More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star has repeatedly fined, 3 years have not disclosed financing, the city accounting is extruded

Day eye check information showing, recently, more US App Series Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Perfect Creative") Add a number of legal dispute cases, including Lin Yun, Che Dynasty, Yang Ying is in many artists. .

More beautiful "Touching the Porcelain" star borrowed marketing has been punished, and this incident is repeated? Relevant lawyers said, more beautiful or hugged the right to defend the right to maintain rights, and the privileged persons, so that the position of the star portrait is infringed.

In recent years, more beautiful days are not good. In addition to the three years of not announced financing news, its negative news is constantly, "more beautiful app" has been punished by 10,000 yuan due to false propaganda, and the perfect creative has been listed as an executor. Information, the execution target exceeds 55 million yuan.

With the increase in medical beauty demand, the medical beauty market has been eaten from multiple integrated e-commerce platforms and vertical e-commerce platforms. The competition is extremely fierce. Under the supervision, how much growing space?

Hundreds of stars were prosecuted, "thased porcelain" marketing has not changed

Public information shows that perfect creativity is established in 2013, the United States is more beautiful APP to provide plastic surgery, micro-plastic, dental, ophthalmology, anti-aging, etc. Consumer medical services.

The sky-eyed check information shows that the perfect creativity involved in the judicial risks of 526, and only more than 200 were added in 2021. The case consisting of portrait disputes, network infringement disputes, reputation disputes, etc. The artists involved in the artists included Taxi, Fei Xia (Lin Yun), Zhang Yishan, Li Bingbing, Wu Hao, Yang Ying, Zhao Liying, Yan Liya, Qi Dong et al.

Many young people said that some medical American Internet institutions read the curious psychology of people’s gossip, and they would appear in the new media platform to use the star information to achieve the seemingly popular medical beauty. Technical or product purposes.

In October this year, after the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, Yang Yang and Beijing more beautiful interactive information technology Co., Ltd. network infringement is the civil judgment, and more beautiful has responded to the media that the public number undergoing the content transformation, decreased Entertainment content, increase fashion content. However, its related legal disputes remain continuously increased.

Li Wei, senior partner, Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, said that the reporter said that since the star belongs to the public, the media exposure rate and the public are high, there must be a certain social influence; so the commercial main body is promoting the process of promoting the promotion of products. The social popularity and influence of the star conduct brand propaganda, which in turn has more economic benefits.

The case concerning the infringement star has appeared since 2016, and the reporter noted that in these cases, more beautiful and many times were sentenced, the amount was 340 yuan to 1.312 million yuan. Which is more beautiful, "Touching the Porcelain" star takes advantage of marketing and does not change it?

In this regard, Li Wei analyzed that some bad merchants intend to obtain more economic interests through the above way without a star himself, and more than the star idle, the right to maintain the right rights, and the luck of the punishment Therefore, the case where the stars portrait rights are infringed frequently.

3 years has not disclosed financing information, negative news is entangled in damage

In the past few years, as the needs of users have soared, the Internet medical beauty has developed rapidly, and the sky-eyed information shows that more than 5 rounds of financing were completed, including the frequency of a round of financing every year in 2013-2016.

In 2018, more beautiful is to get investment in Meitu, which also releases the deep signal of more beautiful layout Ai. Subsequently, more beautiful successively introduced AI face intelligent diagnostic analysis, AI face intelligent deformation simulation, China’s face and other functions. At the same time, more beautiful App can perform AI-skinned, AI color value, simulation plastic surgery, etc.

However, a non-named doctor doctor said that the preliminary test of the medical beauty platform for skin problems is still in the purpose of entertainment, and AI is still in a relatively primary stage. For example, if the user is a dry skin or an oily skin, a spotted or intramid, wrinkles, and a degree of determination of the decree, "and whether there is sensitive and lesions for the skin, it is not possible to judge the AI ??detection function of the medical platform. "

After completing D round financing in 2018, the United States has not disclosed financing information in 3 years.

In addition, more beautiful negative messages comes one after another. In July of this year, according to the Tianji appraisal, the perfect creative added an executive information, the implementation target is 55.242,300 yuan, and the Executive court is the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court.

After a month, the perfect creative and reproduction shares freeze information, and the freezing equity is the Suzhou Perfect Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd., the amount of equity is 1 million yuan, and the freeze period is up to three years.

Not only that, recently, the national corporate credit information publicity system shows that the "medical mask" promotion of many medical beauty agencies in "more beautiful app" is "medical cold application", "medical dressing", the product performance, function is false The business propaganda violates the provisions of Article 8 of the People’s Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law, causing misleading for consumers. Perfect creativity is therefore a penalty of 100,000 yuan.

Under the multi-negative news, the more beautiful word of mouth is bound to be seriously affected.

How many growth spaces are therefore squeezed and industrial supervision?

FROST & SULLIVAN and Shanxi Securities Research Institute show that 2014-2020, my country’s medical beauty market increased from 48 billion yuan to 17.95 billion yuan, and the annual complex growth rate reached 25%. During the period, the industry has developed, and the large number of institutions are influenced, and consumer demand is affected by promotional media such as KOL.

More beautiful App released, "2020 Medical Beauty Industry White Paper" showed that 5,150 new medical beauty institutions in China in 2020, China’s pure medical beauty market is 19.5 billion yuan, accounting for 17% of the world.

More beautiful, I have been claim that I am "the world’s largest medical beauty platform", but the current Ali, Jingdong, US Mission, and the public comment rely on traditional e-commerce models that have occupied most of the medical beauty market share. In contrast, the more beautiful equipment is not dominant.

On the other hand, in the vertical medical beauty platform, there is currently a platform for new oxygen, beauty, Yuemei and other platforms, and the competition is extremely fierce.

In addition, the medical beauty industry still has problems with black medical beauty, black institutions, black doctors, black places, black needles and other issues. Many young people say that medical beauty is unable to eliminate, and online judgment is more difficult, which undoubtedly enhances the audit pressure of more beautiful and beautiful platforms, and puts higher requirements for their content and products.

Recently, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration pointed out that "acid" used by "Acid therapy" is not a cosmetics, and it is necessary to operate in a hospital or clinic with medical qualifications. This is also seen as a joint action of cross-sectors, rectifying the medical beauty industry.

It is reported that the deputy, and the Shenzhen Exchange has requisitioned the basic assets of the ABS products listed in the previous flag. Since the fund is reorganized, the US industry chain stock price is weak.

At the same time, all localities are also carrying out special rectification actions for illegal medical beauty, which clearly releases signals that are strict in medical beauty industry supervision. In this case, can the more beautiful Internet medical platform still have new growth space? Maybe only time test.

Official! Well-known virtual UP main Thai Become a small K live Ji "3D upgrade official"

On December 1st, the well-known virtual UP main Thaiser Channel was invited to become a small K live Ji’s "3D upgrade official", and the promotion and popularization of 3D virtual live broadcast to domestic and foreign virtual UPs. It is also the second "3D upgrade official" that is the second "3D upgrade official" announced after the first Chinese UP primary Xiaoxi Xiaoxue, the second "3D upgrade official" announced.

Taya Channel is a big fox from Salsa, who can often dream in a place called "Earth", so he left his mother, and drove his own spaceship to find "Earth" ". However, after several times of time and space, it was completely lost. After experiencing a time and space in the recent encounter, the opportunity is coincidental, and the spacecraft is connected to the earth, and since then, it is determined as a virtual UP lead, I hope to be handed over. More friends, the number of subscribers in the B station has reached 526,000.

Small K live Ji is the world’s first free 3D virtual live product, users use built-in high degree of density pinch system or import model to create a 3D virtual image, through ordinary camera, finger, facial high precision 3D moving, will virtual live content Push to live platforms, and the first model will have high precision without wearing 3D video animation technology from the paper, Demo pushed to consumer-class commercial products.

From the first Chinese virtual UP Xiao Xia Xiaoxiao, to Tamas Channel, Xiao K live Ji adhere to "free use, free merchants, free import, free custom customized" accompanying growth, help more virtual anchors through small K live Ji From 2D surface capture 3D, the future, small K will continue to enrich the UGC virtual interactive content to help virtual idols fully open the gate of the universe.

The "three kills" of Alphago, Ke Jie cried: "It does not follow the routine!"

Ke Jie and Alphago were all played in May 2017, known as the Century Human War, the end result is that the human brain is finished in artificial intelligence

Prior to this, in 2016, Korean players Li Shishi have played with AlphaGo, and Li Shishi won a game, so this competition made everyone feel that the machine is not so horrible. The human brain still has a chance to win.

One year later, Alphago was upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0, and the opponent was also replaced by Li Shishi, South Korea. However, this time Ke Jie’s luck is so good, the three games ended in failure, because the ALPHAGO 2.0 chess road is that Ke Jie has not seen it completely, and I don’t know how to deal with it, so Ke Jie is in the end of the game. The media is crying: "I have never seen this chess, it does not follow the routine at all."

From Li Shishi’s two defeat, to Kege’s three-game, what did Alphago experienced? Is artificial intelligence really human beings can’t overcome?

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence today.

First of all, Alphago upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, what did the middle have experienced? Why is chess?

In fact, the relationship between alphago1.0 and alphago2.0 is not a simple upgrade, but two completely different things, alphago1.0 is based primarily on big data, researchers enrolled all the playful games that can be found in human history. Alphago database , Then add some queries, retrieved algorithms, allowing it to quickly find the game with the corresponding play with human beings, and then get the law will win, which method will lose. So at the time of AlphaGo1.0 will be slower because it requires internal programs to calculate, which will take a certain time.

From the surface, Li Shi Shi is at the time and a machine, in fact, it is also a play chess with all the play in history, so as long as his chess is enough, it is quick enough to have a chance to win.

After Alphago upgraded to 2.0, Google’s new change, researchers did not entrunly entered the past chess, just tell it the basic rules of Go, how to win, how to call, then write these rules to algorithm, hand Give alphago, let it go to work, and divide yourself into two, one is divided into four, one is divided into eight, to create an opponent for himself, then the result of each winning, keep the database, continuously optimization. Because of the specific powerful power of Alphago, its update iterative speed is very fast, and the accumulation of human experience is not comparable.

Alphago and each of your own docking is to have an experience of yourself, and it is yourself with yourself. These experiences and human beings have no relationship. This is the time when Ke Jie and Alphago2.0 game, completely touch The reason for the routine. Because Alphago2.0 experience is from the machine yourself, not from humans, it will definitely not play chess in human routine, and a such opponent, how can you win.

From this example, we can also know what is called real artificial intelligence, like alphago1.0 is not true artificial intelligence, just based on big data is some inquiry, if there is no big data, it will nothing. Alphago2.0 is completely different, it has the same learning ability and thinking, through some basic rules, through constant learning, and has different abilities.

Can learn, think and act like human beings, is called real artificial intelligence. Through powerful intelligence and advanced algorithm, artificial intelligence can complete humanities can’t complete in a short time. Therefore, use good artificial intelligence to make human society to make huge progress, this progress is I can’t imagine it.

It is because of the huge charm of artificial intelligence. Now it has become a tool for many people used to market. Many companies are playing artificially intelligent banners. In fact, it is big data, how to distinguish what is real artificial intelligence, such as Is our common face recognition access control system? Let you share it next time, remember some attention.