Wipe window robot evaluation: the difference in cleaning ability is obvious and unity and prices

According to Jiangsu Public · News Channel "News 360": The high-rise residential glass is dirty, it is difficult to scrub, especially the outer layer of the glass, it is also very dangerous. In recent years, there is a rubber artifact, rubbed Window robot, then, is this product useful? On the morning of November 30, the Nanjing Consumers Association issued the evaluation and analysis of the erase window robot.

[The difference in cleaning ability is significantly and disadvantageous and the price is not proportional]

The comparative trial has a total of 10 samples. The price ranges from 830 yuan to 3280 yuan, involving 9 domestic and foreign brands of the market, mainly testing the cleaning coverage rate, cleaning efficiency, safety performance, noise, battery life. The evaluation found that 10 sample cleaning coverages have reached more than 95%, but the cleaning efficiency difference is obvious. 348 seconds like 2 can be wiped to complete a glass, while the sample is only 115 seconds to complete the same work. In addition, the evaluation found that the performance of product performance is not necessarily proportional to the price.

Yu Qi, a senior engineer of the National Intelligent Grid Quality Inspection Center of Nanjing Quality Inspection Institute, said that the sample is the most expensive price in this batch, but in the actual test, it found that its tension is very small, people are in use Make a little more than 30 bulls, it may fall. The second aspect is its noise or relatively large, nearly 70dB (decibels), and long-term use will have a certain impact on the eardrum. There is also its cleaning coverage, and the edge angular corners should not be wiped, and it is necessary to wipe it again after wiping.

[Safety performance difference is universal]

The evaluation finds that the overall noise is large when the window robot is working, and the 10 samples reached 60 decibels, and the lowest noise has a sample of 58 decibels. The adsorption capacity and battery life reflect the safety performance of the product. After testing, 10 sample life gaps are obvious, the battery life is up to 70 minutes after power failure, minimum 25 minutes. The adsorption capacity has a large disorder, and the tension of 80n, like 4 samples will fall from the glass, and samples, only 32N pull, will fall from the glass.

Yu Qi said that if you don’t have a safety rope during use, or the safety rope falls off, there will be a risk of high-altitude falling.

After evaluation, the overall performance of the 4th, 5 and 9 samples is better, and the comprehensive evaluation is five stars. Nanjing Consumers Association recommends that consumers can purchase a window robot on demand, purchase brand products through regular channels, and before purchasing, it is best to test the product test machine, detect product noise size and cleaning performance. In addition, it is necessary to train the safety rope to prevent falling at high altitude.

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Typroa charge! What else can be replaced, 10 MARKDOWN editors [recommended collection]

Hello everyone, I am Yi, pay attention to I don’t regularly share free use software. The full text has accumulated 2800 words, 21 maps, it is recommended to read it slowly

I didn’t work overtime on the weekend, and I opened my computer to write something. As usual, when I opened Typroa, I played a stroke, I saw the NEWER VERSION at the end of my English level 4, and I suddenly understood it.

Then update, then jump to Typroa’s official website,$ 14.99The charging suggests that I stab my heart at the time. [It is said that Typroa’s Hanhua is completed by the community, and now it is actually charged]

Typroa has been used for more than a year, with a simple interface, instant rendering characteristics becomes my only editing software. After the introduction of the habit, I suddenly started charging. I can’t help but remember the NOTABILITY charging operation encountered for some time.

So in the face of this situation, the wallet dry, I started a software search. Search and use, I really found a lot of alternative software, share with you any free MarkDown software.

Since the author is a Windows user, it can only be shared according to the platform used, cross-platform capabilities are only simple introduced.

Let the sudden charge, so this time it is recommended to open source software, the source code can be found on GitHub, you can respect.

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: MacwindowsLinux

VS Code is a programming software from Microsoft. After years, iterative development, functionality and performance have become increasingly stable. As a programmer, starting from the birth of VS Code.

The power of VS Code is that you can support a lot of dedicated features by installing extensions. For example, C code, Java code, flowchart. Of course, MarkDown is also supported.

After installing the MarkDown plugin, you can edit the text, render the style of viewing the document on the right.

Comment: The programmer will like VS Code, it is not possible after installing the plugin.

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Joplin is a cross-platform open source and completely free MarkDown note software. After the initial use, the discovery function is far more than Typroa, which is more suitable for me.

Joplin’s interface is equally simple, I believe soon, I can start, and the lack of beauty is that some menus are not completely Chinese, but some simple words do not affect the use.

In addition to the normal editing capabilities with Typroa, Joplin supports multiple cloud disk synchronization. Typroa does not support cloud synchronization, each time you need manual synchronization, this time is replacing the editor because of the disaster.

Joplin also supports end-to-end encryption, TO-DO-to-do items, note history version, full Chinese search, external editor open, web clip plugin, etc.

Comment: It is better than Typroa … currently replaced with Joplin

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: WindowsMaclinux

Mark Text is a simple and elegant open source MARKDOWN editor that supports Linux, MacOS, and Windows platforms.

The function of Mark Text is basically consistent with TyproA, supports real-time rendering of MarkDown, and imports the original Typroa editable documents into Mark Text, smooth excessive obstacles.

A good feature than Typroa is to support SM.MS and Github Tu bed. For those who often write blogs, it will reduce the trouble of uploading pictures.

The lack of beauty is not supported, and some people may not be friendly.

Comment: Can be compared with Typroa, replace Typroa

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform

NOTABLE is an open source MarkDown editor that supports Linux, MacOS, Windows and other operating systems.

NOTABLE uses a classic triple structure, and the left column also supports the "All Notes" also supports the label. The middle bar shows the list of notes contained in all notes or corresponding tags, and the right column is the main editing and preview area.

NOTABLE does not support MarkDown real-time rendering, and some people who like focus words will like this "focus" input mode.

In addition, NOTABLE supports full-text search, but does not support Chinese menus.

Comment: Do not support Chinese menus, a little regret

  • Github official website

  • Cross-platform: MacwindowsDebianFedoraarm64

Zettlr is a MarkDown editor that is ideal for writing professional texts, whether college students, researchers, reporters or writers.

Zettlr’s unique literature reference, focus mode, thermogram search, code highlight, and organizational structures can make MarkDown transform into productivity tools from the editor.

Comment: Does not support the Chinese menu, a bit regret! Professional

  • Github

  • Cross-platform: WindowsLinuxMac

Trilium is an open source MARKDOWN note software that uses a directory hierarchy notes. The notes can be arranged to be arbitrary deep trees. Rich desired, incoming note editing, including, for example, form, image, and mathematics and MARKDOWN automatic set format; support using source code editing notes, including syntax highlighting; quick and easy navigation between notes, full-text search and notes upgrade; seamless Note Version Control; Comment Properties can be used for annotation organizations, queries, and advanced scripts; synchronize with self-host synchronization servers;

In addition to these features, Trilium supports the relationship diagram and link diagrams between notes. The relationship diagram of visualization allows knowledge to form a correlation, convenient to memory.

Comment: I can use the relationship diagram between Typroa, the relationship between the notes is suitable as a knowledge base.

Many document editing is now completed through multiplayer online collaboration, or using different device editing, this time uses an online editor is more appropriate.

There are many tabular software, but NOTION is a "redefined digital note" all-around knowledge management software. Give users a very rich feature to meet more than 90% of users’ notes.

The basic unit in the NOTION is [Block], a paragraph, a picture, a video, a table is a block. Multiple Block makes up a Page page that can be understood as a note.

This flexible operation can be applied to more scenes, multiple templates, can be personal notes, calendars, knowledge bases, can also be team libraries, boards and project management tools.

Comment: The powerful function, the Chinese interface is developed, there is a certain study cost. Data stocks are stored in the cloud, and the security documents need themselves.

TIP: If you consider Chinese, you can look at the software of "wolai", phenomenon, localized NOTITION software.

These three online editing software but more, and also support MarkDown, I believe many people are also using. Some time ago, the graphite document was chaired by the law, and the picture size was limited, and the article was limited to the public sharing, so it was not a moth now.

Quietly tell everyone: If you want to charge the stone, you can go to a treasure to see, there is a surprise …

Typroa retreats to previous test versions, you can also use it for free. However, I have found the replacement software is too lazy to try.

If you just replace Typroa,Offline MARKDOWN Software Recommended JOPLIN. Excessive learning costs from TyproA to Joplin, and Joplin has more features.

If there is a need for online synchronization sharing, you can also view the online document editor of the graphite document, Tencent document, etc., and the function is also very powerful.

Without the best editor, only the best is best for yourself! Some people like an editor to cover all the features, and some people like the editor of the editing function. Before choosing the software that suits you, fully considering your needs, such as secure (whether you can back up), retrieve, free, synchronize, etc.

You can also use multiple software at the same time, like I use Joplin, graphite documentation, have a cloud note, Tencent document multiple software, I believe that everyone can find the editor that suits you in these software.

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