Alipay online "small pouch" function: money can be classified

I believe that there is a lot of such friends around you, every day, I have worked hard, but when you ask her (he), she (he) will answer your "Moonlight". Said a lot of money to spend a plan every month, the month will check the bill to discover the breakdown; I want to have a money to travel, and the result is gone … for this problem, recently, Alipay online wallet Classification Function "Alipay Small Pack" on Alipay search "Small Pack" can experience.

It is reported that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has a separate bill, and users can put money into different "small packers", special funds, classified management. For example, "Dry Rice" "Special", "fitness special", etc. It is understood that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has independent bills, the same benefits, and the expenditure of the expenditure. In addition, users can invite others to join their own "small pouch", shared bills and benefits.

Alipay small purse supports manual transfer and automatic transfer, manual single transfer limit 5000, single transfer limit 20,000, no funds, maximum amount limit; automatic transfer can be set to 50,000 yuan. In terms of transfer, if the monthly consumption limit is not set, the remaining funds remaining in the small packet can be transferred.

In this regard, some netizens said that people are really necessary for my spending big hand, classification management is too necessary; Alipay small lotus bag listens to cute, this function is also a lever

Alipay small purse classification, the feeling is very good, it is the shortcomibility of money

And some netizens said it can also spend a lot of a lot of puces separately. The monthly consumption bill is clearer, and the money is more modified. Let’s try it!

New York Chief Prosecutor accuses Amazon warehouse to respond to new crown and retaliate against protesters

According to the Verge website, on December 1,Amazon is facing new problems, under the supervision of Letitia James, the Chief Prosecutor of New York, has failed. After more than a year of workers’ protests and legislators, James is now seeking court orders, requiring Amazon to appoint a supervisor to supervise their health and safety measures in Staung Island warehouses. As part of the same motion, James requested Amazon to restore the dismissed worker Christian Samos’s position, Samos led the public protest against Amazon last year, accusing the company failed to prevent employees from infecting viruses during work.

Image from: Google

According to James, Amazon has revoked many health and safety measures in the warehouse, which are called JFK8. Standon’s warehouse, hired about 5,000 employees, has always been a fierce competition between Amazon and its employees.

James said in a statement: "Amazon and its leadership have deposited billions of dollars during the 2019 coronavirus disease epidemic, with the continuous fermentation of the crisis, and the health and concerns of workers continue to be ignored." Amazon must guarantee The safety, transparency of the working environment, and respect for the employees of hard work, rather than further endangering them.

In February of this year, Amazon prosecuted the New York Co., Ltd., saying that the office lacks legal authorization and does not have the right to take legal remedies in JKF8 warehouse to handle 2019 coronavirus disease. Four days later, James’s office filed a lawsuit, accused Amazon’s early early days without protecting its warehouse employees, and retaliating those who concerned with insufficient safety measures.

In March 2020, the Workers in Amazon JKF8 warehouse said that they did not have enough protective equipment, nor did they be told whether their colleagues were positive in the coronavirus.