Dual function molecular additive, power 3D perovskite low attenuation high stable electroluminescence

The three-dimensional calcium-titanite has been proven to be an effective strategy for achieving high brightness efficient light emitting diode (LED). However, most of the three-dimensional calcium-titanium mine-emitting diodes still have serious efficiency attenuation.

Here, the author uses FAPBI3 as the model system, and the main cause of 3D perovskite-type LED-type LED efficiency and degradation is the ion migration of defects and electrical stress. By introducing a dual-function molecule 3-chlorobenzymamine additive in a perovskite precursor solution, the deleterious effect can be significantly inhibited by the growth and defect passivation of high jaws. This method produces a bright near-infraredcium-type LED having a peak external quantum efficiency of 16.6%, maintaining 80% of its peak at a high current density of 460 mA cm? 2, corresponding to 300 W SR? 1 m 2 The high brightness. In addition, at a constant current density of 100 mA-cm? 2,The device displays a half-life record of 49 h. Related papers are published in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the nano letters journal in the Nano Letters Journal.

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Metal halide calcium-type light-emitting diode (LED) is widely concerned in lighting and display field due to its processability, flexibility, high brightness, good color purity and potential low cost. The diversity of perovskite provides huge opportunities for improving device performance. For example, three dimensional (3D), quasi-quantum dotted titanium ore increased the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of the LED to 20%. However, although huge progress has been made in terms of device performance, the stability of devices is the main obstacle to the practical application of calcium titanium mine type LED. It is generally believed that ion migration of the perovskite layer is one of the main challenges of stabilizing calcium titanium-producing diodes. By adding large organic cation, quadriterous calcium-titanium-titanite having multiple quartz wells can inhibit ion migration and improve the stability of the device under electric field. In principle, the Russian compound in 3D perovskite is not as serious as low-dimensional calcium-titanium, which can cause LEDs with high efficiency and high brightness. However, in many perovskite devices, effective energy transfer cannot be observed due to Joule heating.

In this work, it is considered that the effective launch of FAPBI3 perovskite LEDs is mainly due to defects and ion migration, which disrupts the stability of the device. We further show that the addition of double-functional molecular 3-chlorobenzylamine (3Cl-BA) in the precursor solution can significantly inhibit harmful effects. This method can make the peak EQE of the perovskite LED of 16.6%, the electroluminescence (EL) peak is 803 nm, and the half maximum width is 42 nm, and the current density J80 can be defined as EQE to drop 80% of the peak value. The current density increases to increase a quantitative stage and T50 (half-life) ratio of three orders of magnitude higher than that control the perovskite LED. (文: Love Xinhua Luo Xing)

Figure 1.3Cl-BA group FAPBI3 light emitting diode of photoelectric characteristics.

figure 2. The efficiency of the LED based on FAPBI3 is reduced.

Figure 3. Characterization of FAPBI3 film in Figure 3.3Cl-BA group.

36 首 发 | "Xinmai Medical" completed nearly billion US dollars E-round financing, high blood pressure, asthma intervention new therapy again

36 learned that the radiofrequency ablation technology platform "Xin Mai Medical" completed the total number of e-wheel financing, this financing was jointly invested by Dingxu Group, Chunhua Capital, and the existing shareholders Siki Capital, and the return investment in China. Yikai Capital is the exclusive financial adviser of this transaction.

This financing will be used to promote the global clinical registration test of the innovative medical equipment of Xinmai Medical, develop a new generation of RDN (renal-renal-induced sympathetic ablation) and respiratory products, acquire overseas innovation technology and product lines.

At this stage, there are two products in Xinmai Medical, are being launched in clinical registration tests, and have entered the NMPA innovative medical device special review process (ie "green channel"), namely: indications for high blood pressure renal neuronometer / selectivity The ablation system, the adaptation is a bronchial radiofrequency ablation system for severe asthma.

The study of the treatment of malignant hypertension is traced back to the 1945s, but the method of surgical surgery will be treated to huge wounds at the time of surgery, and postoperative complications were serious. Professor Xin Tai Medical Co-founder Wang Jie is one of the earliest leaders of RDN (renal sympathetic neuromomism), and then started with minimally invasive transcotraned radiofrequency ablation methods, kidney artery standard / selectivity Ablation to remove kidney nerves.

Xin Maikin artery standard / selective radio frequency ablation instrument and guide wire, company for map

The first generation of RDN technology, catheter enters in vivo, through radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve, but the problem is unable to judge whether it hits the target. The renal artery / selective ablation of Xin Mai is understandable: in the process of removing the renal nerve, the blood pressure and heart rate synchronously is synchronized to standardize the kidney nerve function, and the blood pressure and heart rate increases to ablation. Thereby, renal sympathetic nerves can be selectively removed, reserved renaliencies (or "sympathetic inhibitory nerves") and other neurons to improve the effectiveness and safety of RDN to treat high blood pressure. The clinical registration trial of Xin Mai RDN system was carried out by the professor of Huo Yong, the academician of Ge Gaoo, and the cardiovascular experts of Sun Ningling.

The "bronchial radiofrequency ablation system" in the field of respiratory diseases, Xinmai Medical Treatment of severe asthma, also walks in the forefront. Bronchial thermoforming surgery (BT) is an interventional surgery of bronchoscopy in anesthesia or sedative. The surgical use of radio frequency energy controlled by temperature, removing a smooth muscle of pathological proliferative hyperplasia on the airway wall, thereby alleviating the stenosis of the airway shrinkage and improves the ventilation function.

The bronchial radiofrequency abundance conductor of Xin Mai designed temperature detection, impedance detection function, can detect the adapted electrode and the bronchial wall of the bronchial wall to avoid unable discharge of the ablation system cannot perceive the electrode wall condition. In addition, the diameter of the ablation electrode front end of Mai is reduced by 0.05 mm, and it is designed to be more suitable for anatomical structure of the fourth bronchial bronchi in the Chinese.

In terms of entrepreneurial team, Xin Mai medical joint founder, Chairman / CEO Wang Jie once served as the president of Nanjing University Medical College, the executive vice president of Jiangsu Clinical Medical College Research Institute; another joint founder Jinke Graduated from the University of Rockefeller (Molecular Cell Biology) / Columbia University (Finance), Zeng Yifei Pharmaceutical Factory Asia Pacific China Business Director, many successful entrepreneurs.

At present, the Mete, the Metron, Philips, and Datsuka also has sustained layout in the RDN field, and large clinical trials at home and abroad have accumulated rich data. In April this year, in the Hainan Boao, the Medcal Symplicity Spyral catheter system was first applied in China, and the first case of renal artery intensive neurofrequency ablation surgery was completed. Domestic Kang Yu Biology, Charming Lee is also in the field of layout of renal artery, and enters the clinical trial stage. For patients with hypertension trapped in drug treatment, minimally invasive RDN technology provides new bucks.