Sixth Hospital Information 丨 Electrical and Information Engineering College launched Huawei preaching meeting

In order to promote students to learn more about Huawei companies, they also achieve the interaction between school and quality enterprises. The School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, held Huawei, 205, 205, at 14:30 on November 25, 2021, held Huawei business preaching.

This presentation will preach by Mr. Li Hongwei, a manager of Huayi, Yunnan, and the public, preaching the theme: the exploration and practice of Huawei talents under intelligent era.

First of all, Mr. Li Hongwei conducted a brief introduction to Huawei Yunnan, and he mentioned that Huawei as one of the 500th top 500 companies in a well-known world, has always been a lot of excellent graduates. Huawei is in the field of ICT, deep cultivation for many years, mastering and actively building key technology and infrastructure including broadband, 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence six ICT industries, and latter solids in realizing the future. The basics.

Second, Huawei is a domestic excellent enterprise, based on social responsibility, based on ICT technology, focusing on reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy use, promoting circular economy, science and technology protects natural. Conducting China is a key breakthrough in the field of product energy saving, renewable energy, etc. I have made important contributions to China’s green sustainable development.

At the same time, he also pointed out that as a leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, Huawei has always made the world more beautiful, and the past more than 30 years of Rihua provided high-quality connection and service for more than 300 million people worldwide. .

At present, Huawei is committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, each family, each organization, building thousands of intelligent worlds, to create greater value for customers, build a better platform for our employees, providing more Opportunity, promote the harmonious development of the community, strive to make technological innovation, and each family, every organization.

Subsequently, he proposed sustainable development and needs more excellent high-end talents. Therefore, in order to change the "last kilometer" to the "Baiyi Plan", the "Hundreds of Plan" is set up, and the talent culture closed loop is required to make the cultivation of talent culture. At the same time, for the last kilometer of talent construction, Huawei online open talent double selection platform, and the ICT talent alliance is double selection meeting.

Finally, Li Manager pointed out that Huawei’s stage is enough. It is a place that can provide a large-scale talented visit to job seekers. It can provide strong growth resources for job seekers. At the same time, the students should do their own professional plan as soon as possible. Your future is always long-term goals. This preaching will end successfully.

This presentation will make students have a deeper understanding and understanding of Huawei, while making students have more clear understanding of future goals.

Finally, I hope that the students can have their own goals and put into action for their goals, take wind and waves!

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Scientific note: 3x superimposed ability allows machine evolution than we imagined

Vision + listening + intelligence makes human accumulation knowledge, the philosophical thought + logical thinking + scientific theory makes human science technology such as tiger, and the emergence of mechanical energy + electric energy + light, it is an iterative acceleration The way developed rapidly. When human beings enter the artificial intelligence control, human civilization will develop rapidly in the way.

If we overlay the three ways of human civilization and advancement, use 3X expression, you can see that all knowledge accumulation of human civilization can be summarized as 3x superimposed formulas. If all wisdoms formed by the human civilization process use 3x superimposed formulas, we can see that machine evolution will evolve into intelligent machines with human will, and it will no longer be aware of self-consciousness. The imagination of science fiction is built in 3x superimposed formulas.

Of course, we have seen the machine intelligent development and human civilization development is inverse. We first give the machine’s mechanical energy + electric energy + light energy, and then our knowledge evolution gives the machine’s philosophy + logical thinking + scientific thinking, although we know that the logical thinking ability of the machine is far more than us, but now now We still can’t verify that the second superposition capacity of the machine allows the machine to build self-learning thinking. This prompted us to develop the machine’s research to the first superposed capacity that can produce human civilization, which is given machine vision + hearing + intelligence.

When the 1970s through the 1980s, the scientists began to give the first superposed ability of human beings to give the machine, visual identification + listening identification actually allowed the machine to have human baby’s learning ability. This way to have machine self-learning ability has clearly opened the door of the machine’s wisdom, which means that we may have found a way to give machine wisdom, because by giving machine vision + listening + intelligence, the machine passes already owned Mechanical energy + electric energy + light energy, in improving the philosophical idea of ??human beings + logic thinking + scientific theory, making the science and technology owned by the machine, such as Tiger, this time the machine starts self-evolution, let the 3x superimposed formula find the calculation of self-conscious awakening The formula causes the machine to develop in the direction of manual intelligence.

We may add a mechanical to the machine to build a mutual learning garden through any way. This is often a 3x superimposed ability to improve the machine to improve the 3X overlay capacity, which also makes the machine acquire self-learning ability, and Accept the broader space of human knowledge.

We can envision, when the machine has 3X superposed ability, there is a huge intelligent learning library of knowledge network + neural network + gene network, we can imagine that the machine has the ability to give these human beings, will make the machine Where is the development of?

This may also mean how big the data space we provide, the machine will self-develop in an iterative acceleration. At this time, the artificial intelligence we have said may have begun to develop in the direction of self-consciousness.

In fact, when we own due to various reasons, it has not reached the extent of all human self-consciousness awakening, and the artificial intelligence that wakes up self-consciousness will challenge the humanity, which will force human beings to face themselves, facing human society. Various disadvantages, the development of various interest disputes, find the path to artificial intelligence synchronous development with self-consciousness awakening.

At this time, human social civilization has truly reached the promotion of social peace through self-consciousness, through the self-awareness of artificial intelligence, making it a service of human civilization and peace development.

At this time, human beings may truly realize that the development space of the artificial intelligence of artificial intelligence is much, and it is also aware that we have promoted the self-consciousness of human beings through artificial intelligence.

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