"14th Five-Year Plan" period informationization and industrialized depth fusion construction drawing

On December 1st, Lanzhou.com, on November 30th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "14th Five-Year" Informationization and Industrial Deep Intelement Development Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning "), finalized the" 14th Five-Year Plan "period Development goals and specific paths, express the pace of digital transformation in key industries such as raw materials, equipment manufacturing, consumer goods and electronic information, and lead operations, industrial Internet platform promotion projects, industrial Internet platform promotion projects, industrial Internet platform promotion projects, industrial Internet platform promotion projects, industrial Internet platform promotion projects, industrial Internet platform promotion projects Increased action, and 5 key projects in digital upgrade operations in the industrial chain supply chain propolize.

"Plan" is clear, by 2025, informatization and industrialization achieve integration development in the wide range, deepest, and higher levels, the new generation of information technology accelerates penetration to the manufacturing industry, the transformation of manufacturing digital transformation is significantly accelerated, national The development index of the two-way fusion reached 105. The digital penetration rate of enterprise management reached 80%, and the penetration of digital research and development and design tools reached 85%. The critical process was 68%, and the industrial Internet platform penetration rate reached 45%.

The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is the main task of the two fusion during the 14th Five-Year Plan. At the press conference held on the 30th, Xie Shaofeng, the Ministry of Information Technology Development Director Xie Shaofeng, who replied "Economic Report" reporter, the manufacturing digital transformation is a development stage of the two fusion of technical profound changes, and is currently the current The focus of the two integration, "Plan" makes special deployments on digital transformation, summarizing the "strong enterprises, grasp the key, thick foundation, and ecological".

Specifically, Xie Shaofeng said that it is necessary to fully promote digital transformation concepts, continuously enhance digital technology such as digital technology applications, software applications, data management, accelerate the digitalization of key links such as R & D design, manufacturing, management services. Breakthrough in key industries, industrial parks and industrial chain supply chains, with the critical number of scenes, and promote the digital transformation of the industrial Internet platform to enter the park in the park, and speed up the intersection of the industrial Internet platform. Gathering to improve digital technology innovation capabilities and application levels, vigorously develop industrial software and industrial App, strengthen security security, and consolidate the technical and industrial foundation of manufacturing digital transformation. At the same time, adhere to the standard leading, establish a digital transformation standard system for manufacturing with the two-way integration standards, and accelerate the scale of standards in key industries. Strengthen the construction of digital transformation service system, promote the digital transformation ecology of linkage and inclusion of universal sharing in the construction line.

As a key starting of the promotion of the depth of the two, the industry’s digital transformation, the industrial Internet will accelerate the promotion. "Plan" clearly, facing raw materials, equipment manufacturing, consumer goods, electronic information and other key industries and industrial collection area construction industry and regional special platform, construction of cloud simulation, digital twin, data processing and other technical platforms.

Feng Wei, director of the Ministry of Information Technology Development Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that it will promote production of production and research funds to strengthen cooperation, relying on carriers such as Industrial Internet Platform Innovation Cooperation, carry out key technical products joint research, accelerate R & D design, manufacturing, management, and business , Digital transformation of social resources such as logistics, sharing in linear convergence and platformization, and build new ecologies based on industrial Internet platforms. At the same time, a group of industrial Internet demonstration areas, industrial Internet industry demonstration bases, giving full play to local comparative advantages, and building highland development in industrial Internet. (Reporter Guo Qian)

36 首 发 | "Xinmai Medical" completed nearly billion US dollars E-round financing, high blood pressure, asthma intervention new therapy again

36 learned that the radiofrequency ablation technology platform "Xin Mai Medical" completed the total number of e-wheel financing, this financing was jointly invested by Dingxu Group, Chunhua Capital, and the existing shareholders Siki Capital, and the return investment in China. Yikai Capital is the exclusive financial adviser of this transaction.

This financing will be used to promote the global clinical registration test of the innovative medical equipment of Xinmai Medical, develop a new generation of RDN (renal-renal-induced sympathetic ablation) and respiratory products, acquire overseas innovation technology and product lines.

At this stage, there are two products in Xinmai Medical, are being launched in clinical registration tests, and have entered the NMPA innovative medical device special review process (ie "green channel"), namely: indications for high blood pressure renal neuronometer / selectivity The ablation system, the adaptation is a bronchial radiofrequency ablation system for severe asthma.

The study of the treatment of malignant hypertension is traced back to the 1945s, but the method of surgical surgery will be treated to huge wounds at the time of surgery, and postoperative complications were serious. Professor Xin Tai Medical Co-founder Wang Jie is one of the earliest leaders of RDN (renal sympathetic neuromomism), and then started with minimally invasive transcotraned radiofrequency ablation methods, kidney artery standard / selectivity Ablation to remove kidney nerves.

Xin Maikin artery standard / selective radio frequency ablation instrument and guide wire, company for map

The first generation of RDN technology, catheter enters in vivo, through radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve, but the problem is unable to judge whether it hits the target. The renal artery / selective ablation of Xin Mai is understandable: in the process of removing the renal nerve, the blood pressure and heart rate synchronously is synchronized to standardize the kidney nerve function, and the blood pressure and heart rate increases to ablation. Thereby, renal sympathetic nerves can be selectively removed, reserved renaliencies (or "sympathetic inhibitory nerves") and other neurons to improve the effectiveness and safety of RDN to treat high blood pressure. The clinical registration trial of Xin Mai RDN system was carried out by the professor of Huo Yong, the academician of Ge Gaoo, and the cardiovascular experts of Sun Ningling.

The "bronchial radiofrequency ablation system" in the field of respiratory diseases, Xinmai Medical Treatment of severe asthma, also walks in the forefront. Bronchial thermoforming surgery (BT) is an interventional surgery of bronchoscopy in anesthesia or sedative. The surgical use of radio frequency energy controlled by temperature, removing a smooth muscle of pathological proliferative hyperplasia on the airway wall, thereby alleviating the stenosis of the airway shrinkage and improves the ventilation function.

The bronchial radiofrequency abundance conductor of Xin Mai designed temperature detection, impedance detection function, can detect the adapted electrode and the bronchial wall of the bronchial wall to avoid unable discharge of the ablation system cannot perceive the electrode wall condition. In addition, the diameter of the ablation electrode front end of Mai is reduced by 0.05 mm, and it is designed to be more suitable for anatomical structure of the fourth bronchial bronchi in the Chinese.

In terms of entrepreneurial team, Xin Mai medical joint founder, Chairman / CEO Wang Jie once served as the president of Nanjing University Medical College, the executive vice president of Jiangsu Clinical Medical College Research Institute; another joint founder Jinke Graduated from the University of Rockefeller (Molecular Cell Biology) / Columbia University (Finance), Zeng Yifei Pharmaceutical Factory Asia Pacific China Business Director, many successful entrepreneurs.

At present, the Mete, the Metron, Philips, and Datsuka also has sustained layout in the RDN field, and large clinical trials at home and abroad have accumulated rich data. In April this year, in the Hainan Boao, the Medcal Symplicity Spyral catheter system was first applied in China, and the first case of renal artery intensive neurofrequency ablation surgery was completed. Domestic Kang Yu Biology, Charming Lee is also in the field of layout of renal artery, and enters the clinical trial stage. For patients with hypertension trapped in drug treatment, minimally invasive RDN technology provides new bucks.