Dual function molecular additive, power 3D perovskite low attenuation high stable electroluminescence

The three-dimensional calcium-titanite has been proven to be an effective strategy for achieving high brightness efficient light emitting diode (LED). However, most of the three-dimensional calcium-titanium mine-emitting diodes still have serious efficiency attenuation.

Here, the author uses FAPBI3 as the model system, and the main cause of 3D perovskite-type LED-type LED efficiency and degradation is the ion migration of defects and electrical stress. By introducing a dual-function molecule 3-chlorobenzymamine additive in a perovskite precursor solution, the deleterious effect can be significantly inhibited by the growth and defect passivation of high jaws. This method produces a bright near-infraredcium-type LED having a peak external quantum efficiency of 16.6%, maintaining 80% of its peak at a high current density of 460 mA cm? 2, corresponding to 300 W SR? 1 m 2 The high brightness. In addition, at a constant current density of 100 mA-cm? 2,The device displays a half-life record of 49 h. Related papers are published in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the Nano Letters Journal.

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Metal halide calcium-type light-emitting diode (LED) is widely concerned in lighting and display field due to its processability, flexibility, high brightness, good color purity and potential low cost. The diversity of perovskite provides huge opportunities for improving device performance. For example, three dimensional (3D), quasi-quantum dotted titanium ore increased the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of the LED to 20%. However, although huge progress has been made in terms of device performance, the stability of devices is the main obstacle to the practical application of calcium titanium mine type LED. It is generally believed that ion migration of the perovskite layer is one of the main challenges of stabilizing calcium titanium-producing diodes. By adding large organic cation, quadriterous calcium-titanium-titanite having multiple quartz wells can inhibit ion migration and improve the stability of the device under electric field. In principle, the Russian compound in 3D perovskite is not as serious as low-dimensional calcium-titanium, which can cause LEDs with high efficiency and high brightness. However, in many perovskite devices, effective energy transfer cannot be observed due to Joule heating.

In this work, it is considered that the effective launch of FAPBI3 perovskite LEDs is mainly due to defects and ion migration, which disrupts the stability of the device. We further show that the addition of double-functional molecular 3-chlorobenzylamine (3Cl-BA) in the precursor solution can significantly inhibit harmful effects. This method can make the peak EQE of the perovskite LED of 16.6%, the electroluminescence (EL) peak is 803 nm, and the half maximum width is 42 nm, and the current density J80 can be defined as EQE to drop 80% of the peak value. The current density increases to increase a quantitative stage and T50 (half-life) ratio of three orders of magnitude higher than that control the perovskite LED. (文: Love Xinhua Luo Xing)

Figure 1.3Cl-BA group FAPBI3 light emitting diode of photoelectric characteristics.

figure 2. The efficiency of the LED based on FAPBI3 is reduced.

Figure 3. Characterization of FAPBI3 film in Figure 3.3Cl-BA group.

Homemade Windows Practical Gadgets Explorer ++ 1.0

When we open multiple folders, our taskbar will turn this:

I want to display multiple folders as a tab like a browser:

In fact, the author has also used some small tool software, but there are too many advertisements, and some will be deleted by Windows. When you really want to delete, you often delete it:

So the author thinks, come to do onePure green, no pop-up windowFolder multi-open tool.

I have the idea that I started to act, after a worship Coding, with this gadget Explorer ++:

The performance of the final program is also satisfied with the author:

The size of the software is also controlled at 5m (approximately 4.2m):

Of course, the features of Explorer ++ are still more preliminary, and there are many incomplete places and bugs. I hope to have more people to make improvements, and test bugs.

At the end of the text, there will be a trial version download address, and the QQ group of feedback.

Explorer ++ features more than just folders, it also has the following features:

[Category Display]: You can list files with different rear jams under a path.

[Quick Preview]: When you click a file, it will have a fast preview if it is judged that its suffix is ??a text file or a video file or a video file or PDF file.

[Bookmark]: You can add a file path to the bookmark bar for quick access.

[Preview History]: The previewed file will be saved in history for re-view.

[Document Comparison]: Compares all folders and files in both directories, indicating a different portion.

[Code Statistics]: Counting the number of rows of all code files (eg, .c, .cs files) in an engineering directory.

Here, these features are described one by one:

You can add a tag page through the blue plus button on the upper left corner. Each tab can access files under different paths.

The author reverted some of Windows to bring some operations of Explorer. for example:

* Right-click menu

* Shortcuts Ctrl + C, X, V, and [Return]

* Up, back, advance (left upper corner button)

* Letters rapid positioning (pressing a letter on the keyboard, quickly positioning the first file or folder starting with this letter)

The following operations can be done by a row of red buttons in the upper right corner:

* Close the left tab

* Close other tabs

* Close the right tab

* Close the same name tab

* Close all tabs

* Close the current tab

Open a path to select "Category Display":

All files under this path are displayed separately according to the suffix name.

The number of files that can be easily seen on the tab page.

When the text file, image file, video file, and PDF file are selected, it will be quickly previewed in the right column:

Video files can also preview play:

If it is a text file such as txt, you can also modify it directly and save:

Explorer ++ currently supports the following subsequent files:

Text documentation:

.txt .dat .bat .inf

.php .cs .c .h .h

.cpp .html .log .lua



.jpg .png


.mp4 .m4v .mkv .avi



You can view the bookmark after switching the left column to the bookmark bar.

You can add the open path to the bookmark bar for easy opening.

Of course, you can also use the website collection (Explorer ++ can be used as a simple web browser).

The previewed file will join the preview history list. Click "Preview History" at the top of the top:

When you click on a history, you will automatically locate the location of the file, and the video file will automatically broadcast to the last preview, the PDF file automatically locates the page number of the last preview.

When you open 2 or more tabs, you can select two tabs to compare files (including subfiles) under their paths.

For example, I have a better two folders "Layaair" and "Layaair – Copy", which is that there is a new text document in the subdirectory of the copy.

At this time, we can right-click on one of the tabs and select and other tabs in the pop-up menu to make a file comparison:

If the number of files is large, it may take a long time.

The following is the result of the comparison:

Different files under the two paths will be identified with red fonts (where their folders are displayed).

Click the "Different Different" buttons to switch to display only different files:

Note: In the current version, the comparison of the two files is a comparison of the hash code. There will be very small probability misjudgment.

When we open a program’s engineering directory, you can click the "Code Statistics" button on the left side of the "Search] for code statistics:

(At present, only statistics on C, CS, H, Lua, HTML, Java)

(Yes, this is the author’s project file that makes Explorer ++.

If there is a different column code, you will be displayed like this tab:

You are welcome to enter the group to reflect the BUG, ??make a revised opinion, do some technical discussion.

It is forbidden to advertise in groups, discuss political sensitive topics or publish vulgar comments, and let go of it.

download link:

Extraction code: RDII

Linux underlying command

The format of the command line is: User Name + Host Name + Current Work Contents

The command format of the input content is: command [- Short option / – long option] [parameter]

The command is "what to do", the option is "how to do", the parameter is "Who do"

For example: Changing the host name

2, common basic order

1, PWD command – Role: Display the full path to the current location

2, cd command – role: Go to a folder (a path)

Blue character represents a folder
Olive green character represents link file
Black character represents a text file
Represents the current path
.. Represents the previous layer path
~ On behalf of the current user’s home directory, the CD can be omitted

3, ls command – action: Display all content of the current folder

-l -> Displayed in the form of a long file (LS -L can be abbreviated as an LL command)
-A -> Show hidden files (in the beginning of the file)
-LA -> Show hidden files in the form of long files (LS -AL can be abbreviated into LL -A)
-r -> Recursive display file

4, man command – role: see the usage help document for a command

5, su command – action: Switch users

6, passwd command – Role: Set or change the user’s password

Notice:Only root users can change passwords using this command

7, Date Command – Role: Display or set the current system date and time

Date alone-> Details and time
Date +% T -> Show time
Date +% D -> Show Date
Date +% X% X -> Show Date and Time

8, file command – Role: View file type

Notice:Linux is kept to be customized, so don’t judge the file type with a file suffix name.

10, Head Command (Tail Command) – Role: Several lines of displaying files, default display 10 lines, can be used to specify the number of lines

11, CAT (TAC) command – the role: Show the entire document from the head to the tail (from the tail to the head)

12, wc command – action: number of rows, words, and characters in statistics file, corresponding to -l, -w, -c

13, History Command – Role: Displays the list of commands used before

You can find the previously used commands by the up and down keys.

15, init command – role: switch system status

Linux system everything is available! The path started with "/" isAbsolute pathThe path started with "/" isrelative path.

1, "/" The following important directory

  • / usr -> Store normal user command (/ usr / bin), for the system management command used by the root user, (/ usr / sbin), and data installed for software.
  • / etc -> Store the configuration file of the system server.
  • / dev -> store device files such as hard drives, CPUs, NICs and other data.
  • / HOME -> Ordinary users ‘home directory (or home directory), store regular users’ configuration files.
  • / root -> Root user’s home directory (or home directory), store the root user profile.
  • / boot -> The file, system kernel, etc. needed to store the system startup process.
  • / var -> Store dynamically changed files, such as log files, cache files, databases, etc.
  • / TMP -> Store temporary files, and files that have not accessed or visited within 10 days will be automatically deleted.
  • / Run -> Store processes that have been started with a system.

There are 4 links:

  • / bin -> / usr / bin -> Store orders used by ordinary users.
  • / sbin -> / usr / sbin -> Store the command used by the root user.
  • / lib -> / usr / lib -> library file
  • / lib64-> / usr / lib64

2, file-related commands

1, touch command – role: Create an empty text file

2, DD command – role: Create a large capacity space file

3, mkdir command – action: Create a folder
MKDIR -P creates multi-level directory

4, cp command – action: copy file
CP -R Copy Folder (-R recursive replication, that is, copy all directories in the current folder)

Notice:The old file will overwrite the new file when the old file is renamed with the new file.

5, mv command – action: mobile file, rename file

6, rm command – action: Delete file
RM -R Delete folder
RM -F forced deletion, does not prompt removal confirmation

7, echo command – action: Show out the parameters behind the command
Like the system variable, this variable can be lowercase.

Echo can also modify the text content, the syntax is: Echo "XXX">, >> FileName

3, use of wildcard

* Simple mode match -> string consisting of 0 or more characters
? Simple mode match -> any 1 character
{} Big Brand -> Bulk Execution Command, can be used continuously or nested

“ Anti-quoter command replacement


The characters from the single quotes are all appeared as ordinary characters.

4, redirect operator

One> is a redirector, role: overwrites write, the original data in the file is not retained

Two >> is an additional redirector, role: append writing, do not cover existing content, write directly in the end of the file, the original data reserved

In Linux, a running program (or process) needs to read the input from the keyboard through the shell and write the output to the terminal or file.
The process uses a number channel named file descriptor to get the input and transmit the output. All processes need at least three file descriptors at the beginning:Standard input (channel 0), standard output (channel 1), standard error (channel 2).

Role: Put the previous execution results to the command behind the duct.

Notice:When there is a redirect symbol in front of the pipe, the pipeline is added to add a TEE command.

Vim has four modes, namely:Insert mode, command mode, last line mode, and visualization mode.

1, insert mode

Press I / A / O / O -> to enter the editing state (insert mode)

2, command mode

Press ESC -> Exit Edit (Insert mode)

3, last line mode 4, visual mode

Live room in the lowest price controversy: Li Jiaqi holds super pricing power, manufacturers transfer shop broadcast

The aquatic and brand-priced game, and it is the contest of the flow of both parties.

When live broadcast is increasingly sold, when traffic gives live betting, how is the price of branded brand products? Who master the product pricing power? How long does it have to have a business for business?

According to the person in charge of many brands, it is said that the broadcast (entering the live broadcast room) product will be re-priced according to its own market positioning, the change of the broadcast specification, and the consumer’s mental price, etc. The sales profit of brand-only single-piece products will not be higher than the market. The leader of product pricing is mainly in the brand, but both the brand and the rough team will be tilted according to the traffic of cooperation objects and the intensity of brand effect. The small brands are more likely to become a "victim" of live broadcast promotions. .

In addition, the waist anchor tells the news reporter, different commercial products, will give different bargaining space according to the aquatic traffic – in the categories of the profitable space such as beauty, apparel, and the biggest space is larger, and In some of some vertical areas, the brand will more "clearly price", give different channels to the same supply price.

Brand bargaining is spelling traffic

Live sales, who has traffic who has the right to speak.

"For the business you want to open the new sales road, or if you want to increase the exposure of the small-scale brand, the pricing voice is more in the hands of the live broadcast team, the aquary will make more killing, or ask for a combination discount." Yingfeng Group’s Mosimomimi Children’s Wearing the head of the trendy live broadcast can be senior people in the live industry, and she accepts the above-mentioned expression when they accept news reporters.

One Danish International Food Brand Online Business Heaven, Wang Tian, ??Wang Tian, ??said that "business understands the cost and market positioning, estimating the basic pricing of the profit bottom line, the anchor team will be based on the live broadcast of the same products according to the same products. The price reduction suggestion, the two sides will go to negotiate. The head anchor is large, and we will be more powerful, so we will be more biased to him, mainly in the welfare, but if the price negotiation is completely alive, ‘ Licening ‘must not do it. "

It can be indicated that due to the selection standards of the supernar predicted, it can be selected, which is equivalent to give the brand a special certification. Therefore, some small brands will rather lose money to enter the super-headed live broadcast. Once the brand is played, the money will be made back in the live broadcast of the waist.

Through the current circulation cost of the live broadcast, the brand will give the live team to the live broadcast team with the form of sales commission commission and the "pit fees" form. Usually, the higher the maid, the higher the pit level fee. Therefore, for small brands, either wear a risk "gambling", or it is "Ladies and Folders".

Senior people from the live industry, Huang Jia, said that some small brands gave the pit fees for the anchor, there was no an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an anchor to the commission admission of the big brand sales, and the small brand belt is more than the live broadcast. Big risk. Therefore, in order to be able to broadcast between the head live broadcast, the small brand will increase the aquaculture fee, reduce the commission, and even kill the price below cost.

"In the past, the market was shattered to cooperate with the super-headed anchor. The rate did not reach sales expectations, the super-deposited goods required by the live team will be tight, and there is basically no extra funds to turn to the operation. In addition, the live broadcast is created to consumers to create a "no purchase", and the brake powder will be placed, and the live broadcast will gradually be woken up with the consumer. .

"For small and medium-sized anchors, the bargaining power is a brutal problem. Different physical volume is indeed different." Xiao Hong Book Announcement Chen Yihui told the news reporter. "After all, Li Jiaqi has a threshold, it is impossible Things can be bought inside. "In Chen Yizhi, it is not as good as head anchor, but also thinks about how to enhance its number and influence in fans, and provide better benefits for fans.

Little Red Book Anchor Chen Yizhi Live Photo

Strong to join hands to become a live industry preference

The traffic of the super head anchor is naturally the best "knocking brick" of the sale.

"As far as the industry is more friendly, the big brand is more friendly. After all, it has the quality advantage of the product and the brand effect, you don’t need to deliberately put the body to please the anchor team." A overseas dairy product Wu Tao, head of brand shake operation, said that the pricing phase will share the market pricing data and sales data in other belts, and will reflect the quality of after-sales service during the previous cooperation, to verify the price advantage of the product, sell well And service guarantees.

"Although big brands can get rid of reliance on the anchor by self-broadcasting, the traffic competition is too fierce, even if it is a big brand, it is not easy to make a certain influence in the live industry, need to rely on the professional band of the anchor The capacity of the goods. "The" small parallel "is said.

The anchor traffic is the key to selecting cooperation. Wu Tao said that most big brands choose live belts, mainly in order to sell, and brand publicity. In terms of shake ecology, 10% of sales in sales have almost 90% of GMV (total commodity transaction). So as a big brand, but also like to cooperate with the head anchor to expand new sales channels.

The descendant of the fruit brand is said to the 新 记 报者, Jindu has cooperated with multiple anchors, according to the fans of different anchors, usually have a good response, even if it occasionally does not reach the expected situation. An anchor will also negotiate some of the renewal opportunities. Among them, there are some head star anchors, with a huge fan matrix, bring more considerable sales, and the long-tail effects of the generated long-tail effect also have a positive impact on the overall pattern exploration.

In addition to big brands more is willing to cooperate with big anchors, the anchor team seems to be more willing to put the "explosive" product.

Viya live photo Source: Oriental IC

Wu Tao said that the head anchor has a high "tube fee" in the market, but in the face of some traffic brands or explosive products, the anchor will also give up the pit level, reduce the commission, and even on the bargain There is loose. "Some single prices of some beauty skulls are usually high, can pull the entire GMV in the live broadcast. In addition, you can grab the net red explosion in the market in the market, and the fans ‘welfare’ is also the head at low prices. Symbol of the active position. "

"The pricing of the broadcast product is inseparable from the preference of the preference for the product. In addition to existing explosions, if the size of the new brand will be sought after by the new brand, it will loose the lowest price requirements, and In the form of a high-pitty fee, the high-ranking fee is promoted. "It can be expressed that some of the live broadcasts of the live broadcast of the live broadcast of the product, and the platform will arrange the live stream based on the high and low of the product. Therefore, Net red products will also give priority to the strength combination with head anchors.

Business is coming to self-broadcast: higher flexibility

"The traffic share of the head anchor is too heavy, especially the double 11 full-year large shopping carnival, usually Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya came out, shake users, Taobao users’ traffic share will be taken away, everyone is quite I am afraid, I don’t want my own store to lose the customer in the big anchor. "Can be expressed.

Double 11 During Li Jiaqi Live Metropolitan stock photo Source: Visual China

More and more brands are not ideal for large-scale goods, and they are not ideal for live broadcast data.

Many branded persons and senior live-educational industry, as a platform, shake is through the weighted drainage of the store, actively support the brand (store himself live). In addition, brand self-broadcast is a relatively low threshold operation, and it is more simple and simpler. But at the same time, the price of live scenes, the details of team discharge, and the visual flow acquisition are generally self-broadcast.

Compared to limited restricted, large-risk live broadcast, brand self-broadcast has greater flexibility and precision, and can form a supplement with the supplied goods. The person in charge said that in the brand Tmall live broadcast, I invited internal employees to do an anchor. They will more understand the characteristics of the product and the story of product cultivation, and can better understand the consumer demand and accurately recommend products.

都 乐 员 自播 自播 照片 photos

"At present, our brand store can also have a sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this year during selling cars, a sales can reach millions of yuan." Li Lei, a live-e-commerce live broadcast operation The news reporter said that the store self-broadcast can help the store promotion and stabilize the fan of the fans of the store. In addition, directional culture, the an expert can be set by the content setting to become an expert in the brand industry. Therefore, for small brands, cultivation and investment of their own anchor is a good choice.