Homemade Windows Practical Gadgets Explorer ++ 1.0

When we open multiple folders, our taskbar will turn this:

I want to display multiple folders as a tab like a browser:

In fact, the author has also used some small tool software, but there are too many advertisements, and some will be deleted by Windows. When you really want to delete, you often delete it:

So the author thinks, come to do onePure green, no pop-up windowFolder multi-open tool.

I have the idea that I started to act, after a worship Coding, with this gadget Explorer ++:

The performance of the final program is also satisfied with the author:

The size of the software is also controlled at 5m (approximately 4.2m):

Of course, the features of Explorer ++ are still more preliminary, and there are many incomplete places and bugs. I hope to have more people to make improvements, and test bugs.

At the end of the text, there will be a trial version download address, and the QQ group of feedback.

Explorer ++ features more than just folders, it also has the following features:

[Category Display]: You can list files with different rear jams under a path.

[Quick Preview]: When you click a file, it will have a fast preview if it is judged that its suffix is ??a text file or a video file or a video file or PDF file.

[Bookmark]: You can add a file path to the bookmark bar for quick access.

[Preview History]: The previewed file will be saved in history for re-view.

[Document Comparison]: Compares all folders and files in both directories, indicating a different portion.

[Code Statistics]: Counting the number of rows of all code files (eg, .c, .cs files) in an engineering directory.

Here, these features are described one by one:

You can add a tag page through the blue plus button on the upper left corner. Each tab can access files under different paths.

The author reverted some of Windows to bring some operations of Explorer. for example:

* Right-click menu

* Shortcuts Ctrl + C, X, V, and [Return]

* Up, back, advance (left upper corner button)

* Letters rapid positioning (pressing a letter on the keyboard, quickly positioning the first file or folder starting with this letter)

The following operations can be done by a row of red buttons in the upper right corner:

* Close the left tab

* Close other tabs

* Close the right tab

* Close the same name tab

* Close all tabs

* Close the current tab

Open a path to select "Category Display":

All files under this path are displayed separately according to the suffix name.

The number of files that can be easily seen on the tab page.

When the text file, image file, video file, and PDF file are selected, it will be quickly previewed in the right column:

Video files can also preview play:

If it is a text file such as txt, you can also modify it directly and save:

Explorer ++ currently supports the following subsequent files:

Text documentation:

.txt .dat .bat .inf

.php .cs .c .h .h

.cpp .html .log .lua



.jpg .png


.mp4 .m4v .mkv .avi



You can view the bookmark after switching the left column to the bookmark bar.

You can add the open path to the bookmark bar for easy opening.

Of course, you can also use the website collection (Explorer ++ can be used as a simple web browser).

The previewed file will join the preview history list. Click "Preview History" at the top of the top:

When you click on a history, you will automatically locate the location of the file, and the video file will automatically broadcast to the last preview, the PDF file automatically locates the page number of the last preview.

When you open 2 or more tabs, you can select two tabs to compare files (including subfiles) under their paths.

For example, I have a better two folders "Layaair" and "Layaair – Copy", which is that there is a new text document in the subdirectory of the copy.

At this time, we can right-click on one of the tabs and select and other tabs in the pop-up menu to make a file comparison:

If the number of files is large, it may take a long time.

The following is the result of the comparison:

Different files under the two paths will be identified with red fonts (where their folders are displayed).

Click the "Different Different" buttons to switch to display only different files:

Note: In the current version, the comparison of the two files is a comparison of the hash code. There will be very small probability misjudgment.

When we open a program’s engineering directory, you can click the "Code Statistics" button on the left side of the "Search] for code statistics:

(At present, only statistics on C, CS, H, Lua, HTML, Java)

(Yes, this is the author’s project file that makes Explorer ++.

If there is a different column code, you will be displayed like this tab:

You are welcome to enter the group to reflect the BUG, ??make a revised opinion, do some technical discussion.

It is forbidden to advertise in groups, discuss political sensitive topics or publish vulgar comments, and let go of it.

download link:

Extraction code: RDII