Alipay online "small pouch" function: money can be classified

I believe that there is a lot of such friends around you, every day, I have worked hard, but when you ask her (he), she (he) will answer your "Moonlight". Said a lot of money to spend a plan every month, the month will check the bill to discover the breakdown; I want to have a money to travel, and the result is gone … for this problem, recently, Alipay online wallet Classification Function "Alipay Small Pack" on Alipay search "Small Pack" can experience.

It is reported that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has a separate bill, and users can put money into different "small packers", special funds, classified management. For example, "Dry Rice" "Special", "fitness special", etc. It is understood that the deposit and expenditure of each "small pouch" has independent bills, the same benefits, and the expenditure of the expenditure. In addition, users can invite others to join their own "small pouch", shared bills and benefits.

Alipay small purse supports manual transfer and automatic transfer, manual single transfer limit 5000, single transfer limit 20,000, no funds, maximum amount limit; automatic transfer can be set to 50,000 yuan. In terms of transfer, if the monthly consumption limit is not set, the remaining funds remaining in the small packet can be transferred.

In this regard, some netizens said that people are really necessary for my spending big hand, classification management is too necessary; Alipay small lotus bag listens to cute, this function is also a lever

Alipay small purse classification, the feeling is very good, it is the shortcomibility of money

And some netizens said it can also spend a lot of a lot of puces separately. The monthly consumption bill is clearer, and the money is more modified. Let’s try it!

Apple mobile phone experience is not as good as Android

Apple returns to the upper left corner, then return to our right hand to drag the entire phone, then move from the left hand from the bottom to the top to return to the top, especially the MAX model mobile phone, this It is even more inconvenient, it can be said that it is very uncomfortable, then look at the return button on the left lower corner of the screen, it is really convenient to use.

Apple text messages cannot be bracomated. When you have a long time to delete or completely delete it, you can only feel incomparable when you have a delete, but the Android can be batch or all deleted.

Apple phones always appear to automatically connect WiFi, you need to open the WLAN manual point from the settings, this problem unless you ignore this WiFi, then re-enter your password connection, or restore your phone’s network to resolve. And there will be this problem after a period of time, my Apple Android doubles, this problem has never appeared in Android.

The phone signal will never be more than Android. This is a well-known question. Apple mobile phone’s work not only does not progress, but in reverse, the iPhone13pm bought this year still has a significant gap. It took half a month to find gaps than just bought more. , 10,000 mobile phone workmanship has not yet I have 2000 in the first two years to do work (Xiaomi 9 transparent exploration version) Work-of-the-shelf seam, any angle you have not found a slit.

It can be said that these are the problems that Apple mobile phone itself is, and the netizen feels the most deeply touched. The netizen thinks that Apple mobile phone is stable, smooth and durable, and others are not as good as Android. To be honest, Apple’s return button is really anti-human in the upper left corner, but even if you hate it? We have no way again. After all, Apple system is a typical Westerner’s design logic. They don’t care, you can’t help him, anyway, no matter how it is designed, there is always a big man.