Whether the edge calculation becomes a cut-in point for long-tailed development of the internet access

The edge is the core of the competition in the Internet of Things?

In the past two years, under the promotion of cloud service providers, telecom operators, system service providers, many Internet of Things operating systems have been born, which means that the fire development of the Internet of Things, also showing the network development technology route. Differentiation is still in a collective exploration period. Although the Internet of Things is generally optimistic, the development speed has been lower than the development expectation of the previous year. Some vendors turned their attention to the edges of the edges, and the edges were calculated as a heat word. When the edge calculation encounters an item network, can it become the "key" of the development of the internet network?

Edge calculation is newly possible to break the Internet of Things

McKinsey predicted in the "Internet of Things: Sealed Acceleration Opportunity" report in November 2021, in 2030, the Internet of Things will create 5.5 trillion to 12.6 trillion US dollars in the world, China will account for the global networking economy. 26% of the value. However, the development of the Internet of Things is still facing many "anti-wind factors", including "interoperability", "safe security", "cost high" and "user’s data and privacy face threat".

The appearance of edge calculations seem to bring to these developments. When calculating the computing power to the edge side, you can processes the data in recent analysis, this will bring multiple benefits:

1. Edge calculation has a faster response time, data storage and computing power are dispersed locally, and the data does not need to go to and from the local and clouds, so it can reduce delay and speed the response speed.

2. Edge calculation can reduce the cost of the company. Compared with the cloud center equipment, the cost of data storage and processing by the local device is lower, on the one hand, the edge calculation reduces the occupation of the bandwidth resources and cloud center computing resources, on the other hand, the edge calculation can improve the operation of the application Efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

3. Edge computing devices can collect, store and use data, effectively avoid data security issues caused by sensitive data such as user personal privacy to be uploaded to the cloud center.

4, the edge is calculated dependence low cloud can effectively reduce the rate of single point of failure. In case off network, it makes it work.

5, more critical, the edge devices may enable existing devices and new equipment interconnection IoT, the communication protocol converting existing equipment can efficiently interact with new equipment IoT. In this way, enterprises need to update existing equipment design, can access IoT platform at a lower cost to achieve significant productivity gains.

Some manufacturers have seen a huge trend edge computing, giving developers computing operating system through the development of edge, to create an open platform ecosystem, providing complete application development tool, gradually push things to the edge computing closer, prompting edge computing to promote networking applications the arrival of the era of the long tail.

Things force calculated from the cloud, to the end edge

Things in the operating system research and development, most of the vendors from building infrastructure at all levels of Things "end – cloud edge – – pipe." Things are considered the Internet era to a stretch of interconnected things, will fully inherit computing storage and communication capabilities of the Internet era, people turned to the Internet from everyone and everything interconnected, which is why artificial intelligence technology will be in the era of rapid Things develop. Therefore, the definition of IoT increasingly being replaced by AIoT this concept.

In the real world, things end equipment storage and computing capacity is often very limited. With the development of things that matter, in the end should make more intelligent end devices, operators have the necessary power and communications capabilities, and the resulting information and data such as 5G or NBIoT way back to the cloud data center directly, or things end the device does not require much calculation power storage, narrow-band communications capability can meet the vast majority of scenarios should be considered force to provide broadband communications and storage capacity of these devices by the end edge?

Wing Fai information to representatives of some operating system vendors believe that the future should be "strong side weak side" of development. Internet computing node is an edge node of an upstream end of the various types of equipment, shall be considered an edge to provide a force storage and communication capabilities for these broadband remote device, via short-range communication protocol, to maintain a high concurrency between the end device and the terminal device, low latency, low power consumption characteristics of the work, it simply is to make the Internet the Internet to do good work, good things do things work, both to compute nodes connected by edges, so that the two networks play their respective advantages, connectivity cooperation.

Wing Fai launched this intelligent edge computing operating system – the operating system of loving wisdom EdgerOS, the operator side edge dynamic shared power, distribution, real-time calculation, mainly referred to the deployment of intelligent edge-side edge of the computer to handle, you can better meet things in real-time, safety, cost reduction and other needs. Intelligent Edge is equivalent to a small computer server, not only the peripheral devices and heterogeneous network interconnection, but also bear a large amount of calculation work force, mainly in force when the count edge processing, terminal equipment no longer need to have a strong force considered , but also for the user to reduce the corresponding burden.

Many things such as light bulbs and other node itself is nothing calculate power, love of knowledge through intelligent edge computing device can maintain a long connection with node count and the strong force, including AI’s share count to force these weak nodes, then there the calculation power and resources, these nodes will be full of imagination, while significantly reducing development costs of smart devices, intelligent applications based on real scenarios.

Wing Fai has over ten years of experience in embedded systems design, business success in the embedded field, understanding peer device application scenarios, prompting more firmly believe in the importance edge computing, edge count for the end device should provide power storage and broadband communication capability, and end edges should form an organism, their duties, the cost of redundancy is not passed to the user level.

Developers have set their sights on the edge computing

Edge computing operating system developed networking applications are attracting the attention of domestic developers. In the "love of wisdom pioneer 2021" writing activities are being carried out, developers have used the technology community in carrying the EdgerOS intelligent edge computer wizard One (Spirit 1), carried out a variety of smart home DIY research and development, such as human face recognition access, smart light sensor, intelligent infrared temperature sensor, intelligent light gesture control, intelligent monitoring equipment, smart formaldehyde detector, intelligent frequency electric blankets, a few days using a low code to develop a networking applications.

Love of knowledge to create a high-performance JavaScript runtime engine can be simple and efficient to use, easy to learn and TypeScript JavaScript and other Internet technology stack for developing networking applications. In addition, the love of knowledge provides a feature rich development framework, including the APP framework, streaming media framework, AI framework, device management framework.

As the love of knowledge is an open intelligent edge computing operating system, developers can use a variety of brands in the Internet of Things application development, various types of hardware devices. For example, there are many brands of smart bulbs currently on the market, but often need to match the gateway device manufacturers can use. Because I love the openness of intellectual operating system that can support different brands of smart devices. Developers use Spirit 1 and choose smart bulbs, less than 30 minutes before the cold of winter to develop a "turn off the lights artifact" for themselves. Developers can take advantage of Spirit 1 or other intelligent edge machine, equipped EdgerOS, to achieve a variety of rich imagination at the scene, a large number of long tail applications of research and development.

With the domestic parties to speed up the calculation of edge and edge computing focus of the operating system, networking and application development is expected to be pressing the accelerator. In this collective exploration period, regardless of technology go from here, to build an open, allowing all developers to participate in ecological, it is fundamental to promote the development of networking applications thereof. McKinsey believes that slow and factors that hinder the development of things, not from the technology itself, or lack of confidence, but from ecological problems in. Things next phase of development to promote the timely, positive things depending on how businesses and developers to solve these problems.

Homemade Windows Practical Gadgets Explorer ++ 1.0

When we open multiple folders, our taskbar will turn this:

I want to display multiple folders as a tab like a browser:

In fact, the author has also used some small tool software, but there are too many advertisements, and some will be deleted by Windows. When you really want to delete, you often delete it:

So the author thinks, come to do onePure green, no pop-up windowFolder multi-open tool.

I have the idea that I started to act, after a worship Coding, with this gadget Explorer ++:

The performance of the final program is also satisfied with the author:

The size of the software is also controlled at 5m (approximately 4.2m):

Of course, the features of Explorer ++ are still more preliminary, and there are many incomplete places and bugs. I hope to have more people to make improvements, and test bugs.

At the end of the text, there will be a trial version download address, and the QQ group of feedback.

Explorer ++ features more than just folders, it also has the following features:

[Category Display]: You can list files with different rear jams under a path.

[Quick Preview]: When you click a file, it will have a fast preview if it is judged that its suffix is ??a text file or a video file or a video file or PDF file.

[Bookmark]: You can add a file path to the bookmark bar for quick access.

[Preview History]: The previewed file will be saved in history for re-view.

[Document Comparison]: Compares all folders and files in both directories, indicating a different portion.

[Code Statistics]: Counting the number of rows of all code files (eg, .c, .cs files) in an engineering directory.

Here, these features are described one by one:

You can add a tag page through the blue plus button on the upper left corner. Each tab can access files under different paths.

The author reverted some of Windows to bring some operations of Explorer. for example:

* Right-click menu

* Shortcuts Ctrl + C, X, V, and [Return]

* Up, back, advance (left upper corner button)

* Letters rapid positioning (pressing a letter on the keyboard, quickly positioning the first file or folder starting with this letter)

The following operations can be done by a row of red buttons in the upper right corner:

* Close the left tab

* Close other tabs

* Close the right tab

* Close the same name tab

* Close all tabs

* Close the current tab

Open a path to select "Category Display":

All files under this path are displayed separately according to the suffix name.

The number of files that can be easily seen on the tab page.

When the text file, image file, video file, and PDF file are selected, it will be quickly previewed in the right column:

Video files can also preview play:

If it is a text file such as txt, you can also modify it directly and save:

Explorer ++ currently supports the following subsequent files:

Text documentation:

.txt .dat .bat .inf

.php .cs .c .h .h

.cpp .html .log .lua



.jpg .png


.mp4 .m4v .mkv .avi



You can view the bookmark after switching the left column to the bookmark bar.

You can add the open path to the bookmark bar for easy opening.

Of course, you can also use the website collection (Explorer ++ can be used as a simple web browser).

The previewed file will join the preview history list. Click "Preview History" at the top of the top:

When you click on a history, you will automatically locate the location of the file, and the video file will automatically broadcast to the last preview, the PDF file automatically locates the page number of the last preview.

When you open 2 or more tabs, you can select two tabs to compare files (including subfiles) under their paths.

For example, I have a better two folders "Layaair" and "Layaair – Copy", which is that there is a new text document in the subdirectory of the copy.

At this time, we can right-click on one of the tabs and select and other tabs in the pop-up menu to make a file comparison:

If the number of files is large, it may take a long time.

The following is the result of the comparison:

Different files under the two paths will be identified with red fonts (where their folders are displayed).

Click the "Different Different" buttons to switch to display only different files:

Note: In the current version, the comparison of the two files is a comparison of the hash code. There will be very small probability misjudgment.

When we open a program’s engineering directory, you can click the "Code Statistics" button on the left side of the "Search] for code statistics:

(At present, only statistics on C, CS, H, Lua, HTML, Java)

(Yes, this is the author’s project file that makes Explorer ++.

If there is a different column code, you will be displayed like this tab:

You are welcome to enter the group to reflect the BUG, ??make a revised opinion, do some technical discussion.

It is forbidden to advertise in groups, discuss political sensitive topics or publish vulgar comments, and let go of it.

download link:

Extraction code: RDII

How is the solar border optimized?

The cost of photovoltaic power generation has always been a more difficult solution. Through the continuous efforts of these years, it has been greatly reduced from each link, and the cost of photovoltaic components has declined significantly. We also witnessed the optimization process of the photovoltaic component border as a solar border manufacturer.

1, reduce the weight of the border

The weight loss is mainly from two aspects, on the one hand, decrease the cross-sectional size of the side solar frame profile, and thinning the thickness of the border profile. Ten years ago, the solar border is big and thick, and now the border is light and thin. Even put the short-s-side C side, leaving only the long side C face mounting hole.

2, increase the size of the border

In fact, the size of the frame is based on the size of the component panel. The size of the battery board is increased to reduce the cost of the unit area power generation.

3, change the material of the solar border

The frame size is increased, the wall thickness is thinned, and the original 6063 material is not satisfied. So replace the 6005 material with a higher intensity. 6005 Border strength can be increased by 50%, other properties such as moldability, corrosion resistance is not much change.

Today, even more than 2 meters more than 1 m, the sun is not more than 2 kilograms, which greatly reduces the cost of component, and optimization is still continuing.