What are the universities of Huawei? As can be seen from the data, these colleges are national tools

What are the universities of Huawei? As can be seen from the data, these colleges are national tools

The college entrance examination has ended, many parents and candidates have begun to choose universities in accordance with the examination, and prepare for future volunteers. When choosing college, parents should pay more attention to school strength and social recognition, which will have a significant impact on the future employment prospects in children. The author will introduce you to 15 schools in the current signature of Huawei. These universities are rich in profits in the country, and graduates are also recognized by other outstanding companies. Candidates should pay attention.

The above table shows which 15 universities have received the most supported by Huawei. We can see that Xi’an University of Electronic Technology is a school that admits the number of students. Huawei admitted 556 students in this school, which is much more than many 985 universities. This shows the strength of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology. The university has several professional disciplines such as computer science and engineering, electronic science and engineering, intelligent science and engineering, communication technology and information security. These are what Huawei and other Internet communications companies need. Therefore, the employment opportunities of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology graduates are also very extensive and welcomed by large companies.

In addition, the second Zhejiang University and the third Southeast University have also obtained this award. Zhejiang University has maintained rapid development, and all discipline strength is balanced, and the engineering construction is striving for excellence. Zhejiang University has been rated as the fourth good university in China and has won the favor of Huawei and other companies.

Southeast University has developed steadily in recent years and is known for its engineering courses. The main discipline of the university is electrical engineering and technology, civil engineering and electrical engineering and automation. This is why Huawei also likes graduates from Southeast University when choosing people.

What is unexpected is that Tsinghua University and the two Chinese top universities in Peking University are only ranked 13th and 18th in Huawei’s enrollment. This is a bit uneasy. However, in reality, Huawei’s recruitment work is mainly concentrated in recruitment communications and technical professionals. Therefore, many science, technology and engineering universities are in the list. To a certain extent, the lower enrollment rate of Tsinghua and Peking University is also related to their intentions of their graduates. Huawei company is very high for their graduates, and many of them are working hard, often overtime. Therefore, students from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, because of more job opportunities, so broad. They tend to choose other intensity and high income.

Huawei recruits the most players in these 15 schools. These schools have made significant contributions to the country’s development, which can be said to be a huge wealth in the country. An excellent company like Huawei also favors graduates, so the elderly applicant can pay attention to them.

36 首 发 | "Xinmai Medical" completed nearly billion US dollars E-round financing, high blood pressure, asthma intervention new therapy again

36 learned that the radiofrequency ablation technology platform "Xin Mai Medical" completed the total number of e-wheel financing, this financing was jointly invested by Dingxu Group, Chunhua Capital, and the existing shareholders Siki Capital, and the return investment in China. Yikai Capital is the exclusive financial adviser of this transaction.

This financing will be used to promote the global clinical registration test of the innovative medical equipment of Xinmai Medical, develop a new generation of RDN (renal-renal-induced sympathetic ablation) and respiratory products, acquire overseas innovation technology and product lines.

At this stage, there are two products in Xinmai Medical, are being launched in clinical registration tests, and have entered the NMPA innovative medical device special review process (ie "green channel"), namely: indications for high blood pressure renal neuronometer / selectivity The ablation system, the adaptation is a bronchial radiofrequency ablation system for severe asthma.

The study of the treatment of malignant hypertension is traced back to the 1945s, but the method of surgical surgery will be treated to huge wounds at the time of surgery, and postoperative complications were serious. Professor Xin Tai Medical Co-founder Wang Jie is one of the earliest leaders of RDN (renal sympathetic neuromomism), and then started with minimally invasive transcotraned radiofrequency ablation methods, kidney artery standard / selectivity Ablation to remove kidney nerves.

Xin Maikin artery standard / selective radio frequency ablation instrument and guide wire, company for map

The first generation of RDN technology, catheter enters in vivo, through radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve, but the problem is unable to judge whether it hits the target. The renal artery / selective ablation of Xin Mai is understandable: in the process of removing the renal nerve, the blood pressure and heart rate synchronously is synchronized to standardize the kidney nerve function, and the blood pressure and heart rate increases to ablation. Thereby, renal sympathetic nerves can be selectively removed, reserved renaliencies (or "sympathetic inhibitory nerves") and other neurons to improve the effectiveness and safety of RDN to treat high blood pressure. The clinical registration trial of Xin Mai RDN system was carried out by the professor of Huo Yong, the academician of Ge Gaoo, and the cardiovascular experts of Sun Ningling.

The "bronchial radiofrequency ablation system" in the field of respiratory diseases, Xinmai Medical Treatment of severe asthma, also walks in the forefront. Bronchial thermoforming surgery (BT) is an interventional surgery of bronchoscopy in anesthesia or sedative. The surgical use of radio frequency energy controlled by temperature, removing a smooth muscle of pathological proliferative hyperplasia on the airway wall, thereby alleviating the stenosis of the airway shrinkage and improves the ventilation function.

The bronchial radiofrequency abundance conductor of Xin Mai designed temperature detection, impedance detection function, can detect the adapted electrode and the bronchial wall of the bronchial wall to avoid unable discharge of the ablation system cannot perceive the electrode wall condition. In addition, the diameter of the ablation electrode front end of Mai is reduced by 0.05 mm, and it is designed to be more suitable for anatomical structure of the fourth bronchial bronchi in the Chinese.

In terms of entrepreneurial team, Xin Mai medical joint founder, Chairman / CEO Wang Jie once served as the president of Nanjing University Medical College, the executive vice president of Jiangsu Clinical Medical College Research Institute; another joint founder Jinke Graduated from the University of Rockefeller (Molecular Cell Biology) / Columbia University (Finance), Zeng Yifei Pharmaceutical Factory Asia Pacific China Business Director, many successful entrepreneurs.

At present, the Mete, the Metron, Philips, and Datsuka also has sustained layout in the RDN field, and large clinical trials at home and abroad have accumulated rich data. In April this year, in the Hainan Boao, the Medcal Symplicity Spyral catheter system was first applied in China, and the first case of renal artery intensive neurofrequency ablation surgery was completed. Domestic Kang Yu Biology, Charming Lee is also in the field of layout of renal artery, and enters the clinical trial stage. For patients with hypertension trapped in drug treatment, minimally invasive RDN technology provides new bucks.