How to choose a household water purifier? How to pick so much?


Most of the tap water will have some suspended or metal ions, even by rolling water, long-term drinking is no longer good. In recent years, more and more people recognize this, so many people have changed their own water quality by choosing to install home water purifiers from their own. However, if you have anything to be across the mountain, look at the water purifier brands of the five flowers, most people are a bit of not going to start, how to choose the household water purifier. In this case, it is especially important to understand the cleaner category, clear pre-filter, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis. This can be targeted to a household water purifier suitable for their own situation.

Tools / raw materials:

Bend 600G large flow intelligent water purifier; Belt’s VIR series;

Method / Steps:

Step1: front water purifier

The front water purifier is mainly a crude filtration in the whole house, intercepts the crude particulate impurities, sediments and rust in the water, and preaches the downstream pipeline and other home appliances. The front water purifier can be installed in front of the household water meter, and can be installed under the kitchen at home. In considering how the front household water purifier is selected, the flushing method, material, filter accuracy, flow, pressure resistance, and sewage mode are needed.

Step2: Microfiltration water purifier

The filtration accuracy of the microfiltration is generally 0.1-50 microns, which is mainly used to make simple crude filtration. The PP filter, the activated carbon filter, the ceramic filter, basically all belong to the microofiltration. Specifically, the PP filter is used for crude filtering; activated carbon can eliminate the transformation and odor in the water, but the bacteria in the water cannot be removed; the ceramic filter flow is small and it is not easy to clean.

Ultrafiltration water purifiers include single-stage ultrafiltration and multi-stage ultrafiltration, taking into account how to choose home water purifiers, here only multi-stage ultrafiltration. Multi-level filtered ultrafiltration water purifiers pore size at 0.001-0.02 microns, which can remove harmful substances such as sediment, rust, bacterial, colloid, macromolecular organic matter, and retain minerals and trace elements for human body. Because the ultrafiltration water purifier can remove bacteria and algae, the water filtered by the ultrafiltration water purifier can be carried out in a lower metal ion content, and it is recommended to drink directly. However, the ultrafiltration water purifier cannot filter off the calcium magnesium ions, and the scale is still scale. However, the family with maternal and child can choose high-precision ultrafiltration water purifier, like the VIR series of Belt, high-precision ultrafiltration is more careful than ordinary ultrafiltration, can intercept large particle impurities, adsorb volatile organics, ordinary super Filtering cannot filter heavy metals and bacterial VIR series can be filtered, and filtered water can reach the standard of CJ94 straight drink.

Step4: reverse osmosis water purifier

The core of the reverse osmosis water purifier is the RO film, the aperture is 0.1 nm (0.0001 microns), the water is directly drinking, the desalination rate is 96% -98%, and the macrology is as high as 99.99%. Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to water, allowing water molecules and ionic mineral elements to dissolve the inorganic salts of the inorganic salts, and heavy metals and pathogens, etc. Water and harmful water are separated. The reverse osmosis water purifier can remove various harmful impurities in water, and the taste of the water is better, and the hardness of the water can be effectively reduced, nor does not produce scale. Moreover, many well-known brands are quite intelligent, such as Bintel, a large-purpose 600G large flow, support the water purifier and mobile phone interconnection, water quality, and filter (there are many hearts). Also used is the RO film, filtration can reach the pure water level. The purification level is high, but the high demand for water quality does not know how to choose the home water purifier, it can achieve the conditions of direct drink. Although it is a single water design, it is also easy to deal with daily demand for medium-sized or slightly larger, which is mainly due to the high processing capacity of the Beltel water purifier, fast water, about 8 seconds. The clock can be filled with a 200ml water. Also equipped with the filter progress bar, which can provide intimate reminder, and the subsequent finishing process is also very simple and convenient, and even if you need to go, you can easily change the core.