Hei, iPhone13promax! Fruit powder is proud of you

With the development of technology, the memory capacity of mobile phones has also become bigger and bigger, and there is a trend of catching over computer memory. In terms of mobile phone memory capacity, the capacity growth trend of Android phones is the largest, especially in memory, has grown to 12GB specifications. And the original memory capacity upgrade has been slower iPhone, on the iPhone13Promax’s memory capacity, it is upgraded to 6GB, but the Android mobile phone camera, iPhone13promax’s 6GB memory only has half of the 12GB memory of Android phones.

So how much difference between the 6GB of 6GB of Iphone13Promax is compared to the 12GB of Android phones, how much is the number of running speed and background software, the greater the capacity of memory, the more software numbers in the background of the background?

There are 5 mobile phones that participate in the test. In addition to the iPhone13Promax’s memory is 6GB, the other four phones are Android phones, which are Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9pro, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA, these four Android phones are equipped 12GB of memory is also a hot flagship mobile phone. So, 6GB memory and 12GB have the number of software running in the background, what is the difference?

The first is to make the Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA these five mobile phones, and does not clear the background program, so that the number of background programs of these 5 mobile phones reaches 35. When the number of backgrounds of the 5 mobile phones remains consistent, the software open operation is started, and the number of software in the background will be reduced.

As the software continues to open the operation, you can see Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA this 5 mobile phone’s background software open quantity change, except for the number of iphone13promax’s background software is still 35 , Google Pixel6Pro, a plus 9PRO, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software has decreased by 34.

With long-term software open operation, Google Pixel6pro, a plus 9PRO, iPhone13Promax, Xiaomi 11ULTRA, Samsung S21ULTRA’s back-end software number has also changed differently. The number of back-end software in iPhone13Promax is reduced to 33. The number of background software in Xiaomi 11ULTRA is reduced to 26. The number of daemons of 9PRO is reduced to 24, and the number of Samsung S21ULTRA is reduced to 23, and the number of software of Google Pixel6pro is reduced. 22.

Where iPhone13Promax has decreased in the number of background software, it is still the most.

From the final test result, although the iPhone13Promax is only 6GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, the number of background software is still very much, and it can guarantee about 33. Other Android phones reached 12GB, but in the long-term software opens the test link, there is less than 30 procedures running in the background, and only 25 mil meters are 11ULTRA, reaching 26. This fully illustrates how much mobile phone background running procedures, and the memory size does not have a direct relationship, or that the memory capacity of 6GB or 8GB has been complete enough, and there is no excessive improvement in the 12GB of internal operation.

I have to congratulate iPhone13promax here again, this test makes the fruit powder again for iPhone13promax!

Apple mobile phone experience is not as good as Android

Apple returns to the upper left corner, then return to our right hand to drag the entire phone, then move from the left hand from the bottom to the top to return to the top, especially the MAX model mobile phone, this It is even more inconvenient, it can be said that it is very uncomfortable, then look at the return button on the left lower corner of the screen, it is really convenient to use.

Apple text messages cannot be bracomated. When you have a long time to delete or completely delete it, you can only feel incomparable when you have a delete, but the Android can be batch or all deleted.

Apple phones always appear to automatically connect WiFi, you need to open the WLAN manual point from the settings, this problem unless you ignore this WiFi, then re-enter your password connection, or restore your phone’s network to resolve. And there will be this problem after a period of time, my Apple Android doubles, this problem has never appeared in Android.

The phone signal will never be more than Android. This is a well-known question. Apple mobile phone’s work not only does not progress, but in reverse, the iPhone13pm bought this year still has a significant gap. It took half a month to find gaps than just bought more. , 10,000 mobile phone workmanship has not yet I have 2000 in the first two years to do work (Xiaomi 9 transparent exploration version) Work-of-the-shelf seam, any angle you have not found a slit.

It can be said that these are the problems that Apple mobile phone itself is, and the netizen feels the most deeply touched. The netizen thinks that Apple mobile phone is stable, smooth and durable, and others are not as good as Android. To be honest, Apple’s return button is really anti-human in the upper left corner, but even if you hate it? We have no way again. After all, Apple system is a typical Westerner’s design logic. They don’t care, you can’t help him, anyway, no matter how it is designed, there is always a big man.