"The monthly salary is as high as 80K, which has this operation skills to eat this?"

As of March 2021, the Internet users reached1162 millionOnly in September of Low Valley in 2020Increased 8.22 million.

Operate people, do you know what this does this represent?

In recent years, the Internet industry has enteredIndividual stockWith the disappearance of the population dividend, the cost of flow is getting higher and higher.

Almost all products, the platform is looking forHigh value pay usersLet them become a paid member of their own platform. Because this type of user is often capable, it is also more willing to get better service, and loyalty is also much higher than that of non-paying members.

Therefore, the operation of the pay member begins with most enterprises, brands, and platform development, major companies are even thirsty. Even up to up to25-50k, 50-80KMonthly salary, just to findEncourage the operators set by the member system!

From this, you can see the operator who knows the logic of the member system, it is really very fragrant!

But there are few less courses in the market, it is difficult to let everyone really understand the operational growth logic behind the member mechanism!

Today, Xiaobian brings benefits to everyone, only 1 penny, you can learn the operation growth logic behind the pay member system.

Course content summary:

  1. Why is the current members so prevalent?

  2. Deep dismantling Jingdong Plus member operation

  3. Demy the operation growth logic behind the members!

Through an hour of live broadcast, give you the key factors behind the members, bring you in-depth interpretation of the typical member model, and uncover the logic of the operation behind the members.

Limited time spike 0.01 yuan

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1. Curriculum value

Traffic dividends disappear, how can operations grow low cost users? What is the reason why the prevalence?

On the live broadcast class, Yang Junan will analyze from the three aspects of commercial environment, traffic, and users, and take you in-depth understanding of the members in the market today.

Teacher Yang Junan, who has experienced Internet actual combat experience, will be a member of the successful members of the students in the live class – depth dismantling Jingdong Plus + member operation, so that you know how a successful member mode is created.

Teacher will explain in detail in the live courses, and how to obtain user data, establish a clear user portrait, and perform digital marketing;

To analyze the user’s layered operation, how to do different operational activities / means for different user features, how to build their own membership methods, learn the common operation methods and techniques behind the members.

The public class content is selected from the [Starting Academy 90-day Internet Operational Battles], hoping to help 0 experience or in the short-term operation of newcomer system, build personal capacity system, improve personal core competitiveness, reaching the big factory Using people demand, gradually grow into an excellent high-pay operation.

2, one-on-one exchange opportunity to own and senior operation experts

This course is from the starting point of the school – special lecturer @ 君安 自自

The tutor has: 15 years of Internet product operation experience, both familiar with the largest product scale operation mode and familiar with the breaking of the entrepreneurial team.

After 10 minutes and live broadcast in the live class, the tutor will check the free Q & A in the live broadcast! There is any problem with course questions or work, the tutor will give you the corresponding suggestion ~

PS: Single is the last residue of live courses, it is worth registering the course. Like this question is to charge certain counseling, the teacher’s tutorial charge is a single pass, but It is free to check in this course! ! !

3, community spiritual model + dry goods sharing, and outstanding people

We will form a class group, serve by the exclusive class teacher –

Enjoy the triple benefits of "Community Sharing + Essence Courseware + Interactive Q & A"

▼▼ ▼

  • 0 -2 years of operation: no one teaches people to bring, lack methodology, want to improve their operating knowledge system;

  • 0 basic operation of the intention of intention: dissatisfaction, want to go to the operation, do not know from there

  • Students who graduate want to become a high-pay operation: graduation wants to enter the big factory, but I don’t know how to learn;

Whether it is just going, the transfer is also promoted, the logic method of member operation is everyone must have to master!

At 20:00 on Wednesday, the live broadcast is locked. Yang Junan will go online on time to bring everyone a live courses full of dry goods!

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Heavenly Medical Cloud Wisdom Medical Reproduction, Artificial Intelligence Accurate Embolic Medical Image

With the continued growth in medical market in my country, the artificial intelligence technology is continuously improved. The speed of medical industry has accelerated. In 2016-2020, China’s medical manual intelligence market scale increased by 43.4%, of which 2020 market size reached 40.8 billion yuan, year-on-year growth 47.3%, calculated according to the composite growth rate of 40.0%, and the size of China’s medical man-labor intelligence market will reach 219.43 billion yuan in 2025, the potential market space is huge. Future artificial intelligent medical track will still present a bright splendid scene. Today, we talk from the intelligent medical perspective to talk about the artificial intelligence of the image.



The AI ??image has become an important aid for the diagnosis of medical examinations. A medium-sized medical examination center, averages 300-400 people per day. DR chest radiography is of great significance for the screening of lung disease, and chest radiograph is almost inspected in a common medical examination project. A imaging doctor, one day, most of the 300-400 people is normal image, and it is conceivable that how big is the work intensity!



To this end, Tiandi Wisdom Medical has been developed – a full-chain AI chest image intelligent analysis system, and the video department can assist the doctor through the full chain AI service to use the cloud PACS to quickly screen, greatly enhance the doctor’s diagnostic efficiency. The full chain AI chest imaging intelligent analysis system includes acquisition control AI, image analysis AI, video diagnosis AI, department management AI, auxiliary doctor from shooting into diagnostic images.



Especially in the positive of the chest, the auxiliary diagnosis of AI auxiliary diagnosis is higher than the diagnosis and accuracy of the same industry. Tianzhi Yun full chain AI, for the four-character lung disease (including lung nodules, pulmonary edema, lung, pulmoniculture, etc.) and occupational diseases (tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.) The maximum performance of 92.6% of diagnostic accuracy (AUC), sensitivity is 96.2% and the specific performance of 85.1%, which can greatly improve the efficiency and diagnostic quality of the chest X-ray image inspection.



Whole chain AI chest imaging intelligent analysis system? Based on? Computer visual algorithm, large data training, deep learning of large data training, neural network, to integrate AI? Into the full process of radiological imaging, realize intelligent retrieval, massive screening, precise diagnosis, Provide higher quality ultra-clear images for clinical, and realize automated measurement, quantified data accurate screening and multi-type lesion intelligent prompt function, effectively improve the quality, efficiency and benefits of clinical diagnosis, and strengthen the medical examination center in the same scale The competitiveness of the medical examination center, reduce the tabular doctor? Work negative? Mercedently and optimize the patient’s experience.







In the future, artificial intelligence will gradually enplace the medical industry, not just? Images, will gradually develop in a deeper direction. The Tianxian Cloud R & D team will continue to keep up with the needs of the market and doctors, continue to study, and provide more convenient services for more and more doctors and patients.