How to test the network main broadcast? Do you have to pay a certificate now?

In a broad sense, online broadcasting and continuing the advantages of the Internet, using video-in-way online live broadcast, you can release product display, related conference, background introduction, program evaluation, online investigation, dialogue interview, online training, etc. On the Internet, use the Internet’s intuitive, fast, expressive form, rich in content, strong interaction, regional unrestricted, audience can be divided, and can strengthen the promotion effect of the event site.

After the live broadcast is completed, you can continue to replay, on-demand, and effectively extend the live broadcast of time and space, and play the greatest value of live content. From a narrow angle, the webcast is an emerging high interactive video entertainment. This live broadcast is usually an anchor through the video recording tool, on the Internet live broadcast platform, live you sing, play games, etc., and the audience can interact with the anchor can also be rewarded through a virtual prop.

With the continuous improvement of smartphone hardware, mobile devices such as mobile phones have gradually become the most frequently used hardware in everyday use. The user experience is also getting better and better makes netizens have a more obvious improvement. The number of severe users is also increased. In 2016, a large number of PC-side users basically have changed their original mobile capital network video. manner.

Frequent exposure is a hot spot for capital chasing .. Online broadcast gave a colored egg in foreign broadcast industries, one side is the global mobile live nasal ancestor Meerkai closed live broadcast business, one party faces domestic live startup companies

Higher finance. With the support of the capital market, the online video live broadcast market has also begun to burn the market and has reached the purpose of rapid occupation of the market. Among them, the investment in the content is more invested by each house, especially the high-quality anchor with the amount of fans will be the focus of the game live industry in the next two years.