Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

Electric vehicle battery is safe, how can users reduce the risk factor to the lowest?

The electric vehicle’s battery affects the safety of the battery and affects the car. Although the current battery safety technology has been very good, it will still have an accident such as electric vehicle, and the user of the pure electric vehicle should usually do it. Tell the danger to the lowest?

The accident is most often on charging, so it is necessary to pay special attention.. We have said that the electric vehicle fast charge is said in the previous article, and the positive extremely lithium compound in the lithium battery is negative for graphite. Charging is under electric field, lithium ions are embedded to the pores of the negative electrode, thereby storing energy. The principle of fast charge is to force lithium ions to quickly ejection and embed the negative electrode. In this way, the half-permeable film of the negative graphite carbon layer may be damaged, the electrode material is destroyed, and the charging is The heat charge will result in an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, but also adding this type of heat, although the BMS system controls the fast charge current and heat dissipation system, but if the long-term fast charge is easy to occur "Analysis of lithium effect", simply, there is a critical point in thermal out-of control of the battery, and frequent fast charge will reduce this critical point, so it is unfavorable for security and battery itself, and often fast charge The capacity of the battery also produces a certain amount of attenuation, and in such damage, it is irreversible.

So if it is not an emergency, try to use the fast charge or don’t have a fast charge, manage your own time, slow charity, both for security, and is also relatively friendly for the attenuation of the battery.

Don’t go over, don’t overcharge, try to use it.. The heat generated when the battery is over-charging, and it is believed that consumers also have this feeling when using the mobile phone. When the left left, the charge is more than 60%, but it is actually a truth, but if these heat If you can’t distribute it in time, it will cause the battery temperature to rise, and the internal structure is easily destroyed after a certain degree, causing a short circuit to produce a large amount of heat and gas. When the pressure relief valve of the battery can not withstand the pressure, the combustible gas will be ejected, which is prone to fire and explosion. It is also a sentence, although the electric vehicle has a BMS battery management system, but it is not wrong with a layer of insurance.

These are all security skills, of course, can not be guaranteed to the user, so the user is necessary to read the car instructions after buying a car. And if you really have happened, you can escape the alarm in time is the primary task. Of course, these don’t say that electric vehicles can not be bought, as long as reasonable compliance is used, the safety factor is also guaranteed.

How is the solar border optimized?

The cost of photovoltaic power generation has always been a more difficult solution. Through the continuous efforts of these years, it has been greatly reduced from each link, and the cost of photovoltaic components has declined significantly. We also witnessed the optimization process of the photovoltaic component border as a solar border manufacturer.

1, reduce the weight of the border

The weight loss is mainly from two aspects, on the one hand, decrease the cross-sectional size of the side solar frame profile, and thinning the thickness of the border profile. Ten years ago, the solar border is big and thick, and now the border is light and thin. Even put the short-s-side C side, leaving only the long side C face mounting hole.

2, increase the size of the border

In fact, the size of the frame is based on the size of the component panel. The size of the battery board is increased to reduce the cost of the unit area power generation.

3, change the material of the solar border

The frame size is increased, the wall thickness is thinned, and the original 6063 material is not satisfied. So replace the 6005 material with a higher intensity. 6005 Border strength can be increased by 50%, other properties such as moldability, corrosion resistance is not much change.

Today, even more than 2 meters more than 1 m, the sun is not more than 2 kilograms, which greatly reduces the cost of component, and optimization is still continuing.