Hei, iPhone13promax! Fruit powder is proud of you

With the development of technology, the memory capacity of mobile phones has also become bigger and bigger, and there is a trend of catching over computer memory. In terms of mobile phone memory capacity, the capacity growth trend of Android phones is the largest, especially in memory, has grown to 12GB specifications. And the original memory capacity upgrade has been slower iPhone, on the iPhone13Promax’s memory capacity, it is upgraded to 6GB, but the Android mobile phone camera, iPhone13promax’s 6GB memory only has half of the 12GB memory of Android phones.

So how much difference between the 6GB of 6GB of Iphone13Promax is compared to the 12GB of Android phones, how much is the number of running speed and background software, the greater the capacity of memory, the more software numbers in the background of the background?

There are 5 mobile phones that participate in the test. In addition to the iPhone13Promax’s memory is 6GB, the other four phones are Android phones, which are Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9pro, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA, these four Android phones are equipped 12GB of memory is also a hot flagship mobile phone. So, 6GB memory and 12GB have the number of software running in the background, what is the difference?

The first is to make the Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA these five mobile phones, and does not clear the background program, so that the number of background programs of these 5 mobile phones reaches 35. When the number of backgrounds of the 5 mobile phones remains consistent, the software open operation is started, and the number of software in the background will be reduced.

As the software continues to open the operation, you can see Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA this 5 mobile phone’s background software open quantity change, except for the number of iphone13promax’s background software is still 35 , Google Pixel6Pro, a plus 9PRO, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software has decreased by 34.

With long-term software open operation, Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13Promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software number has also changed differently. The number of back-end software in iPhone13Promax is reduced to 33. The number of background software in Xiaomi 11ULTRA is reduced to 26. The number of daemons of 9PRO is reduced to 24, and the number of Samsung S21ULTRA is reduced to 23, and the number of software of Google Pixel6pro is reduced. 22.

Where iPhone13Promax has decreased in the number of background software, it is still the most.

From the final test result, although the iPhone13Promax is only 6GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, the number of background software is still very much, and it can guarantee about 33. Other Android phones reached 12GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, there is less than 30 procedures running in the background, and only 25 mil meters are 11ULTRA, reaching 26. This fully illustrates how much mobile phone background running procedures, and the memory size does not have a direct relationship, or that the memory capacity of 6GB or 8GB has been complete enough, and there is no excessive improvement in the 12GB of internal operation.

I have to congratulate iPhone13promax here again, this test makes the fruit powder again for iPhone13promax!

Seeing, please go, this British radio antenna is a little fool, don’t be active.

Recently, I have been looking for a look. What? I want to find a wide frequency receiving antenna for my own maque receiver / radio. The diamond and the eagle’s cone the antenna, but I feel that two shapes and volume are too large, the height is one meter seven, the perimeter is 85 cm, I don’t have outdoor, but put in the indoor study is too obses. NS. This can be broken, but I have to search for a more than one thing.

Suddenly, in front of you, I saw a cool appearance antenna, but a small size of a small size, a lot of a circle than the drill and the eagle, I looked at the foreigners to use it directly on the window sill. I seem to catch a life-saving straw, follow the understanding of the situation, see what antenna is.

It turned out that it is a desktop scanner antenna of the British "Space City" brand. It is said that it is a broadband desktop scanner receiving antenna. The applicable frequency range is 25-2000MHz, which is equipped with a magnetic base having a diameter of 12.5 cm. Place the antenna in a stationary car. 70 cm in the audience, standard with a 4-meter-long RG58 cable. What is the actual use effect of this antenna? Please take a look at the experience of the British player.

In the past many years, I have started "Space City" amateur band and CB band antenna, and their performance performance is very good, but this scanner antenna is almost useless. I live on a mountain at an altitude of 820 feet high. The antenna is installed on the attic, I am looking forward to the reception effect of this antenna. The reception effect of the civil aviation band is OK, but it is not expected, the UHF band horse tiger, and the VHF band (including 2m band) is very bad. I use a low-cost hand-held radio manufactured by China to receive a single rubber antenna to receive a signal of 2 meters of bands, but this scanner antenna is not received. I checked it with antenna analyzer, confirming my guess, this antenna cannot generate resonance in VHF frequencies, and in the air band and UHF band. I really don’t recommend this antenna.

Let me talk about the advantages of the "Space City" antenna. This is an indoor antenna, but with a magnetic base, it can be used outdoors. Gain is good, you can receive the signal that I have received by my other antennas; the connection cable is very long; it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The disadvantage of this antenna: The magnetic base is only placed on a very smooth car to be stabilized. If you put it outside when driving, you will definitely make it bad, and you will damage your car, because Its suction is not so big. This is really not a shortcoming, because people don’t say this is an antenna that can be used. In addition, there is no shortcomings.

I bought this antenna a long time. The performance performance is too bad, so I will throw it, and I don’t know why the effect is so bad. I have just started a NANO VNA antenna analyzer and check its resonance. All the questions are clear at once. In addition to a narrower frequency point of 369 MHz, there is no standing wave ratio below 2 below 500 MHz, and 1.1GHz is OK. The specification of the label is available for 25-2000MHz, it’s really joking! Let’s get a nano VNA antenna analyzer, it is very cheap. This time we can also test the antenna as a profession.

Text: Wireless electric lead aircraft and other translation: radio comment translation Source: Amazon

Member News | Congratulations to Shenzhen Modern Agricultural Equipment Research Institute to join the Shenzhen City Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Shenzhen Modern Agricultural Equipment Research Institute (referred to as "Shenzhen Agricultural Wear Institute") officially acceded to the Shenzhen City Artificial Intelligence Industry Association in November 2021. Shenzhen Agricultural Wear Institute is jointly created by the Modern Agricultural Equipment Research Institute of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute, China Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, China Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute. Institutions, unique organizers, non-verification, and implement independent operation management. The industry authorities are the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the business guidance unit is the Guangdong Agricultural Rural Hall.

Association activities

Shenzhen International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (Gaie)It is the first professional exhibition of the artificial intelligent industrial chain, from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, the Shenzhen Futian District People’s Government Large-scale international festivals.

The 3rd Shenzhen International Artificial Intelligence is set in June 2022 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). This exhibition"Zhilian Intercommunication · Zhi Chuang World"For the theme, strive to develop the strength of my country’s artificial intelligence technology innovation strategies and the world’s leading strength.

Is there a bug in ecological bad? Technician "code" has a new world

Editor’s press:

In 2016, Ali made a new retail concept for the first time, and the box horses undertake new retail landing tasks and scratched this track a boom. In October this year, the box horses publicly proposed two "14th Five-Year" development goals, and continued to strengthen the cooperative ecology of supply chain and brand.

Let more good farming into the city, let more big orders go to the countryside.

On October 24, the Ministry of Commerce’s "China Retail Circle Conference and 2021 Fresh Retail Development Forum" hosted by Nanjing, the box horses said, "145" period (as of the end of 2025), the box horse will build national construction 1000 boxed horse villages, and procured a total of 100 billion yuan in high-quality agricultural products in domestic agricultural origins. In the insiders, this is also the case of ordering agriculture, and truly ushered in the outbreak.

Shen Li, Vice President of the Box of the box, is a box horse startupAn Important Assembly in "Rural Infrastructure Construction Strategy".Strive to carry out orders agriculture, on the one hand, depending on the sales terminal, putMore market information and user demand bring to the field,Help farmers plan, how to species; on the other hand in agricultural productsAdvance the purchase amount and purchase quantity before planting, stabilize the price of agricultural products,Avoid "dishes and no hurt people" and "dish injured people". In the future, the box horse will also screen high-quality projects in the box Ma Village, surrounding the Boxer Village to build a production site, processing center, etc., and conduct an agricultural industrialization with local partners. "We hope to explore the replication model of changing traditional agriculture with ‘box Ma Village’ to contribute to the revitalization of rural villages."

Shanghai First Boxer Village

Boxer Village, refers to the village of the box, the village planting agricultural products, and the high-quality agricultural products species directly sell to the new retail platform on the box. Its difference is that the direction is planted to be produced. By consumer data, the box horse puts the market, the consumption trend is passed to the planting end.

Since 2019, the boxed horse village model starts testing water. Up to now, there are 136 boxes of horses villages in the country, all over 19 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government). According to Shen Li, the box horse has recently updated a set of boxed horse village brands.Use standards and management specificationsIn addition to the order of order agricultural model, it also has a hard demand for the whole area of ??the signing variety. "The new exploration of the box in agriculture, such as industrialization, branding, IP attempts, will be launched by the box of horse villages, so that the boxed horse village has become an agricultural innovation owner position."

Drug robot

At the beginning of the 2020, the epidemic eruption is a test. The national shops, catering venues, a lot of regions, one traffic closed, agricultural products, transportation encounters great difficulties, and many agricultural production are facing agricultural products. After verification, nearly a hundred boxes in Marambers in the country at the time. The boxing of horse insurance supplies and the actions of farmers, which solves more than 2,000 tons of unbalanced agricultural products in several days. Some slow-selling villages have solved the sales difficulties after accessing new retail and become a boxed horse village.

Expand the planting area, scientific management, reduce operating costs, and configure the supply chain resources in advance.While making farmers income, there is no price of agricultural products. Sichuan Danba Gold Pod, Chongqing, Gansu Suspend, Chongming Cui counter pear and other agricultural products have become hot products.

In order to let consumers eat high quality agricultural products, at this meeting, the box horses village also established an access mechanism."Have a modern agricultural application concept" "There is a special agricultural product" "capacity stability"It is "must option".The production environment is superior, and the technology of technology is the addition of bits into the village of the box.

Shen Li introduced, carrying out rural infrastructure construction, large-scale construction box horses, on the one hand, in response to the national revitalization of village calls, on the other hand, it is to truly realize the full-link digital new retail ecology of production, supply and sales.

This year, in addition to the originth, the box horses also began to supply chain reform and upgrades, and the new supply chain center is built in the country, of which the supply chain of Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu will be put into use next year.

Sales, box Major, box Major, box Ma X member shop and other multi-purpose joint procurement, richer consumption scenario and user demand, allows the supply chain more efficient.

Hou Yi, President of the box, believes that the path of new retail future health development is the high integration of industry Internet and consumer Internet. "Industrial Internet can deeply take root in rural areas, help farmers sell good agricultural goods, sell good prices. Consumer Internet connection billion consumers can provide consumers with cost-effective goods. The combination of the two can make agriculture from fundamental Implement the digital upgrade, driving the new level of farmers’ income. "

"The monthly salary is as high as 80K, which has this operation skills to eat this?"

As of March 2021, the Internet users reached1162 millionOnly in September of Low Valley in 2020Increased 8.22 million.

Operate people, do you know what this does this represent?

In recent years, the Internet industry has enteredIndividual stockWith the disappearance of the population dividend, the cost of flow is getting higher and higher.

Almost all products, the platform is looking forHigh value pay usersLet them become a paid member of their own platform. Because this type of user is often capable, it is also more willing to get better service, and loyalty is also much higher than that of non-paying members.

Therefore, the operation of the pay member begins with most enterprises, brands, and platform development, major companies are even thirsty. Even up to up to25-50k, 50-80KMonthly salary, just to findEncourage the operators set by the member system!

From this, you can see the operator who knows the logic of the member system, it is really very fragrant!

But there are few less courses in the market, it is difficult to let everyone really understand the operational growth logic behind the member mechanism!

Today, Xiaobian brings benefits to everyone, only 1 penny, you can learn the operation growth logic behind the pay member system.

Course content summary:

  1. Why is the current members so prevalent?

  2. Deep dismantling Jingdong Plus member operation

  3. Demy the operation growth logic behind the members!

Through an hour of live broadcast, give you the key factors behind the members, bring you in-depth interpretation of the typical member model, and uncover the logic of the operation behind the members.

Limited time spike 0.01 yuan

Operators must see, scanning code immediately registration

1. Curriculum value

Traffic dividends disappear, how can operations grow low cost users? What is the reason why the prevalence?

On the live broadcast class, Yang Junan will analyze from the three aspects of commercial environment, traffic, and users, and take you in-depth understanding of the members in the market today.

Teacher Yang Junan, who has experienced Internet actual combat experience, will be a member of the successful members of the students in the live class – depth dismantling Jingdong Plus + member operation, so that you know how a successful member mode is created.

Teacher will explain in detail in the live courses, and how to obtain user data, establish a clear user portrait, and perform digital marketing;

To analyze the user’s layered operation, how to do different operational activities / means for different user features, how to build their own membership methods, learn the common operation methods and techniques behind the members.

The public class content is selected from the [Starting Academy 90-day Internet Operational Battles], hoping to help 0 experience or in the short-term operation of newcomer system, build personal capacity system, improve personal core competitiveness, reaching the big factory Using people demand, gradually grow into an excellent high-pay operation.

2, one-on-one exchange opportunity to own and senior operation experts

This course is from the starting point of the school – special lecturer @ 君安 自自

The tutor has: 15 years of Internet product operation experience, both familiar with the largest product scale operation mode and familiar with the breaking of the entrepreneurial team.

After 10 minutes and live broadcast in the live class, the tutor will check the free Q & A in the live broadcast! There is any problem with course questions or work, the tutor will give you the corresponding suggestion ~

PS: Single is the last residue of live courses, it is worth registering the course. Like this question is to charge certain counseling, the teacher’s tutorial charge is a single pass, but It is free to check in this course! ! !

3, community spiritual model + dry goods sharing, and outstanding people

We will form a class group, serve by the exclusive class teacher –

Enjoy the triple benefits of "Community Sharing + Essence Courseware + Interactive Q & A"

▼▼ ▼

  • 0 -2 years of operation: no one teaches people to bring, lack methodology, want to improve their operating knowledge system;

  • 0 basic operation of the intention of intention: dissatisfaction, want to go to the operation, do not know from there

  • Students who graduate want to become a high-pay operation: graduation wants to enter the big factory, but I don’t know how to learn;

Whether it is just going, the transfer is also promoted, the logic method of member operation is everyone must have to master!

At 20:00 on Wednesday, the live broadcast is locked. Yang Junan will go online on time to bring everyone a live courses full of dry goods!

Operators must see, scanning code immediately registration

Scientists who left BAT, was snapped by VC

Observing the bodies of these scientists in BAT, almost clear, have a computer professional background and abroad experience, and the professor or researcher of the famous school is standard, academic attainments, or technically excellent skills. These scientists have the ability or potential to convert scientific research results into commercial kinetility, so the Internet’s large factory does not rush to compete for talents. For example, the vice president of Ants, AI chief scientist is in front of the ants, is the deputy professor of the University of Pudi University, Ali In order to dig, the paint is far from 5-10 times the original salary. In addition to the rich salary, the resources given by the Internet Factory are also a temptation that cannot be resistant: byte beating is specifically established in the AI ??laboratory and the artificial intelligence laboratory, Baidu Research Institute’s cognitive computing laboratory, Silicon Valley artificial intelligence A series of technical platforms such as laboratory, large data laboratory, robot and automatic driving laboratory, which gives the stage that "the world" scientists play. Alibaba Humper has begun to build a leading technology research center in all over the world, covering quantum computing, machine learning, and machinery intelligence, Zhi.com, financial technology and other industries. Tencent Ai Lab computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning also gives Make aieverywhere this vision is very imagined. It is not denying high salary and rich resources. These are the reasons for excavation of these scientists. More importantly, these scientists have high autonomy in the Internet, can accelerate their research results. For the Internet major factory, scientists’ joys can support the strength of the company and speed up the product iteration. Ma Weiti served as the vice president and the Director and the Director of the Organic Intelligence Laboratory, the AI ??strength of the Physical Intelligence Labs; the paint is returned to the country for the vice president of Alibaba, 2015 created and led the antiques of the artificial intelligence team; Wu Weida was Baidu in 2014 Appointment as a chief scientist, it is comprehensive responsible for Baidu Research Institute, especially Baidu Brain plans … The Internet is giving them a territory of their scientific research. These scientists are not expensive, and efforts have made technology to serve the industry more efficiently. Second, the BAT, was snapped by VC, although many "Internet players" regard BAT as the highest point of career, but for scientists in the top of many radiopes, BAT may be just a springboard in their lives, even a short-lived The experience, "get it, you can’t stay" becoming the normal state of BAT scientists. Children’s Day, six years ago, gain a master’s degree in physics in Chicago, and the Ph.D. in Standard’s Ph.D. leaving the California Mountain View, sitting on China’s flight. He has worked in IBM, Google, returned to China, waiting for him to be the position of "Alibaba Cloud’s Artificial Intelligent Scientist". After entering the job, Mili is responsible for incubation of various artificial intelligence applications, from there is no formal data incubator team, from the initial road signal light optimization system to the later ET city brain, ET industrial brain, ET agricultural brain, 闵 万 万 立"Khan Music". However, in four years, Yanyi has made a good relationship with Ali Cloud with a "mountain scene". Jia Jiaya has left Tencent, founded the application innovation of Science and Technology, focusing on deep learning and computer vision and other technology, and completed $ 200 million in B round finance in June this year. Another Ph.D., artificial intelligence expert, internationally renowned machine learning expert Yu Kai also waved sweat in Baidu, Yu Kai’s good at the field of speech recognition, computer vision, etc. The deputy dean of the hospital, served as senior director responsible for Baidu pictures search products, and the team he led three times won the "Baidu Most Award". After 3 years after Baidu, Yu Kai or the departure from Baidu. Not only that, Baidu Chief Scientist Wu Weida also left from Baidu, because the high-rise of the Baidu Research Institute is frequent, Baidu is also called "artificial intelligent Huangpu Military Academy". Tencent also can’t escape the destiny of "scientists." International well-known scholars in the field of machine learning and big data analysis, Zhang Jieguan, the State University of New Jersey, Joined Baidu Deep Studies Research Institute in 2013, and joined Tencent in March 2017, as AI LAB Director. But after Tencent two years later, Zhang Yun left again, and selected to return to the academic circle and continued academic research in the field of AI. Zhang Yong, Yu Wanli, Yu Kai, Zhu Sheng fire, Ren Xiaofeng … These BATs of the scientists digging back, but they have not been able to stay in the big factory. In BAT, due to the direction and demand of technology research and development at all phases of the company, the direction of the company’s talent retainer will be transferred, which is uncontrollability. At this time, there may be contradictory conflicts in the development direction of the scientist itself. When the conflict cannot be properly adjusted, the departure will become an inevitable choice. For scientists, whether it is the maximum value of their own value, or the maximization of wealth value, entrepreneurship is a best way. After all, their famous school graduated, adequate people, and it is not as good as a "advanced work". The fact is that most of the scientists from Bat have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Yu Kai has created a horizon robot after leaving Baidu. This company is an embedded artificial intelligent core technology and system-level solution provider. The main business is to install "brain" for terminal equipment such as automatic driving, smart cameras. As of 10 June 20, 2021, the skyline robot has experienced 13 rounds of financing, and in nearly half a year, the horizon robot has been investing 7 rounds, with a total of at least 1.2 billion US dollars, strong enhancement capacity. Wuanta, who is the same as Baidu "away", has also selected entrepreneurship. Wu Yida’s Woebot has announced $ 90 million B round in July this year. After the financing of this round, the total amount of Woebot Health Health reached 114 million US dollars. The financing party includes Jazz Venture Partners, Temasek, Belles, OWL Ventures, etc. After leaving Ali, Mi Wanli led a venture capital fund, focusing on the surrounding of traditional industries.With intelligent cloud technology and capital injection blessing "two in one" Combined energized. According to media reports, titanium, Min Wan founded the VC fund raising has been put in place, the first phase of about $ 800 million. BAT exodus of scientists from the creation of the company is highly favored capital "darling", the amount of financing is also very impressive. Third, the "wisdom of the brain," the next leg of the "Science and technology are primary productive forces" era, this group of cutting-edge technology to master the most high-profile scientists, they are these enterprises as "smart brain" sophisticated people go, it means resources, capital, talent will bring together where. Careful inventory of scientists who flow away from BAT, in addition to their own businesses bend into the Council, is to return to academia, with his years of academic heritage to return to academia, watering a new generation of scientific and technological personnel, one personally promote research change. After beating Ma Weiying, vice president resigned byte position, followed his leadership in the old Microsoft Research Asia, Ya-Qin Zhang, adding intelligent Industrial Research Institute of Tsinghua University, engaged in personnel training and scientific research related work; paint far away from Alibaba after the entry Fudan University, served as Fudan Dean of innovation and industrial Research Institute of artificial Intelligence University; former executive vice president of Microsoft’s global Shum also last year as a part-time professor of Tsinghua University joined the Institute for Advanced, and for computer vision, computer graphics recruit doctoral students. Moment, artificial intelligence has been to promote industrial upgrading, the overall productivity jumped drive force as early as 2017, Kai-fu Lee said Innovation Works CEO on the future of artificial intelligence will replace 50% of working people. The "2020 China Artificial Intelligence industry White Paper" also shows that China within five years of artificial intelligence market size is expected to more than 400 billion yuan. And "new consumer" different "cultural" industries, AI industry is a technology-driven industry, this industry is not an ordinary entrepreneur roots in 2035 is not getting started, but the fate of entrepreneurial scientists can play a leading role in the integration and now all applications AI industry will need technical talent, a great gap in the market. It can be said, it is now scientific entrepreneurship is the best time ever, do artificial intelligence, big data this group of people, are also eagerly longing come from technology to specific application scenarios. From the industry perspective, the, AI core business is the AI ??scientists. But the domestic business environment is still conservative think research needs quiet, and entrepreneurs need to move. Liu also said that "scientific ideas and the company’s operations are very different, some scientists are not good at managing." China recently Jingwei Zhang Ying, a founding managing partner of "research-based recommendations to the nine founders of" scraper, text middle the problems scientists face of entrepreneurship: scientific or technical background in the field of their professional authority, profound technology accumulation, but also often because out of business relatively late age compared to the mobile Internet entrepreneur, founder of relatively larger; also because of science, strong technology-oriented, character is relatively easy to cure, easy-line thinking, more difficult to accept new matter; scientists tend to be forward thinking, like to think from a technical line of products form, but the market needs is often reverse thinking, according to business needs to go retrogression technical match. BAT exodus from scientists frequently get the favor of capital, the fundamental reason is that this is related to a "cost" of multiple choice questions. VC decide whether to invest in a company, will predict the value of this start-up companies, in this dimension, the most important thing is whether a company has in line with future trends of technology and products, although AI technology landed long, but wins in the foreground wide . Scientists from the Internet giant exodus, not only the real deal of technology, knowledge and experience more commercial aspects of both science and technology talent at ease, but also entrepreneurs know how flexible mind, there is an unusual entrepreneur not available contacts resources, these are their most valuable point. In recent years, AI has long been as good as 2015 venture so hot, in the case freeze the market environment, each began to tighten the purse strings, also shot more cautious. In comparison, those who voted through the "money someone brains" of BAT scientists combat, obviously have a greater chance of winning, but also more cost-effective choice. Technology determines the length of life of the enterprise business, the Internet giant behind the competition for scientists, in fact, is fighting to build technical barriers weights, and these manufacturers are attracted to scientists in recent years frequently away from home, perhaps the business and personal career pursue not fit, maybe not well compatible with academic and commercial, but for whatever reason, can not deny the fact: they always stand in the forefront of the industry, it is a group of people who touch the future.

Official! Well-known virtual UP main Thai Become a small K live Ji "3D upgrade official"

On December 1st, the well-known virtual UP main Thaiser Channel was invited to become a small K live Ji’s "3D upgrade official", and the promotion and popularization of 3D virtual live broadcast to domestic and foreign virtual UPs. It is also the second "3D upgrade official" that is the second "3D upgrade official" announced after the first Chinese UP primary Xiaoxi Xiaoxue, the second "3D upgrade official" announced.

Taya Channel is a big fox from Salsa, who can often dream in a place called "Earth", so he left his mother, and drove his own spaceship to find "Earth" ". However, after several times of time and space, it was completely lost. After experiencing a time and space in the recent encounter, the opportunity is coincidental, and the spacecraft is connected to the earth, and since then, it is determined as a virtual UP lead, I hope to be handed over. More friends, the number of subscribers in the B station has reached 526,000.

Small K live Ji is the world’s first free 3D virtual live product, users use built-in high degree of density pinch system or import model to create a 3D virtual image, through ordinary camera, finger, facial high precision 3D moving, will virtual live content Push to live platforms, and the first model will have high precision without wearing 3D video animation technology from the paper, Demo pushed to consumer-class commercial products.

From the first Chinese virtual UP Xiao Xia Xiaoxiao, to Tamas Channel, Xiao K live Ji adhere to "free use, free merchants, free import, free custom customized" accompanying growth, help more virtual anchors through small K live Ji From 2D surface capture 3D, the future, small K will continue to enrich the UGC virtual interactive content to help virtual idols fully open the gate of the universe.

Sixth Hospital Information 丨 Electrical and Information Engineering College launched Huawei preaching meeting

In order to promote students to learn more about Huawei companies, they also achieve the interaction between school and quality enterprises. The School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, held Huawei, 205, 205, at 14:30 on November 25, 2021, held Huawei business preaching.

This presentation will preach by Mr. Li Hongwei, a manager of Huayi, Yunnan, and the public, preaching the theme: the exploration and practice of Huawei talents under intelligent era.

First of all, Mr. Li Hongwei conducted a brief introduction to Huawei Yunnan, and he mentioned that Huawei as one of the 500th top 500 companies in a well-known world, has always been a lot of excellent graduates. Huawei is in the field of ICT, deep cultivation for many years, mastering and actively building key technology and infrastructure including broadband, 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence six ICT industries, and latter solids in realizing the future. The basics.

Second, Huawei is a domestic excellent enterprise, based on social responsibility, based on ICT technology, focusing on reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy use, promoting circular economy, science and technology protects natural. Conducting China is a key breakthrough in the field of product energy saving, renewable energy, etc. I have made important contributions to China’s green sustainable development.

At the same time, he also pointed out that as a leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, Huawei has always made the world more beautiful, and the past more than 30 years of Rihua provided high-quality connection and service for more than 300 million people worldwide. .

At present, Huawei is committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, each family, each organization, building thousands of intelligent worlds, to create greater value for customers, build a better platform for our employees, providing more Opportunity, promote the harmonious development of the community, strive to make technological innovation, and each family, every organization.

Subsequently, he proposed sustainable development and needs more excellent high-end talents. Therefore, in order to change the "last kilometer" to the "Baiyi Plan", the "Hundreds of Plan" is set up, and the talent culture closed loop is required to make the cultivation of talent culture. At the same time, for the last kilometer of talent construction, Huawei online open talent double selection platform, and the ICT talent alliance is double selection meeting.

Finally, Li Manager pointed out that Huawei’s stage is enough. It is a place that can provide a large-scale talented visit to job seekers. It can provide strong growth resources for job seekers. At the same time, the students should do their own professional plan as soon as possible. Your future is always long-term goals. This preaching will end successfully.

This presentation will make students have a deeper understanding and understanding of Huawei, while making students have more clear understanding of future goals.

Finally, I hope that the students can have their own goals and put into action for their goals, take wind and waves!

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Typographic editor / Yan Ji

Editor’s review / Jiang Chenbo Peng Haoyang Liu Xi Denwu Wang Xianzhi Yao Jia Wefeng

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Wipe window robot evaluation: the difference in cleaning ability is obvious and unity and prices

According to Jiangsu Public · News Channel "News 360": The high-rise residential glass is dirty, it is difficult to scrub, especially the outer layer of the glass, it is also very dangerous. In recent years, there is a rubber artifact, rubbed Window robot, then, is this product useful? On the morning of November 30, the Nanjing Consumers Association issued the evaluation and analysis of the erase window robot.

[The difference in cleaning ability is significantly and disadvantageous and the price is not proportional]

The comparative trial has a total of 10 samples. The price ranges from 830 yuan to 3280 yuan, involving 9 domestic and foreign brands of the market, mainly testing the cleaning coverage rate, cleaning efficiency, safety performance, noise, battery life. The evaluation found that 10 sample cleaning coverages have reached more than 95%, but the cleaning efficiency difference is obvious. 348 seconds like 2 can be wiped to complete a glass, while the sample is only 115 seconds to complete the same work. In addition, the evaluation found that the performance of product performance is not necessarily proportional to the price.

Yu Qi, a senior engineer of the National Intelligent Grid Quality Inspection Center of Nanjing Quality Inspection Institute, said that the sample is the most expensive price in this batch, but in the actual test, it found that its tension is very small, people are in use Make a little more than 30 bulls, it may fall. The second aspect is its noise or relatively large, nearly 70dB (decibels), and long-term use will have a certain impact on the eardrum. There is also its cleaning coverage, and the edge angular corners should not be wiped, and it is necessary to wipe it again after wiping.

[Safety performance difference is universal]

The evaluation finds that the overall noise is large when the window robot is working, and the 10 samples reached 60 decibels, and the lowest noise has a sample of 58 decibels. The adsorption capacity and battery life reflect the safety performance of the product. After testing, 10 sample life gaps are obvious, the battery life is up to 70 minutes after power failure, minimum 25 minutes. The adsorption capacity has a large disorder, and the tension of 80n, like 4 samples will fall from the glass, and samples, only 32N pull, will fall from the glass.

Yu Qi said that if you don’t have a safety rope during use, or the safety rope falls off, there will be a risk of high-altitude falling.

After evaluation, the overall performance of the 4th, 5 and 9 samples is better, and the comprehensive evaluation is five stars. Nanjing Consumers Association recommends that consumers can purchase a window robot on demand, purchase brand products through regular channels, and before purchasing, it is best to test the product test machine, detect product noise size and cleaning performance. In addition, it is necessary to train the safety rope to prevent falling at high altitude.

Jiangsu Tailor / Dong Wen Zhang Zhongxuan Editor / Hu Chao

Hengli creating a new low in 13 months, and the Hong Kong stocks new shares have fallen into the tide. What happened?

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Seng Index will reappear to 2,4000 points. Since this year, Hengfeng has fallen by 13.79%, and the whole year has a trend of clouds. At the same time, the Hang Seng Technology Index is only one step away from this year’s low, from this year’s trend analysis, Hang Seng Technology Index has fallen 28.45%, and the investment experience of Hong Kong stocks since this year is not good.

In addition, since October this year, the Hong Kong stock market has shown a trend of new shares. Since October, there have been many Hong Kong stocks successfully issued listing, but except for micro-invasive robots – B, the next day, the remaining port stocks are basically a trend of slightly or falling. New stocks have been broken on the first day, for many investors, this thought can be cheap, but since the new shares listed, the overall trend is not optimistic. During this time, in addition to the minimally invasive robot-B has increased the increase of 38.89% of Beijing Jiaye, the remaining port stocks have shown a double-digit decline. This shows that the effectiveness of the Hong Kong stock market in the fourth quarter of this year is very poor.

On the one hand, it is a new low in the HSI, on the other hand, Hong Kong stocks have fallen into a broken tide, and the investment confidence in the Hong Kong stock market has also fallen into the trough. However, behind the Hong Kong stock market continues to be sluggish, it is actually related to several aspects.

First, Hong Kong stock technology stocks have been sold frequently, some well-known science and technology giants, from the high point in the year, the market has a substantial transformation of the investment logic and valuation system of technology stocks. In addition, with the significant slowdown in the profit growth of Hong Kong stocks, the corresponding valuation level does not fall, and the market’s valuation pricing of technology stocks has fallen into pessimistic situation.

Second, from August 1 this year, the Hong Kong stocks stamp duty is up to 30% and raised from 0.1% to a level of 0.13%. However, compared to the stamp-based stamps in the A-share market, the stamp tax in the Hong Kong stock market is in the form of two-way income, so the investment investment in Hong Kong stocks is significantly improved, and the investment in the Hong Kong stock market is naturally large. Discount.

Third, in these years, the Hong Kong stock market has basically fluctuated between 20,000 points to 30,000 points, and the overall investment experience is not good. If only the Hang Seng Index is used as a reference, it has not been able to successfully solve the set, and the overall value-added effect of the Hong Kong stock market has not been ideal in the past 14 years.

Fourth, similar to the A-share, the expansion of the Hong Kong stock market has been more obvious over the years, and many of the large enterprises have joined the IPO. With the continued speed of market expansion, it has also caused the relative distortion of the market index, and the rapid growth of the stock market market in these years is mainly contributed by IPO expansion.

Similar to the A-share market, the index reference in the Hong Kong stock market is not strong. If it is just an index fund, it may be more suitable for wide volatile investment strategies, but it is not suitable for long-term value investment.

In recent years, the Hong Kong stock market has undergone a clear differentiation, and the distortion of the market index is increasingly obvious. However, considering that the investment style of the Harbor stock market is unpredictable, combined with the factors in the Hong Kong stock market, it is actually the investment in the Hong Kong stock market.

In contrast, although the investment experience in the A-share market has not been very good for many years, the Money Money Effects of the A-share market will be higher than the Hong Kong stock market. Step by step, even if you encounter the market’s "Black Swan" incident, it is not possible to have a single day to fall more than 80% of the scene, which is less likely to have a problem of liquid traps.

In the A-share market and the Hong Kong stock market, we should not focus too much attention to the valuation level of listed companies, but more need to pay attention to the continuous growth capacity of enterprises and the liquidity of the market. If a listed company has sufficient liquidity and adequate earning effect, even if its valuation is not so cheap, its investment security is significantly higher than some lack of liquidity low valuation stocks. In other words, the main factors that determine the cost of the stock price are not the valuation itself, but the size of the market liquidity and the effectiveness of the money.