addition, the love of knowledge provides a feature rich development framework, including the APP framework, streaming media framework, AI framework, device management framework.

As the love of knowledge is an open intelligent edge computing operating system, developers can use a variety of brands in the Internet of Things application development, various types of hardware devices. For example, there are many brands of smart bulbs currently on the market, but often need to match the gateway device manufacturers can use. Because I love the openness of intellectual operating system that can support different brands of smart devices. Developers use Spirit 1 and choose smart bulbs, less than 30 minutes before the cold of winter to develop a "turn off the lights artifact" for themselves. Developers can take advantage of Spirit 1 or other intelligent edge machine, equipped EdgerOS, to achieve a variety of rich imagination at the scene, a large number of long tail applications of research and development.

With the domestic parties to speed up the calculation of edge and edge computing focus of the operating system, networking and application development is expected to be pressing the accelerator. In this collective exploration period, regardless of technology go from here, to build an open, allowing all developers to participate in ecological, it is fundamental to promote the development of networking applications thereof. McKinsey believes that slow and factors that hinder the development of things, not from the technology itself, or lack of confidence, but from ecological problems in. Things next phase of development to promote the timely, positive things depending on how businesses and developers to solve these problems.

What are the universities of Huawei? As can be seen from the data, these colleges are national tools

What are the universities of Huawei? As can be seen from the data, these colleges are national tools

The college entrance examination has ended, many parents and candidates have begun to choose universities in accordance with the examination, and prepare for future volunteers. When choosing college, parents should pay more attention to school strength and social recognition, which will have a significant impact on the future employment prospects in children. The author will introduce you to 15 schools in the current signature of Huawei. These universities are rich in profits in the country, and graduates are also recognized by other outstanding companies. Candidates should pay attention.

The above table shows which 15 universities have received the most supported by Huawei. We can see that Xi’an University of Electronic Technology is a school that admits the number of students. Huawei admitted 556 students in this school, which is much more than many 985 universities. This shows the strength of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology. The university has several professional disciplines such as computer science and engineering, electronic science and engineering, intelligent science and engineering, communication technology and information security. These are what Huawei and other Internet communications companies need. Therefore, the employment opportunities of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology graduates are also very extensive and welcomed by large companies.

In addition, the second Zhejiang University and the third Southeast University have also obtained this award. Zhejiang University has maintained rapid development, and all discipline strength is balanced, and the engineering construction is striving for excellence. Zhejiang University has been rated as the fourth good university in China and has won the favor of Huawei and other companies.

Southeast University has developed steadily in recent years and is known for its engineering courses. The main discipline of the university is electrical engineering and technology, civil engineering and electrical engineering and automation. This is why Huawei also likes graduates from Southeast University when choosing people.

What is unexpected is that Tsinghua University and the two Chinese top universities in Peking University are only ranked 13th and 18th in Huawei’s enrollment. This is a bit uneasy. However, in reality, Huawei’s recruitment work is mainly concentrated in recruitment communications and technical professionals. Therefore, many science, technology and engineering universities are in the list. To a certain extent, the lower enrollment rate of Tsinghua and Peking University is also related to their intentions of their graduates. Huawei company is very high for their graduates, and many of them are working hard, often overtime. Therefore, students from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, because of more job opportunities, so broad. They tend to choose other intensity and high income.

Huawei recruits the most players in these 15 schools. These schools have made significant contributions to the country’s development, which can be said to be a huge wealth in the country. An excellent company like Huawei also favors graduates, so the elderly applicant can pay attention to them.

Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

The electric vehicle’s battery affects the safety of the battery and affects the car. Although the current battery safety technology has been very good, it will still have an accident such as electric vehicle, and the user of the pure electric vehicle should usually do it. Tell the danger to the lowest?

The accident is most often on charging, so it is necessary to pay special attention.. We have said that the electric vehicle fast charge is said in the previous article, and the positive extremely lithium compound in the lithium battery is negative for graphite. Charging is under electric field, lithium ions are embedded to the pores of the negative electrode, thereby storing energy. The principle of fast charge is to force lithium ions to quickly ejection and embed the negative electrode. In this way, the half-permeable film of the negative graphite carbon layer may be damaged, the electrode material is destroyed, and the charging is The heat charge will result in an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, but also adding this type of heat, although the BMS system controls the fast charge current and heat dissipation system, but if the long-term fast charge is easy to occur "Analysis of lithium effect", simply, there is a critical point in thermal out-of control of the battery, and frequent fast charge will reduce this critical point, so it is unfavorable for security and battery itself, and often fast charge The capacity of the battery also produces a certain amount of attenuation, and in such damage, it is irreversible.

So if it is not an emergency, try to use the fast charge or don’t have a fast charge, manage your own time, slow charity, both for security, and is also relatively friendly for the attenuation of the battery.

Don’t go over, don’t overcharge, try to use it.. The heat generated when the battery is over-charging, and it is believed that consumers also have this feeling when using the mobile phone. When the left left, the charge is more than 60%, but it is actually a truth, but if these heat If you can’t distribute it in time, it will cause the battery temperature to rise, and the internal structure is easily destroyed after a certain degree, causing a short circuit to produce a large amount of heat and gas. When the pressure relief valve of the battery can not withstand the pressure, the combustible gas will be ejected, which is prone to fire and explosion. It is also a sentence, although the electric vehicle has a BMS battery management system, but it is not wrong with a layer of insurance.

These are all security skills, of course, can not be guaranteed to the user, so the user is necessary to read the car instructions after buying a car. And if you really have happened, you can escape the alarm in time is the primary task. Of course, these don’t say that electric vehicles can not be bought, as long as reasonable compliance is used, the safety factor is also guaranteed.

Homemade Windows Practical Gadgets Explorer ++ 1.0

When we open multiple folders, our taskbar will turn this:

I want to display multiple folders as a tab like a browser:

In fact, the author has also used some small tool software, but there are too many advertisements, and some will be deleted by Windows. When you really want to delete, you often delete it:

So the author thinks, come to do onePure green, no pop-up windowFolder multi-open tool.

I have the idea that I started to act, after a worship Coding, with this gadget Explorer ++:

The performance of the final program is also satisfied with the author:

The size of the software is also controlled at 5m (approximately 4.2m):

Of course, the features of Explorer ++ are still more preliminary, and there are many incomplete places and bugs. I hope to have more people to make improvements, and test bugs.

At the end of the text, there will be a trial version download address, and the QQ group of feedback.

Explorer ++ features more than just folders, it also has the following features:

[Category Display]: You can list files with different rear jams under a path.

[Quick Preview]: When you click a file, it will have a fast preview if it is judged that its suffix is ??a text file or a video file or a video file or PDF file.

[Bookmark]: You can add a file path to the bookmark bar for quick access.

[Preview History]: The previewed file will be saved in history for re-view.

[Document Comparison]: Compares all folders and files in both directories, indicating a different portion.

[Code Statistics]: Counting the number of rows of all code files (eg, .c, .cs files) in an engineering directory.

Here, these features are described one by one:

You can add a tag page through the blue plus button on the upper left corner. Each tab can access files under different paths.

The author reverted some of Windows to bring some operations of Explorer. for example:

* Right-click menu

* Shortcuts Ctrl + C, X, V, and [Return]

* Up, back, advance (left upper corner button)

* Letters rapid positioning (pressing a letter on the keyboard, quickly positioning the first file or folder starting with this letter)

The following operations can be done by a row of red buttons in the upper right corner:

* Close the left tab

* Close other tabs

* Close the right tab

* Close the same name tab

* Close all tabs

* Close the current tab

Open a path to select "Category Display":

All files under this path are displayed separately according to the suffix name.

The number of files that can be easily seen on the tab page.

When the text file, image file, video file, and PDF file are selected, it will be quickly previewed in the right column:

Video files can also preview play:

If it is a text file such as txt, you can also modify it directly and save:

Explorer ++ currently supports the following subsequent files:

Text documentation:

.txt .dat .bat .inf

.php .cs .c .h .h

.cpp .html .log .lua



.jpg .png


.mp4 .m4v .mkv .avi



You can view the bookmark after switching the left column to the bookmark bar.

You can add the open path to the bookmark bar for easy opening.

Of course, you can also use the website collection (Explorer ++ can be used as a simple web browser).

The previewed file will join the preview history list. Click "Preview History" at the top of the top:

When you click on a history, you will automatically locate the location of the file, and the video file will automatically broadcast to the last preview, the PDF file automatically locates the page number of the last preview.

When you open 2 or more tabs, you can select two tabs to compare files (including subfiles) under their paths.

For example, I have a better two folders "Layaair" and "Layaair – Copy", which is that there is a new text document in the subdirectory of the copy.

At this time, we can right-click on one of the tabs and select and other tabs in the pop-up menu to make a file comparison:

If the number of files is large, it may take a long time.

The following is the result of the comparison:

Different files under the two paths will be identified with red fonts (where their folders are displayed).

Click the "Different Different" buttons to switch to display only different files:

Note: In the current version, the comparison of the two files is a comparison of the hash code. There will be very small probability misjudgment.

When we open a program’s engineering directory, you can click the "Code Statistics" button on the left side of the "Search] for code statistics:

(At present, only statistics on C, CS, H, Lua, HTML, Java)

(Yes, this is the author’s project file that makes Explorer ++.

If there is a different column code, you will be displayed like this tab:

You are welcome to enter the group to reflect the BUG, ??make a revised opinion, do some technical discussion.

It is forbidden to advertise in groups, discuss political sensitive topics or publish vulgar comments, and let go of it.

download link:

Extraction code: RDII

3D Print Giant Hinge Dragon

The hinge structure is a very common connection device that makes it possible to active component structure, and there is a use in many places. For example, in the toy industry, you can use animal models such as a active dragon, fish.

Recently, the Corporate McGybeer has produced a giant active model dragon by 3D printing. This dragon uses a hinge structure, which can be flexible to move the body, as if the true dragon is general.

Compared to traditional processes, 3D printing this hinge structure has a very obvious advantage, which is to be printed, no need to assemble. Traditional processes need to be subsequently produced, and they are assembled.

In order to print a large size model dragon, McGybeer also uses a conveyor 3D printer, theoretically, this printer can print an infinite item. Of course, this is just theory, but 3D printing a few meters long items is still no problem.

This time, the length of this dragon model made by McGybeer reached 1.3 meters and used a full 750 gram of PLA wire. For 3D printing this giant dragon model, McGybeer has made a lot of work in advance. The first is to dry the PLA wire, because the PLA wire is exposed to air, which is easily tidal, affecting the printing effect. Under normal circumstances, take the PLA wire to print, almost one day. However, this dragon is relatively large, it needs to be printed for 5 days, and the PLA wire will have been exposed to the air, and the McGybeer has died in order to avoid accidents in the next few days. In addition, he also applied to the transmission belt, a large 3D print is very easy to warp, and the water can prevent this situation.

Since the preparation is fully, spent 5 days, McGybeer successfully prints the dragon model.