Alipay online "small pouch" function: money can be classified

I believe that there is a lot of such friends around you, every day, I have worked hard, but when you ask her (he), she (he) will answer your "Moonlight". Said a lot of money to spend a plan every month, the month will check the bill to discover the breakdown; I want to have a money to travel, and the result is gone … for this problem, recently, Alipay online wallet Classification Function "Alipay Small Pack" on Alipay search "Small Pack" can experience.

It is reported that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has a separate bill, and users can put money into different "small packers", special funds, classified management. For example, "Dry Rice" "Special", "fitness special", etc. It is understood that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has independent bills, the same benefits, and the expenditure of the expenditure. In addition, users can invite others to join their own "small pouch", shared bills and benefits.

Alipay small purse supports manual transfer and automatic transfer, manual single transfer limit 5000, single transfer limit 20,000, no funds, maximum amount limit; automatic transfer can be set to 50,000 yuan. In terms of transfer, if the monthly consumption limit is not set, the remaining funds remaining in the small packet can be transferred.

In this regard, some netizens said that people are really necessary for my spending big hand, classification management is too necessary; Alipay small lotus bag listens to cute, this function is also a lever

Alipay small purse classification, the feeling is very good, it is the shortcomibility of money

And some netizens said it can also spend a lot of a lot of puces separately. The monthly consumption bill is clearer, and the money is more modified. Let’s try it!

The National Competition won the prize, how does this project be a productivity?

The intersection of 5G projects play smart manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance "two-hand good card", which is largely lowered, also harvested production capacity, and the operation and maintenance efficiency "double improvement".Not long ago, this project named "Based on 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Wicked Zhiwei Association", the top 4 "Bloom Cup" 5G application collection competition is paid to the bronze medal.Recently, Xinhua Daily · Intersection reporter approaches this project, from the production workshop, the photovoltaic power station, how to feel the 5G technology of "large bandwidth, low time delay, wide connection" is productivity.

The project is jointly created by China and Energy Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Branch, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ideal Information Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., currently built industrial Internet, energy Internet two platforms, Planning and design 5G + smart park, 5G + smart operation and maintenance, 5G + wisdom production, 5G + logo analysis, etc. 4 large sections, 33 5G application scenarios. Among them, 5G + data acquisition, 5G + AI machine vision, 5G + product traceability, 5G + AR remote guidance, 5G + smart inspection, 5G + smart cleaning robot, etc. 20 scenes have landed, manufactured by photovoltaic products, photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance Variety.

In China and Energy Saving Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., the reporter walked into a component workshop and saw a piece of backplane from the "welding" process to the "laminated" process, whenever there is a backplane "transit", one industry on the production line The scanning code is scaled immediately, automatically passes the production data into the MES (production management system). The technical person in charge of the project, Li Ning, Minister of Information Department of China and Energy Solar Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., "Scanning Code" reduces the computer in the workshop by 2/3. It turned out that in addition to the computer comes with the computer, dozens of computers must be set up in the workshop, and the workers entered MES on the computer. Since there may be missing, misunderstand, late report, etc., workers must also manually account, and compare "hand-to-hand" and "computer accounts" every day to correct errors and improve data. Now, industrial scanner installed on the production line interacts with each system, automatic reading, automatic payment, automatic fastening, automatic warning and integration with equipment data, and the success rate of 99.97%. Data collection is fast and accurate, which is both beneficial to optimize production management, but also guaranteed product duel.

As an important step in which the battery is made into a component, "lamination" must be firmly bonded with high temperatures. Even if air conditioning is opened, the temperature around the laminate can reach 450 degrees Celsius. After the laminating machine has an automatic scan code, the workers are liberated from the high temperature environment.

In the workshop, the quality inspectors have basically disappeared due to the "5G + AI machine vision" application. In the past, in more than 100 square meters of region, dozens of quality programs opened their eyes to check the quality of battery packs and detected 700,000 / day. Today, from silicon wafers, battery packs to components, implement a full process of artificial intelligence quality inspection. After training, artificial intelligence here has visual capabilities that found 50 problems. The factory is only in the battery workshop and the assembly workshop exit is arranged by the workers.

Li Ning introduced that the company has investing nearly 670 million yuan in 2019. Comprehensive and technical transformation of the components and battery workshops put into production in 2011, 5G full coverage in the factory, and synchronized "Based on 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Wicked Association Innovation Cloud Platform "project. Among them, the industrial Internet platform is enabled in the second half of last year, and 3,897 (sets) have been accessed, 60 industrial scanners, 12 industrial APs (edge ??computing applications). From more than a year, the platform collection key indicator is 89,000, the networked data is 410 million, and the ID volume reaches 53 million, which enhances the production capacity of the workshop by 51%, and the personnel decreased by 33%, and the production information will be traceable.

In addition to carrying out intelligent manufacturing, the project also builds an energy-friendly Internet platform, and the intelligent maintenance of "centralized monitoring, big data analysis, remote diagnosis, real-time maintenance" in photovoltaic power plants. With an energy-Internet platform, the headquarters can remotely understand the power generation of the power station, and replace the traditional practice of the statistics table through the QQ group layer.

Security work such as anti-invasion, fire, etc., is very important to the photovoltaic power station. The photovoltaic power station often covers an area of ??large area, and it is difficult to discover the fault point in time. "Ai + Security" system composed of AGV inspection robots, with powerful environmental perception, 24 hours in post, can capture safety threats such as small animal invasion to ensure stable operation of equipment.

Full smart photovoltaic cleaning robot, can be applied to the ground, roof and other photovoltaic power plants, can power generation, automatic walking, timing cleaning, and accept remote remote control, monitoring of power station operations.

When the power station fails, "5G + AR remote guidance" can make the field engineer with the distance from the experts voice, video exchange, improve communication quality and efficiency.

Intelligent operation and maintenance solves the long patrol cycle in the operation and maintenance of the power station, and the "pain point" of the fault response is slow. Maintenance personnel only need to sit in the control center to carry out inspection work efficiently. Li Yue Yue, director of Science and Technology, China Energy Solar Co., Ltd., said that this project has been used in 28 power stations in East China this project. Since this year, the power generation of these power stations has reached 1408 billion, equivalent to saving standard coal 429,300 tons, carbon dioxide emission reduction of 11.715 million tons, and 2.33 million trees. According to estimates, the operation and maintenance efficiency of these power plants increased by 50%, and the annual power generation increased by 2% to 6%.

"Based on the 5G + Industrial Internet Photo Wags and Zhiwei Association Tongchuang New Cloud Platform" Copper award. This year, "Blooming Cup" settled the benchmark game, from the previous "Bloom Cup" National Day awards project, the pokes were selected, the project’s practicality, commercial and social benefits, and transferred attention with 5G project landing and reproduction promotion effects.

Xinhua Daily · Intersection Reporter Xu Guanying / Map

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The "three kills" of Alphago, Ke Jie cried: "It does not follow the routine!"

Ke Jie and Alphago were all played in May 2017, known as the Century Human War, the end result is that the human brain is finished in artificial intelligence

Prior to this, in 2016, Korean players Li Shishi have played with AlphaGo, and Li Shishi won a game, so this competition made everyone feel that the machine is not so horrible. The human brain still has a chance to win.

One year later, Alphago was upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0, and the opponent was also replaced by Li Shishi, South Korea. However, this time Ke Jie’s luck is so good, the three games ended in failure, because the ALPHAGO 2.0 chess road is that Ke Jie has not seen it completely, and I don’t know how to deal with it, so Ke Jie is in the end of the game. The media is crying: "I have never seen this chess, it does not follow the routine at all."

From Li Shishi’s two defeat, to Kege’s three-game, what did Alphago experienced? Is artificial intelligence really human beings can’t overcome?

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence today.

First of all, Alphago upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, what did the middle have experienced? Why is chess?

In fact, the relationship between alphago1.0 and alphago2.0 is not a simple upgrade, but two completely different things, alphago1.0 is based primarily on big data, researchers enrolled all the playful games that can be found in human history. Alphago database , Then add some queries, retrieved algorithms, allowing it to quickly find the game with the corresponding play with human beings, and then get the law will win, which method will lose. So at the time of AlphaGo1.0 will be slower because it requires internal programs to calculate, which will take a certain time.

From the surface, Li Shi Shi is at the time and a machine, in fact, it is also a play chess with all the play in history, so as long as his chess is enough, it is quick enough to have a chance to win.

After Alphago upgraded to 2.0, Google’s new change, researchers did not entrunly entered the past chess, just tell it the basic rules of Go, how to win, how to call, then write these rules to algorithm, hand Give alphago, let it go to work, and divide yourself into two, one is divided into four, one is divided into eight, to create an opponent for himself, then the result of each winning, keep the database, continuously optimization. Because of the specific powerful power of Alphago, its update iterative speed is very fast, and the accumulation of human experience is not comparable.

Alphago and each of your own docking is to have an experience of yourself, and it is yourself with yourself. These experiences and human beings have no relationship. This is the time when Ke Jie and Alphago2.0 game, completely touch The reason for the routine. Because Alphago2.0 experience is from the machine yourself, not from humans, it will definitely not play chess in human routine, and a such opponent, how can you win.

From this example, we can also know what is called real artificial intelligence, like alphago1.0 is not true artificial intelligence, just based on big data is some inquiry, if there is no big data, it will nothing. Alphago2.0 is completely different, it has the same learning ability and thinking, through some basic rules, through constant learning, and has different abilities.

Can learn, think and act like human beings, is called real artificial intelligence. Through powerful intelligence and advanced algorithm, artificial intelligence can complete humanities can’t complete in a short time. Therefore, use good artificial intelligence to make human society to make huge progress, this progress is I can’t imagine it.

It is because of the huge charm of artificial intelligence. Now it has become a tool for many people used to market. Many companies are playing artificially intelligent banners. In fact, it is big data, how to distinguish what is real artificial intelligence, such as Is our common face recognition access control system? Let you share it next time, remember some attention.